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This month’s Story Of Hope explains how Ammie found a relationship with the Lord by trusting Him with everything.

[quote]”I was born and raised Buddhist. Never had a clue that I would end up being a faithful Christian and decide to live my life according to only His will. Back about 12 years ago when I went through a very bad relationship, I went for a walk one evening and just happened to stop right in front of the building that had a sign saying “In God We Trust”. I was thinking and asking myself “Was there really any God?” I did not know why but since that day, I had started to go pass by that building as often as I could. Sat and prayed for God’s help. And one day, I decided to leave everything and walk away from that horrible relationship. I walked and walked like I had no destination. I was scared and lost. I had no money and did not know what to do. I stopped at the local food hall as I was very tired and hungry. There was a man walked up to me and asked if I needed any help. I told him my situation and he said that he could help. I knew I should never trust any stranger but at that point of my life, what did I have to lose? I decided to follow him. He drove me to a coffee place where he was meeting with a couple of his church members. They all were trying to help with a place to stay, clothes to wear and all those needed items. Since that day, I had been going to church and I accepted Christ. I went though a lot of ups and downs but I knew God was there to save me, to provide and guide me. I am today a new person. I feel a lot of changes in me and I know that if it was without God’s love and presence, I could never make it to this day. I love going to my church, I have been serving as much as and as often as I can because I am truly grateful and can never stop sharing with the world that I serve an Awesome God.”[/quote]


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