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Lord, Have Mercy

By April 10, 2012August 11th, 201472 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbWhen you’ve prayed every prayer that you know how to pray, sometimes you just run out of words and all you can say is “Lord, have mercy”. In this week’s podcast, Don shares an inspirational story of God’s faithfulness and the power of three words: “Lord, have mercy.”

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  • Cynthia Zeh says:

    Very nice! Love your music 🙂

  • felly says:

    i love all your worship songs,pls add more songs in ur uncharted territory.i always listen to your worship songs during my non working hours,God Bless us all and more power

  • Peter Kavalo Phiri says:

    I really enjoy your songs. God keep on giving you more revelations.

  • angie saeed says:

    Hi Don,
    Thank you once again for another weekly message its a blessing to hear your weekly message. How true those three words are and powerfull god mercy is a blessing. I also enjoy your song I just love hearing your songs every day I play your songs and they are so powerfull and I feel Gods presents with me. and it helps me face life but God will make a way were they seems to be no way he works in ways we cannot see he will make a way for me.
    God bless you Don Moen and keep you safe and your family and ministry
    yours in christ
    Angela from Dubai

  • Bome says:

    Thank GOD 4 ur life

  • Margaret Kelvin says:

    He is God and you are blessed. You sing inspiring and Beautiful songs that will be forever. God bless you.

    • Dayo says:

      Don, I haerd yiu are coming to.Nigeria but why did you choose Abuja abd not Lagos where you are most wanted. Olease come to Lagos, Nigeria where thousands of your fan including me would like to see you mister to our spiritual needs as well as our problemsa. Thabk you moen, I will always love you.

  • Oluwayemisi Kadri says:

    Its only prayer that can work when every other prayers have been prayed. Lord have mercy. And He will always have mercy upon us. Thank u Don Moen. You’ve inspired me on Ђ☺w̶̲̥̅ to pray again. Lord have Mercy!!!.

  • Yohanna Adamu says:

    It is wanderful n powerful one,d gud GOD grant u more power in al u do,amen.

  • betrand njideka says:

    Enter your comments here…tnk God 4 ur life may he continue 2 shower u wit his everlasting wisdom in Jesus name Amen•

  • jacinta ndungu says:

    God have mercy. It means everything. I just love how u simplify what some time is soo hard to bring out Don, i love you big, and i love God more coz of you. When am down i listen to your songs and feel like am forgiven. I love your songs so much that my ringtone and messages alert are of some of your songs. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  • onyedika obiano says:

    i love listenin 2 ur songs again n again cos its power packed, again tnx 4 ur ministration in ccc kumasi

    • agneschhetri says:

      I love to listen your songs and I am really blessed with your worship songs.God bless you.

  • May you live long to bless us always AMEN.

  • patrick says:

    Thank the Lord for your life
    thank you also for this powerful 3 Words pray.ameeen

  • Jerry says:

    I thank the lord for sending you, to be a blessing to me all this years, I have been listening to your music as far back as 1992. Thank you don, God bless you and keep you.

  • Ogunniyi Olusayo Timothy says:

    This is great Don! Lord have mercy! May the Lord continue to have mercy on us. Listening to your Podcast each week had become my habit. May God in his infinite mercy continue to strengthen you for more of this. It is quite inspirational. God bless you.

  • Minami says:

    Hello Don, your songs have been really speaking to me and I love them a lot.
    Thank you for writing these songs. However, I may need mercy as well in so many ways
    Actually, you came to Tokyo to perform a mini concert and I was there with a friend and
    your CD is the first I’ve bought. Since then, I have been updating myself to all your songs.
    I really am excited and thankful you have a podcast now I can listen to. God Bless you

  • pearl says:

    your songs is truly an encouragement to us,we thank God that you have talent like that..
    So Lord have mercy..

  • Jackie says:

    It happens to me too.God bless you Don.u inspire me so much!!! Love ua songs.much love from kenya-africa.. LORD HAVE MERCY!

  • esther says:

    God bless u

  • Ani Grace says:

    U r a God sent to our gernaration

  • Helen Capuno says:

    Hello Don, i love all your songs especially the song Our Father, but this new one is also excellent,,,waiting for more songs of you,,God bless you always,,

  • Ebbah nicole nyamandwe says:

    I relly enjoy ur songs may God be with u all the days of ur life

  • mugumya alson says:

    so good

  • faith.a says:

    Luv…luv..luv ur music….ur songs really touch me….

  • chinky says:

    Just now I cried because of the testimony of Elizabeth, thank you for that verse it reminds me of God’s faithfulness to me..God bless you..

  • Portia Tetteh says:

    I reali reali luv ur songs Don ey r so inspiring

  • cosmos says:

    Hi Don, God bless you. Its nice to read your messages after listening to your soul
    lifting songs.

    Keep up the good works. God blee

  • zynab says:

    God bless you Don,you have been a blessing!..

  • Ranjith says:

    Great Worship songs …… I just love your voice.
    Song Number 14 ( Burn )
    God Bless you ….

  • Peter says:

    You are such a blessing to the world. May the Lord strengthen you always to continue the good work in Jesus name amen.

  • Victor says:

    Don you‘ve been an inspiration to me & my wife for years we look forward meetin u sometime if Jesus tarry in Jesus name

  • irene says:

    This is encouraging thanks alot I do lack words when praying.

  • Albert David says:

    Inspiring Don, Thanks

  • Dapo Somade says:

    Enter your comments here…God have use ur song 2 win more soul 2 his kingdom.stay bless

  • bharath palla says:

    thank you don,it was so inspiring.may lord have mercy on us all.
    i am eagerly waiting for your upcoming india tour in july 2012.
    i hope to see you soon in india.

  • bharath palla says:

    don, in one of the news letters i received from said you are going to create
    a new worship album for christmas i wanna wish you all the best,may god the
    almighty help you in your project and provide all the necessary financial support.
    praise the lord,amen.

  • happiness says:

    God bless you real good!

  • Tiku Mwale says:

    I love your music, keep doing what God called you to do. May the good Lord increase you in wisdom and in music.

    I love your album the most where you were singing the word back to God.

    I borrowed someone that album and the person never returned it, i still need I should get it somewhere. maybe need to order it online or place an order at the nearest gospel book and music store.

  • God bless you and give you greater anointing to reach out to millions through your songs

  • Tunji says:

    Don Moen,

    You always bring heaven to earth through your holy spirit inspired songs. God bless you for your exploit for our God. May His Grace continue to be multiplied in your life in Jesus name?

  • funmi shokunbi says:

    I am greatly inspired, now that I really need God’s mercy. You are an inspiration and more anointing.

  • marceline john says:

    its just amazing to listen to d mes u share pastor. very inpiring song to pray nd knew wat really lord have mercy mean. thank u so much for sharing wit us ur songs every week pastor.

  • Geert Kok says:

    Thank you Lord for giving us Don Moen. We love you. Tx it is a great blessing to hear Gods witnessing through the live of this woman… Thank you Lord that you care for us…

    Blessings, Geert

  • Gladys Leoga says:

    Thank you Lord for Don Moen and his inspirational songs. Don, may the good Lord bless you with greater anointing. You have been a blessing to me!!

  • emmanuel says:

    His mercies is all we need outside which we might be consumed. God bless you sir

  • Ishimwe Florence says:

    I love you so much and may the peace of God and his Holy Spirit be with thee. I don’t know how I can express it but you are so powered. I always pray God that he make a way for me in order to see in either concert or more with my own eyes.

  • sandrajakonda says:

    May God continue to use you as an instrument for his good purposes.

  • Millicent says:

    Please come to Kenya.

  • Binoj D says:

    Lord, please have Mercy!

  • Nathalia says:

    Dear Don, when it comes to your songs, I am ALWAYS biased. Since my childhood, your songs have always made me feel that God is sitting next to me with His hands on my shoulders. God bless you and your family AND may you be among those who will see God face to face. Shalom from Nigeria.

  • AUSTIN says:

    I have been blessed by your music ministry.The lord keep revealing kingdom and heaven
    ly secrets to you.may GOD almighty continue to bless you in all you do

  • evelyne says:

    wow! what a faith that Elizabeth has!!, God help me to get that kind of faith too. thanks Don God bless you!!

  • Judith says:

    what a great blessing that GOD is always there for us. HE shows his mercy to Elizabeth’s situation. She has a great faith and GOD sees it in her heart. May we all continue to keep our faith in HIM who knows what’s best for us. Thanks for sharing the story 🙂

  • ronnie moca says:

    I really like listening your praise songs that enhance spirituality and God’s presence in my life life. Lord have mercy, and will always love us and protect us and gave us our daily bread… May God continue to bless you and your family and ministry.


  • Ifedayo Adeoba says:

    Thank you for giving to the Lord

  • Sharon says:

    Dear Don,
    I am so blessed to hear your voice -each and every time your music lifts me up in my spirit.Please continue singing -we will only love you more and more.

  • Jancy Aneesh Stephen says:

    Thanks Don for a wonderful message. I am really moved by Elizabeth’s faith. Your songs and n messages have always inspired me. Not even a single day has passed in my life without hearing your songs ever since I heard it. My day starts with your “Be Glorified Song” and end with “He never sleeps.” Thanks a lot for strengthening my faith in God. You showed me how to love God in the midst of tough times.. Me n my friend Esther loves you very much.God bless you n your family,.

  • Thishon says:

    Words could not express how i love ur worship.
    As we hear ur song we are filled the holy spirit.
    So much of joy and happiness to see ur worship.
    i would always share abt u to all my friends.
    my heart would always ache for u that why didnt i be your child.
    ur children are so much gifted to have a father like u.
    u r wonderful and marvelous.

    plz plz intimate me when u visit bangalore my dear father, i think i can call you like that.

  • Phoenixmoen says:

    Sir all of my families wants to you know more because of your songs which brings inspiration to their lifes. I pray that God increase you more in grace and favour.

  • Jodi Possenti says:

    Another GREAT song!!

  • thanks for the inspirational songs, may God continue showering u with his blessings

  • fabian says:

    Indeed you’re such a perfect Tool for Gods Ministry, and may the good Lord add more year to your life and your family. I love your music too,” Our God is Able, He’s Mighty, He’s faithfull, He never sleeps, He never slumber……

  • Akwueze Bridget says:

    I always wonder how you tap these fresh anointing that ministers to a hungry soul, any time and any hour you sing. ApostlePaul said that TO LIVE IS CHRIST AND TO DIE IS GAIN. May the good Lord continue to inspire you for His ministry Don.

  • joshua egeh says:

    Enter your comments here…u ve sumhow be a kind of inspiratn 2 my spirit,pls can i download any of ur tracks 2 my fone