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I just got back from a wonderful tour where we played in South Africa and Uganda.  It was a beautiful trip and I loved seeing so many of my friends during my visits.  In the coming months I’ll be visiting Trinidad, Holland, and France, among others.  As always, I appreciate your prayers and support of my ministry and I hope to see many of you along the way!
  • June 20 – Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
  • June 21 – Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
  • June 28 – Dordrecht, South Holland, Netherlands
  • July 4 & 5 – Paris, France
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We’re always adding new dates so check back on my tour page or connect with me on Facebook to find out the latest information on cities, venues, and times.

Also, as you may have heard, I am headed to Israel this September with my good friends Lenny LeBlanc, Paul Wilbur, and Stephen Mansfield.  It is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will reform your faith.  I would love to have you join us on what I am sure will be an unforgettable ten days in the Holy Land.  Go to for more information!

Thanks again for your prayers and support. God Bless.




    I love br.don moen but i don’T have this oportunite to see him in congo where we speak french,but there is not boader in chriJESUSCDM our father.i want to get the news album of you when it’s

  • Charlotte Kabaseke says:

    My name is Charlotte Kabaseke from Uganda. Don Moen is my favourite artist. God answered my prayer by bringing Don Moen to Uganda. I had always asked God to give me an opportunity to see Don face to face and God did it. I enjoyed his Makerere University concert and Worship seminar at Miracle Centre to the maximum and I also had an opportunity to ask him a question. God also answered my prayer because I had asked him to give me an opportunity to talk to him. I believe that some day, God will give me an opportunity to have conversation with him. God richly Bless him and his entire team. I am grateful to God that I was also able to see Lenny Le Blanc. He is one of my best artists and he blessed me very much too. I love him too and believe God that I will have a chat with him too, some day. God Bless you Lenny.
    Charlotte Kabaseke.

  • kenneth jayjay says:

    Donmoen, lenny and the entire band you were such a blessing to us in uganda may GOD BLESS YOU. PLEASE COME AGAIN

  • mutumba derrick says:

    We Love You Moen. GOD Bless Uganda

  • kayiwa.J.Meryvn says:

    kayiwa.J.Meryvn am a ugandan i week after i began devoting to christianity something kept demanding that i should download all Don Moen songs. i took it for granted, but it persisted and so after along time i decided to download them. Weeks later our chaplain annouced the Moen Lenny concert that will take place at the campus grounds “makerere”.. It was amazing to hear that. I didn’t have money to pay for the concert but i prayed to God and HE answered my prayers. My mum paid for my ticket. I did attend and really had the best worship moment in my entire life thank you Moen and Lenny GOD BLESS YOU hope you come back soon..

  • Victoria says:

    We had a great time celebrating Lenny’s life yetsdreay at the Lake. Lenny has been the butt of many jokes, many of them he created and enjoyed himself. (storyteller Billy Roth)Watching the mylar balloons with Lenny’s picture on them sail high into the sky was very moving. As they were taking flight we thought for sure they were going to get hung up in the trees. They started to take flight and Lenny’s picture turned so we could see it. It was almost like he was saying Thank you and I am ok. The class of 1965 is like no other. We share a special bond with our classmates that are still here and morn those we have lost. WE ARE THE BEST

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