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Getting the best tone out of your amp… using the right pedals… utilizing delays and feedback… guitar players – you know what we’re talking about! These are all things that, when done tastefully, can help create a beautiful tapestry of melodies. But when done wrong, can lead to… well, let’s not go there!

In this second release of the Don Moen Master Class Series, Don is joined by long time friend and guitar player, Tom Lane. Tom has been touring with Don on the road for many years and has also been a well respected studio musician for much longer. During this video, Tom discusses important principles for proper playing and helpful tools and techniques related to the electric guitar, including:

  • Understanding your role
  • Using your amp for tone
  • Selecting pedals and when to use them
  • Utilizing delays and feedback
  • Constructing parts for a song
  • Creating texture with pads and diamonds
  • Writing and using charts
  • Tuning your guitar
  • Listening to the rest of the band and the song

With over 50 minutes of practical teaching and demonstrations, this DVD is an incredible resource to all guitar players.

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