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Bigger Than Your Storm

By March 7, 2013August 11th, 201451 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbMark 1:10-11 says “And immediately, coming up from the water, He saw the heavens parting and the Spirit descending upon Him like a dove. Then a voice came from heaven, “You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”  In this weeks podcast, Don shares that even when we go through wilderness experiences or encounter unexpected storms, God will never forsake us, and He will use the storm to make us stronger.

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  • God increase you more

  • Let the power of God Increase in you more.

  • Thepanist says:

    Oh i wish icould meet you one day to tell you how God used you to inspire me with songs and experiences.
    May you live long in Jesus’ name!

  • Adebowale grace adeola says:

    Hmmn God is indeed bigger than everything


    D Lord is ur strenght sir…

  • Munachiso azodo says:

    Each time i slot in the C.D of your collections,i always experience a blissful atmospher and renewed in the spirit.GOD is using you so tremendiously in touching and blessing my life in a special enerst desire is that i wil see you face to face.remain blessed for his grace is sufficient.AMEN!!!.

  • Everytime im listen to ur song i will be blessed and relax. God bless…

  • Durodoore Israel says:

    Thank God for the gift of the Holy spirit! He gave me this song earlier today as an assurance of victory over these storms and here is a reassurance of His word. Glory be to God!!! God bless you Bro. Don

  • May the Lord Bless u more…..I always love your worship songs

  • joseph vidad says:

    Mr. Moen, you got the greatest job in the world, inspiring many many people in the world.
    Your music is amazing! They inspire and comfort people like me. When I’m alone, I listen to the songs and I feel God is near me.
    Thank you. May God of Abraham bless us all.

  • Princess Blessing Idahosa says:

    Great word Sir; now rest my soul in Christ alone. I believe help my unbelief.

  • Amarachi Esther says:

    As u go from place to place ministering to people thru your songs, God blessings will nt elude you. Amen

  • ronald says:

    God is so good, thanks God for having don moen

  • ronald says:

    God is so good, thanks God for having don moen Godbless u more….

  • Dolapo says:

    Oh yes, we can be of good cheer in the face of the storm because He who controls the winds and the storm is in us. Jesus having passed through every temptation as we do and was without sin: “My friends, consider yourselves fortunate when all kinds of trials come your way … so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” (James 1:2-5).
    God Bless you Don!

  • Ben says:

    I thanked GOD every time i hear your spirit-filled songs … GOD Bless!

  • More Grace of God to you.

  • PatrickMaryIhuma says:

    Your songs are such inspirations that always renew my spirit each time I listen,may God keep you 4 generations yet unborned.

  • Hkawn Lung says:

    Dear Don,
    The moment of my depression, I’m so touched by the word of songs and melody and made me healed and up again. Thank you so much!

  • Emmanuel (India-Hyderabad) says:

    Dear Don,
    I am blessed through this podcast, it came as a timely encouragement as I am going through very tough time in terms of my job.
    May God almighty use you and may He be exalted through your ministry.

  • Rorisang letsoalo says:

    Indeed nothing is bigger than God

  • vera says:

    Don moen is a man sent from heaven, I love u and I wnt to tell dat u hve been inspire me a lot, am ur fan, thank u for been thr for me

  • Bigchois Terese says:

    Glory to God for the worship songs He gave U Has touched and Inspired Me aswell.

  • Betsy G. Lambating says:

    Hello Ptr. Don Moen. I’m from the Philippines and same as you I am devoted to Father Jesus Christ. Every second of my life, I like to exalt HIM. Giving infinite praises and adoration to HIM and only for HIM. I am always blessed with all your songs. It always touches my heart and strengthens my spirit. Truly, in this slippery world, we are sometimes tempted and fall down but we should constantly remember that we have our Omnipotent Father Jesus Christ who will never leave us. He is always with us if we’ll only believe HIM in Spirit and in Truth. Continue to inspire and bless people because GOD use you as an instrument to them. Be more hungry in the learnings of your ministry. I wish we can be friends even in facebook and share each other’s experiences and “word”about GOD. Hope to see you personally and be with us in giving praises to Father Jesus Christ in our church. Hope you’ll respond my message. See you in GOD’s perfect time. Always keep the flame burning. God bless.

  • angela saeed says:

    Hi Don,Laura
    Thank you for this powerful podcast reminding us about the holy spirit and how jesus went through storms and died for us, and how he is with us to day I have been through many storms in life and still but my faith in God still stays strong when I feel weak I will always get up and play your songs I love your new cd they are very encouraging in faith.
    May God bless you Don and Laura moen keep you safe were ever you go with the word of God I will be praying for you always may God bless your concert in Aberdeen and England.
    and I always lission to God will make a way every morning and every night its so true God does make a way .
    God bless you and your lovely family

  • ezekiel Niyonkuru says:

    welcome burundi

  • ezekiel Niyonkuru says:

    Nous sommes bénis de la parole vraiment Dieu est grand.

    Dans toute chose


  • Marcy says:

    I thank the Lord for you and for all of His servants. I thank Him for using you as a vessel of praise and worship. I pray that He may continue using all of you in greater and mightier ways to the Glory and honour of His Holy name. God Bless you.

  • Craig Stuart Nordquist says:

    Faith in Him. Is God’s love for you.

  • Sammy NDODE says:

    Don Moen, The purpose for which God made you is … fulfiled.

  • Bankole says:


  • Adenike Adekoya says:

    God bless Sir, the most high will continue to increase you in Jesus name.

  • Bobby says:

    Really God has given you the special gift which touches all your listener and fans,Last month at Dubai it was wondernight at wonderland filled with the presence of holy spirit.God bless you Sir, let all the nation hears your Godly songs and praises for the King of King and the Lord of all Jesus Christ.

  • Afolabi Damilare Solomon says:

    I know your best is yet to come. All thank to JESUS

  • GIFT says:

    You are such an inspiration to me.

  • Don Praizzy says:

    My mentor I thank God for live sir,may you live long in Jesus name. Amen

  • Dellipher M Sakala-Chimgoga says:

    When I started listening to your songs my heart found real joy. It has taught me to understand how God works miracles even in situations that are difficult. How I wish I could meet you face to face. I keep on looking for all your cds. Indeed you habe inspired my life. I wish u could pay a visit to Malawi our country on your trip to Kenya. May God continue giving you His messages to reach out

  • Margret.I says:

    Wow.. wonderful msg. which really boost me at the time of trouble… pain is good for life to draw closer to our awesome God… he is always wonderful & merciful to us…

    Praise God Almighty Jesus Christ.


  • I really know God is the answer of every situation.

  • Lillian says:

    You always bless my heart.

  • sosthene says:

    Yeah that’s so good.God do not tempt us instead needs us to go to another step and the word of God
    says in Hebrews 3,15 that Keep your lives free from the love of money and be satisfied with what y
    what you have .so that God has said i will not leave you i will not abandon you.Don Moen i love you
    so much and why don’t you come to Rwanda .if there is some one who can find Don’s personal
    e-mail he or she gives it to me. GOD BLESS YOU ALL ………………………………………………………………………..

  • from mark1:10-11 u read. In summary, may God make us to hear his voice when hearer and doing all that is rightful. As for water is life because water does not have enemy moreso, water is already purified. As for dove signifies peace and may God make us to be gentle as a dove. Finally, may God find joy ,love in us as himself so love d world and gave his only begotten son just forus to believe in him then life abundant is sure, see the book of John 3:16 Himself will dwell in us everlasting when being faithful also. That conclude part of 11 the word pleased follows in term of my beloved son. I hope u see my write up clearly and send a reply to my box and favour ur sister in d lord via my email address given. Thank u don moen. Sis. Glad.

  • Weci says:

    God bless you more and more

  • Richard Twang says:

    I Thank God for your life,you always bless my heart and i listen to you most. May you still live long in Jesus Name.from pastor Twang (Kenya).

  • Wiwit Ludia Guntoro says:

    I thank God. God has creat you, to be Blessing

  • Ilona Kormos says:

    Oh that was awesome!I was more than blessed through this great messages,testimonies and songs.
    It has brought out thanksgiving and praise from my spirit.God bless you mightily!

  • Chioma says:

    God bless u and your wonderful work

  • priscy says:

    GOD bless you .

  • Patrick Vigo says:

    May God increase you the more in Jesus name, Amen

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