Don Moen Signature Coffee Blend

Don is excited to announce his new signature coffee! Don has always enjoyed a good cup of coffee and looks forward to sharing this delicious blend with you. Whether this brew lands in the cup of a coffee connoisseur or two old friends who just need a reason to chat, this medium bodied coffee is sure to please.

To create this blend, he teamed up with Nashville non-profit “Harvest Hands” to offer a unique roast of coffee that extends beyond caffeine. By purchasing a bag, you are helping to provide jobs and mentoring for youth in South Nashville. Humphreys Street Coffee Company, the social enterprise of Harvest Hands, is an artisan micro roaster offering the highest quality Arabica coffees profile roasted in small batches to ensure the freshest, best tasting coffee available.

Don’s Signature Coffee is a Medium Roast with a Medium Body. It is Direct Trade, Guatemalan, Washed & Sun Dried coffee. This blend is sweet with hints of caramel, melon, star fruit and mint and has a floral and crisp acidity.

This delicious blend is now available for a limited time!
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