Don Moen Releases New Single “A Hungry Heart”

Don’s new worship song is now available!

The idea for the song “A Hungry Heart” was initially birthed out of my live concerts, where I always try to give people a chance to respond to Christ.  I would look out at an audience and see happy faces, but I knew there were many who were crying out to God to make a way for them.  I could see that they were hungry and thirsty for a fresh touch from God.

The idea of “hungry hearts” kept stirring around in my head but rather than just singing about hungry hearts, I needed to make it more personal like, “my heart is hungry”.  Once I started down that path, the song came much easier because it became my personal prayer and testimony…. “a hungry heart is what I bring to the table of my King”.

Available now on Spotify, Apple Music and wherever music is streamed or downloaded: Or, watch the full video on YouTube:

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