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A few weeks ago, I sat down with my band to capture on video our typical worship seminar for you all.  We’ve done hundreds of these seminars all over the world and we wanted to create a series of DVDs covering topics I usually discuss in my seminars.  This will be an hour-long instructional program for worship leaders, explaining everything from sound check to transitions between songs.

I always love getting to meet with worship leaders.  It’s great when my band gets to interact with fellow worship leaders.  These DVDs will be available soon and will address practical issues you might be facing and how we approach them.  Keep an eye out for more information through my website and my Facebook.

Thank you for your continued support.  God Bless,


  • Phillip Jackson Khobili says:

    Am so glad with the coming of these teachings. It was my prayer to have worship teachings, from powerful worship leaders like you, as a youth who is involved in church worship team and interested in worship music that can bring hope to people. My hope is to see you coming to malawi someday, and lead us into worship, and learn more from you. Am looking forward to learn from those worship teachings.

  • Don philip says:

    Please i realy need your help, i need keyboad to develop the work of God and i don’t money, please help me

  • Irene Chia says:

    Glad to know you are starting a Worship Seminar DVD, yes our church song leaders need this ,
    God bless you and your band

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