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For thousands of years, no place has been more precious to God’s children than the land of Israel… the Holy Land. God used the land to shape the lives of His people throughout the Bible and He’s still doing that today. There is something about the land of Israel that draws all of us in ways we cannot describe. We’re an integral part of an epic story filled with drama and adventure, written by God Himself, and the theme that ties the entire story together is “worship.”

September 9–19, 2014 we’re going to have the opportunity to worship together in Israel, and tickets are now available this unforgettable experience! My wife Laura will be with me as well as worship leaders Lenny LeBlanc, Paul Wilbur and Bible teacher and author, Stephen Mansfield.

For Our Friends in Indonesia, CLICK HERE to contact your local travel agency for shorter tours and special offers.

For Our Friends in Malaysia and Singapore, CLICK HERE to contact your local travel agency for shorter tours and special offers.

Interested in meeting us in Israel from another country? CLICK HERE to contact your local travel agent.

To book the full-length tour with Don Moen, or to learn more information, click the links below.

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  • josh menang says:

    the announcement is so close else i would have loved to attend. praying for success and safety. love Paul, Don and Lenny

    • STEVE ILANDI says:

      Well i would have loved to attend but…limited in resources.Praying for you and wishing you journey mercies….and declaring that no calamity,no disaster,no misfortune ,no Accident will encamp around your journey whatsoever.Shallom

      • jernalyn duriga says:

        it is very nice announcement…but i don’t have already passport and also limited in is my long-term desire to be with you sir don moen and even to fellowship others born again christian.. …hope i can join..thank you and God bless us all.

    • Dennis Opuni Frimpong says:

      I would have love to join this program but i don’t have access to Israel. So I plead if you can give me that access

    • AIKO RAMIREZ says:

      hope u can have ur concert here in the philippines

    • Michael Tan says:

      looking forward to get details of tours. Been to the Holy before would loved to visit again God Bless Don, Paul and Lenny.Tried to order a T shirt of Don but was given to understand size M out stock.Any new stock coming?

  • Glor says:

    DON MOEN and PAUL WILBUR????!!!!!!!!……In ISRAEL???!!!!!!!!
    A dream come true!!!!!
    All I can say is WOW THATS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!

    I REALLLLLYYYY wish i could go =(
    Hope you guys make an album together soon!

  • Frankline says:

    i will be praying for a successful mission, more strength to u as u are doing God’s work

  • Bonnie Miller says:

    YES!!!! I have waiting for you to plan this trip to the HOLY LAND, a dream come true. I am going on a short trip this next week but as soon as I return I will be checking into all the details and requirements to make this happen for me and my friend. I may have 1 or 2 friends besides myself going. So Yes I am planning on joining you and looking so forward Don to hearing your beautiful songs honoring GOD, our worship time, meeting new friends who are believers, walking where Jesus walk. What an honor. I’m so excited and I have a year to wait. hahahahaha See you Sept 9, 2014. God Bless…Bonnie

  • Namujjuzi Sharon says:

    oh thanks for the announcement. i wish i could come along with you. Hope there are free offers for those who can not afford the expenses of travel. Am a Ugandan. thanks

  • emmanuella says:

    He has promised He will guide .so do not fear.

  • Frida says:

    I really want to come but need more info cause I don’t know if I can affort the trip just need more info about the accommodation they have thanks

    • John & Gloria says:

      Hi, We would love to be a part of the tour in Israel September 9th-19th /14.. We are in England, UK, If we met in Israel, Where would we meet? and how much would the tour be? , Please we need more information about the tour.
      Thank you very much.. John & Gloria

  • solomon mwanza says:

    may God make a way for me, from south luangwa national park zambia.

  • joveeric Perez says:

    I will pray for that mission, may the Lord will continue to bless everyone part of this mission,through this mission millions people will gathered and worship our lord Jesus Christ,and inspired billion of people around the world,

  • irene says:

    how to join if you’re from the Philippines? who can i contact?

    • @hannah says:

      Hi Irene,

      We’re glad to hear that you are considering joining us for the Israel Tour! It is possible to book your own flights from the Philippines and join us in Israel for the tour. Please call 855 451 5930 and ask for more information regarding the “Tour Only” option.


  • voice of david band says:

    i wish u save journey IJN

  • George says:

    Dear Don,

    This sounds Great would love to be a part of this, God is going to do great wonders…Bless you for this opportunity. shalom .

  • Joshua Ali says:

    Don I wish to be there. the will is here but the power is …wish you safe trip and successeful mission in Isreal. We are praying for you and your team.

  • chibuike says:

    I will like to join the trip from Nigeria. So need detail. Don I love your song.

  • My prayers for the journey and the presence of the spirit during the worship. God bless you and wife Laura and the worship leaders Lenny LeBlanc, Paul Wilbur and The Bible teacher and author, Stephen Mansfield and His presence to be with you all during the worship. I wish i could come but tho i know am still dependent of God.

  • Joseph Adekunle Adebowale says:

    I love to go but am down financially. Keep praying for me and your songs make up me great and happy. May God bless you in Jesus name.
    PRAISE GOD, from Whom all blessings flow;
    Praise Him, all creatures here below;
    Praise Him above, ye Heavenly Host;
    Praise FATHER, SON, and HOLY GHOST. Amen

  • Sharlyn says:

    Can you accommodate participants coming from other parts of the world? I’m from the Philippines and I am really interested to know more about the Holy Land Tour and God willing, be able to join it.

    God bless you Mr. Moen! Your songs have contributed a lot in keeping my faith strong. May you continue to inspire and lead people to Jesus.

    • @hannah says:

      Hi Sharlyn,

      We’re glad to hear that you are considering joining us for the Israel Tour! Yes, it is possible to book your own flights from the Philippines and join us in Israel for the tour. Please call 855 451 5930 and ask for more information regarding the “Tour Only” option.


      • Janet says:

        Am living in Tanzania. I want also to know if you can accomodate partcipant from other part of world. And how much it will be excluding the flight ticket from my country. I would love to join you.

  • OMONDI OLOO says:

    God bless you men of God.

    Am in Kenya and i & my wife would love to join you in this trip to Israel. Kindly let us know how much we will pay for the 10 days so that we can start planning in advance.

    Remain blessed.

  • balami iliya yusuf says:

    I join millions in fervent Prayers “That the Lord Almighty who called you into this commission will be there before you and Will manifest His presence in all you, Laura and all do in Jesus name”. Glory, Power, Honour to the Covenant keeping God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel) forever.

  • Azi Belinda says:

    Dear Don Moen,
    that is a great idea. going to Israel! Wonderful. i wish i could go with you. Israel, a Holy Land, True. i hope you’ll bring out an album from there. you have been an inspiration to me since while i was a child. May God lead you more.

  • voice of david band says:

    i will be praying for a successful mission, more strength to u as u are doing God’s work

  • Ty Band says:

    Lord is good, all the time, He put a song of praise in the ……..

  • Favour says:

    I would have love to join the trip, I am an amateur gospel artiste from Nigeria longing to use this gift of praise & worship to reach out souls and reconcile men back to God. It has been my widest dream to visit Holy Land and worship with God’s people there and to see you one on one because your songs has done so many things in my life and an inspiration to my soul, but i cannot afford it financially. I will keep you and your wife & team in my prayers that God will grant you all, a successful journey and use you mightily in a way He has never used you before to reach out more souls in Jesus name, Amen.
    Stay blessed!

  • mafe says:

    OMG i’d love to go and wish i can but cannot 🙂 *my prayers and luck for your tour*
    hope you’ll come back again in Cebu, Philippines for another praise and worship concert..

  • Namuddu Claire says:

    19TH SEP 2013

    Bravo praise for King Jesus, It will indeed be heaven on earth. Lets pray for your mission and i hope to make it one day. This is Claire Namuddu from Uganda. May God bless you throughout. Amen.

  • Mithun says:

    I wish i could join, but would not be very easy from the country like Bangladesh. I will try my best. If not best wishes and love and prayer.

  • L. BETHEL D. says:

    The Lord’s Grace will be more than sufficient to restore an altar of praise in ISRAEL

  • dahlia says:

    I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia
    I would like to join it.
    Give me the detail, how can i go there?

    Thanks, don
    Jesus bless you and team

  • HABONIMANA Nestor says:

    God bless you to your mission and your family. Can I pray me ? I ‘m single ,I want found girl friend to marrie.So ,I’m 33 years.

    My name is Ganesh Manjrekar I am from GOA INDIA I would like to join Holy Land Tour – September 2014 . pls give me details.

  • Halleluyah to God. And Amen simply means let it be.

  • Adeniyi Adeola says:

    For God is always with us,what will restrict me from comin is the financial aspect of it.But all the way i will love to be in israel,what makes me feel i should is the braking of bread of the sons of God.Sure i wll meet with spirit filled people.Am sure it wll be very interesting gardering.God help every one,especially me in Jesus name.

  • I pray that it will be a wounderfull programm nd i knw dat it is a great meeting.

  • Helena says:

    It’s fantastic. Surely God is going to glorify Himself more than ever in your worship time there in Israel His Holy Land. I pray for you that dream come true. As for me I still believe that God will open up the door for me to walk in His Holy land. I’ll let you informed whether I’ll join you. Pray for me please. I love you lovely daddy, God be with you all. Amen

  • Grace says:

    this will be great but we cannot all make it
    can you prepair a tour to Uganda Africa?

  • gerad bohvem kawep says:

    im a student in comeroon and i will realy like to atend. pleas donmoen help me. god bless you thangs.

  • Vania says:

    Dear Pastor Don Moen. I´d like go to this trip. I´d like to know if there are prices of flight from Brazil or only from USA. Thank you Pastor.

    • @admin says:

      Hi Vania,

      We’re glad to hear that you are considering joining us for the Israel Tour! Yes, it is possible to book your own flights from Brazil and join us in Israel for the tour. Please call 855 451 5930 and ask for more information regarding the “Tour Only” option.


  • Fidelis Ezeanyanwu says:

    Am there with u in spirit.

  • Patronilla Tarur says:

    I am from Papapu New Guinea & I always love to worship with your woship songs they have anointing of God in it, Id love to come but due to limited resources I cannot make it but will pray for the ministry.

  • Bro. Joe says:

    wow i want to join and to visit Holy Land. It’s my dream to at-least visit that place before i die. But i am only a volunteer church worker i cannot afford to go that place. I will pray for the success of this project Don. God Bless

  • Eka Posu says:

    i pray that one of this days your Praise and Worship tour will be to Papua New Guinea.

    God Bless.

    • claire says:

      Dear DON MOEN
      I just want to let you know that your songs have helped me a lot while was facing many difficulties especially financial problem , rejection etc…., the song I used to listen many times is called I WILL SING. Even today I am still facing problems but I believe that God will sort them out.
      Keep praying for me .
      I am sorry for my English but you will my message.


  • Cristy says:

    I hope that I could join the tour…I know that it will be full of prayer and worship…I hope you could also come back here in Manila to do a concert…

    GOD bless!!

  • Lyshie Lie says:

    I wish i could join the tour

  • Webedimbom John Tinshu says:

    I pray God will give you all the logistic that you need for this worship service to be a glamoring success in the eyes of man and God.

  • gideon says:

    I wish I will be their with u and ur group to the holy land but I know one day I will get their may the lord of heaven be with u all as u get their amen. DON please pray 4 me I wanna get more closer 2 God than u did In praises and in worship I will be their in the spirit with u all god bless u all amen

  • Eka Posu says:

    thank you for the invitation, i want to be part of the worship. God will make a way for me. Your songs inpire me. Thankyou and God bless you.
    Psalms 16:3
    How excellent are the Lord’s faithfull people, my greatest pleasure is to be with them.

  • Eka Posu says:

    thank you for the invitation, i want to be part of the worship. God will make a way for me. Your songs inspire me. Thankyou and God bless you.
    Psalms 16:3
    How excellent are the Lord’s faithfull people, my greatest pleasure is to be with them.

  • marcus says:

    that’s gona awesome ….am gona b there by faith from nigeria!

  • Lukonde Peter Alpha says:

    I want God to change my life ,I want to walk with him wherever his presence can be found, I would love to in the holy land to make new friends as brethren in christ.

  • Lukonde Peter Alpha says:

    The songs of mr Moen have a great ımpact on our christian life, I would like to experience God’s presence with him ,ı have always wanted to attend his concert though I failed

  • Lukonde Peter Alpha says:

    I want nothing but visit holy landand attend Don’s concert

  • ivan says:

    Hi servants of God, guys i have a dream of Participating in your live concert pls join me in prayer and Aak God to open my way into your live concert in Canada Pls people of God let see iwhat Jehovah jireh can do for me may Good bless u .Ivan Kaduli/ south africa

  • Praveen says:

    Hello Don,
    God bless you forever and ever for this wonderful holy trip.

    i really want to visit holy place with you, but i am from INDIA. can you help me out on this?


    • victoria t. gonzales says:

      Pag palain nawa kayo ng ating Panginoong Diyos na walang anumang sagabal sa inyong pag lalakbay, GOD BLESS you all.


    Please am in Ghana, I would like to attend how much is the cost

  • Munguriek Cherry-Nebbi-Uganda says:

    It’s really great. I wish it was a nearby place i could afford. from today i will begin to pray for the program that God may do his wonders in the land of glory. Let God help you to have a successful preparation for the program in the land of glory

  • Sam Mwangi says:

    hi am in Nairobi,Kenya,how do i join up with you in the Israel trip?

  • Frankly says:

    I love to be there but know money still a student

  • Nancy says:

    God will make this one for me! I trust in Him.

  • Olayiwola Oladele says:

    Praise the Lord ! praise the Lord !! praises holy name, praise the Lord praise the lord praises with ALL you HAVE…………………… i wish to be in this gathering where we can all rejoice in the Lord and praise is holy name.


  • Chris Ben says:

    GOD IS FAITHFUL.I strongly desire to be there.It may look like the field yields no crop right now but,i rejoice in theGod of my salvation.For HE is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that i can think or imagine according to HIS power that is at work in me.I will be there GOD willing,in JESUS name. AMEN.GOD bless u pastor Don Moen.

  • Lydia Tumedi says:

    I wish I could join in the tour, but I cant and I know that one day I will be able. Have a very safe journey. May the God of Shadreck, Meshack and Abednico protect you and be with you through it all. Bless you when you go and when you come.

  • Emmanuel says:

    It’s a one year notice (2014) don’t you have the faith that a year is too enough for God to arrange everything for you to be there? I hope no BELIEVE that I will be there to worship GOD with my favourite worship leaders Don and Paul Wilbur. Just heard a bad news that a very kind relation of mine is gone. Pray he find peace in the bosom of the Lord. AMEN.

  • Emmanuel says:

    Wondering why today seems so terrible. So many bad incident and bad news. Right now am in an unchartered territory asking God where are you now?

  • OKELLO FRED says:


  • Mathilde KINGUE says:

    je sais que ce serait prodigieux et je prie que Dieu vous accompagne, quant à moi j’ai pas encore les moyens de le faire

  • Isabel Foo says:

    Dear Don Moen

    How do we join this Israel Tour from Malaysia? Not really sure how to go about it. Would really love to go there next year with my family. Thanks for being an inspiration .God bless.

  • EDDY OMONDI says:

    Dear Don Moen

    Hope you are doing fine back there.Am Eddy Omondi from Nairobi,Kenya really inspired by your music way back 2000 and am longing to join in to one of your live performances but oops due to lack of financial capabilities its difficult for me to attend can i get some assistance to attend any one of them like this one in Ethiopia which is much closer to Kenya to be blessed with the hymns and praises like you do. God Bless You.

  • Samuel says:

    yes servants of the Lord! do the mission of the Lord and the reward is ahead.,be courageous
    because by your gift the Lord is delivering souls!!!!!!
    we’d like to have you also in Rwanda!
    nice journey

  • Yemisi Adeniyi says:

    It is a wonderful thing to be with you in the Holy Land and worship the Lord together. I really pray ththat the Lord will make a way for me and provide me with the financial and time resources to be able to make the trip. Well done Mr. don Moen, the Lord will continue to renew your strength and will continue to use you for the propagation of His Kingdom through true worship.


    Dear don Moen,

    I am a great admirer of you. It would be a great opportunity to join worshiping Lord Jesus in the Holy Land. I am a travel agent. How can I be useful to mobilise a group from Pune, India? Who will be able to guide me and what offers are there?

    Stanley Daniel.
    the travelogue

  • Solomon Donkor says:

    I give God all the praise for guiding me through this moment.

  • Tabs says:

    Let the redeemed of the Lord Say So

  • rosemarie says:

    Dear Don Moen,
    hi, we are grateful that God is love you so much. we hope you can be with us because the angel of Yahweh is speaking. you are one of the chosen, you must know the message of Yahweh for you. We hope you can be here in our place to hear the message…philippines

  • nji stephen says:

    when i imagine how this tour could look like my spirit is lifted up and i feel as being in the holy land with such a wonderful team. i pray god to be there and that he may grant me the resources needed to be part of ‘a great experience’. brethren please pray for me

  • nji stephen says:

    my spirit is lifted up when i think of such a great tour with such wonderful team, i wish God could grant me the grace to be part of this great and unforgettable experience. brethen please pray for me.
    from cameroon

  • Idi Chimezie martin says:

    Wow!! that will be awesome; to be at the holy land; get to see Gethsemane where my Lord wept n prayed for me, visit Golgotha where the debt for all my sins was settled and also see Don Moen, Paul Wilbour and other anointed worship singers live. Wish i cud make it to the Holy Land on this tour.

  • Riana Gadi says:

    I’d really love to be a part of this trip, cause I believe nothing is impossible in the name of Jesus. I am from Papua New Guinea and residing here in the Phillipines. I’ve already got some information on whom I should contact regarding the tour. Please confirm if this is correct: Dolly Marques or Chrislink International Inc. Eunice Espia

  • Olugbemi Michael says:

    Praise God I’m glad to hear this. Hope that Nigerians will be represented. I would have loved to be there but l’m limited in resources. But I know my God is not limited. God granting me the grace, we will see there and if not I wish you a save trip and an acceptable worship unto God.

  • Don, u are d David of days.
    …I cherish u, GOD bless u. am frm Nigeria n I wish to come with. By God’s grace b4 then I’ll b financially blessed.
    Long live Don-Moen, long live Friends…wishing I n everyone Heaven at last.

  • Don, u are d David of our days .
    …I cherish u, GOD bless u. am frm Nigeria, n I wish to come with u. By God’s grace b4 then I’ll b financially blessed.
    Long live Don-Moen, long live Friends…wishing I n everyone Heaven at last.

  • Junee Villanueva says:

    Hi Don Moen
    Just like the many of us who do not have enough resources for us to attend the whole trip, will it be possible to attend let’s say just a day or 2 days worship service ?
    Thank you

    -i’d love to hear from you or anyone from your team via email

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  • AM says:

    With the worsening situation in Israel, is the tour still going ahead?

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    to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog
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