October Story of Hope

In this month’s story of hope, Benard tells of God’s provision in his life.

“I came from Africa to the Netherlands to study law without a penny and the school fees for a year for the course which will take 3 years. The amount could buy me and my family a house back in Ghana… I had no doubts but most people did. Today I’m done with my second year and waiting for the last year… I have been through this with nothing but miracles. I still don’t have a penny but I live everyday like I do. Friends, not even family, and people who don’t know me, spend money on my accomodation, food, fees and everything I need. The amazing thing is that it is never the same person… One helps today and when I think it is over, I meet another who also helps with something… I have no idea how I will pay my final year fees but I have never been afraid because it has been same since the beginning… So my bank account is a miracle and the Lord makes it full all the time… I thank God for all this mercies in Jesus Christ name I pray. And I am begging anybody who reads this to look up and say thank You to Jehovah for me.” – Benard

If you have a story of God’s faithfulness, we’d love for you to share it with us below!

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