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For August’s Story of Hope, Bee explains how the Lord provided for her in a time of trouble.

[quote]I was made redundant beginning of June and being the sole breadwinner, I was deeply stressed, having 3 kids to feed. I asked God for his blessing and within 2 weeks I was offered an interview and on the 3rd week, I was offered a job that matched the salary I used to get. However I was given only half the vacation leave I used to get. I was happy and sad and I prayed over it. God always have his army of angels to help me. My sister-in-law, who is a Human Resource expert, guided me on how best to appeal. As it was difficult to tweak the leave policy just for me, the company offered to adjust my salary to account for the loss of leave. Praise our good Lord always! Now I got a new job with no loss at my end. I always believe God has His plans for us… JUST BELIEVE! If God says YES, nobody can say NO! Amen!![/quote]




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  • Van Der Houston says:

    That’s so true my sister in Christ. Our Lord is the Highest Authority on the earth below & in the heavens above.

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