September Story of Hope

This month’s story of hope comes from Ivy, who praises Jesus for his protection over her family.

I gave birth to twin boys prematurely and after delivery one of them had a severe crisis, all his vital organs stopped functioning. He was assisted in breathing through artificial oxygen, under strict medical supervision for two weeks without food! When I was asked by the doctor in charge if I had  had a still birth in the past, I thought that my sons chances of living were low. In fact, he was kept in an intensive care unit with an emergency light on. I had just lost my father and felt so abandoned by God. However, we kept on praying and trusting God for my son’s life, when one day a miracle happened! God made a way where there seemed to be no way!! The doctor told us that my son’s health had become stable. His vital organs had began functioning  again and  he was breathing normally by himself without any more assistance. A few days later we were dismissed from the hospital. The Lord of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob saved my son’s life. Today, my son is healthy and strong! I give thanks to God for his presence and  wonderful deeds in my life and that of my family. He is indeed a miracle working God. May his name be praised forever. AMEN.



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