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Ghana – January 2014

By February 19, 2013February 19th, 20144 Comments


  • Ratna De Joodt says:

    It is wonderful see you reaching to the poor of The Lord . You are greatly blessed and your family. You are the best Pastor I have as you
    sing, you are teaching and preaching and baptising us in the Holy
    Spirit power. Keep singing till The Lord comes back. Love you in the

  • Marilyn Sable says:

    What beautiful little children. . Keep those songs coming as you bless everyone who hears them. Filled with hope. Thank you and Laura for all you do love all the pictures. Keep them coming so we can share your journey

  • Jacob Owusu says:

    May God bless the ministry he’s given you and make you a blessing all the tme.thanks for my country.

  • Grace Antiedu says:

    I am really touched by your deeds sir. God bless your ministry and the works of your hand always.

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