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I Will Sing was recorded LIVE in the CBN studios in Virginia Beach in an intimate acoustic setting. Its living room feel and audience of 70 local worshipers lend to an honest, familiar feel with which smaller churches and home groups will easily connect. This best-selling album features Don Moen and vocalists Lenny LeBlanc and Rachel Wilson with songs that are perfect for intimate worship settings.

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I Will Sing was recorded LIVE in the CBN studios in Virginia Beach in an intimate acoustic setting. Its living room feel and audience of 70 local worshipers lend to an honest, familiar feel with which smaller churches and home groups will easily connect. This best-selling album features Don Moen and vocalists Lenny LeBlanc and Rachel Wilson with songs that are perfect for intimate worship settings. Produced by the award-winning Paul Mills, I Will Sing also includes the welcoming vocals of Lenny LeBlanc and skilled guitar of Chris Rodriguez. You’ll love the warm sincerity in songs like “Lord You Are Good,” I Will Sing” and “Our Father.”


1 Our Father Overture | 2 Our Father |  3 Lift Up Your Hands | 4 Sing For Joy | 5 River Of Love | 6 Two Hands, One Heart | 7 Glory To The Lord | 8 As We Worship You | 9 Here We Are | 10 Have Your Way | 11 Narration 1 | 12 Like Eagles | 13 Narration 2 | 14 We Wait | 15 Narration 3 | 16 I Will Sing | 17 Narration 4 | 18 Lord You Are Good | 19 Lord We’ve Come To Worship

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