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Hello Friends,

I wanted to take a minute to give you an update on my time here in Israel.  Laura and I been having such an amazing experience and want to thank you for your prayers.   We’ve been so blessed to worship on the Sea of Galilee with Paul Wilbur and Lenny LeBlanc and to hear Stephen Mansfield’s teaching in Capernaum.   I would love to show you some pictures from our trip and you can view them by clicking here.

Please continue to pray for our team and the passengers traveling with us.  We’ll be enjoying this beautiful country for a few more days and then will be traveling back home. This has truly been a trip of a lifetime!

God Bless,


  • Caroline says:

    I have to give you all a little thankfulness, you have all been such blessing to me during my last few years. I am a Christian, and have struggled so heavy with depressions and anxiety. Every time, every day, I heard your songs and listen to the text and felt so comforted. You sing a lot about grace and mercy, that was so helpful for me, it rescued me. I was thinking I was not able to keep on living my life, and I had responsibilty of my 19 year old son, I was a single poor mother, never had enough money from month to month. Finally I wanted to die. I said to God, I only want to die now.

    I kept listening to your songs, even on my cleaning jobs, I carried my phone with me to listen to these wonderful songs of mercy. Sometimes I thought maybe Jesus was angry with me, maybe I was a bad Christian, so many thoughts in my head…..
    When I heard these songs I knew God loved me for who I was. And my depressions are gone, I have no fear anymore, I feel God’s love all the time. My heart is so joyful and my soul has found rest, finally.
    So lovely to follow you all on your trip to the Holy land Israel, I am so happy on your behalf.
    May God bless you again and again! I know He showed me the way to this music of grace and mercy.
    Caroline (Norway)

  • Dorothy Njeru says:

    far away in Kenya I declare that Jesus is the lord of my life. as i listen to the song Who am i, i surely know God can talk to us through his chosen people. you are an guardian angel to my heart and soul through your inspiring songs. may Our God keep you strong to minister to many to lead them to Christ

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