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Friends, I have some exciting news! This spring we’ll be launching a new website at  This new site will keep you informed on additional projects we’ll be working on. It will also be an important online destination that will allow me to take you all over the world through pictures and video as our organization meets the basic needs of those affected by natural disasters, those who have been orphaned, and those who need hope.

We know that worship is more than a song; it’s a lifestyle.  It’s about turning the overflow of our worship into action. Worship is much more than a song we sing in a public gathering.  Worship is an abiding condition of the heart and mind wherever we are. Daily worship is life transforming and ushers hope and healing into the world.  God has been faithful, and it’s our desire to share His message of hope and salvation through meeting simple needs of eternal significance.

Stay tuned for more details…

God Bless,


  • Maarilyn Sable says:

    WOW thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see the new website and follow your journeys. My daughter works for World Vision and has traveled all over the world as a young missionary and now as a working woman living in Cyprus for the past 1 1/2 Thanks for all you do.

    • MASHA, Hassan Jim says:

      Hi Don,
      I have wondered why you stopped singing/releasing new songs and rather embark on touring round the world. In my opinion, I am much more touched and blessed by your inspired songs than the touring round the globe. Although my comment will not matter if it is God’s desire that you stop the singing of new songs.



      • miriam says:

        God has Blessed my life since my childhood through listening to your worship videos. I’ve been inspired to write since then. God Bless you for blessing lives either through worship or these projects you’ve invested your time and heart into. Amen!

        • Rita Davies says:

          My husband and I listened to you singing live from Zoe TV on Multi Tv in Ghana and we were really blessed. Your songs are very inspiring and I love them. As for the touring I believe it is the calling of God because God said we should give to the poor and visit those who are in prison so I think you are doing the right thing. God richly bless you.

      • Takwa Asaph says:

        Hello Masha,
        Praise The Lord
        Search for these on the internet or even in the stores.
        A hiding place 2006
        I believe there is more 2008
        Uncharted Territory 2012
        A Season of Hope 2012
        Hymnbook 2012
        Hymns of Hope 2013
        All the above are audios.
        I guess you are looking for the live video recording which has not been done again by him since the album Thank You Lord 2004.
        If you want to see him leading worship you can download videos of his tours by typing Don Moen live in let’s say Manila, although they videos may not be professional. I’m also a lover of Don Moen’s Ministry of Praise and Worship and he is my model.

        • TIMOTHY KITUNDU says:

          I am very much blessed with Don Moen’s Hymnal songs, however, in my country (Tanzania) I do not find any stores where I can get his songs. Please help me how I can get his albums for instance “The Best of Don Moen”.
          You may reply via my Email inbox as I am among those who receive messages from Don Moen & Friends.
          God Bless Us All.
          Timothy Kitundu
          Senior Journalist
          P.O. Box 70976,
          Dar es Salaam/Tanzania.
          +255 713 478 620; +255 786 478 620 and
          +255 767 125 919

  • Deo says:

    I want to welcome you to treasured kids school . Kampala you Uganda
    I know you will enjoy meeting kids with unique testimonies : a tour in our community it will give a wow experience. We have been touch by your ministry my favorite is “Lord I just wanna be where you are”
    Looking forward to see you some day

  • roy says:

    Hi don. Am very much excited with your commitment to Africa. Be blessed.

  • Kabenda says:

    To be honesty Don you are my role model real what you are doing is the true worship, worship is not just singing I love what you are doing God bless you abundantly.

  • Stephen Omondi says:

    God is using u in a very mighty way to change people’s life through worship. May the Almighty God bless you ,

  • james says:

    May d lord continue to strenthen u

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