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In January’s Story Of Hope Cristy shares about God’s faithfulness during a tough time in her life.

[quote]”Being on staff at a church for over 15 years, God called me to step away.  The church family didn’t understand as God had not opened up another place to go for ministry.  Over the following 2 years after my departure, I lost my father to cancer, at the same time being persecuted by people within the former church that just didn’t get it.  My family was trashed in the papers, hurt, snubbed, and threatened.  As hard as it was to go through, my God was faithful.  He saw us through the toughest time we have ever gone through spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  But God says, I will never leave you nor forsake you.  He has even brought us to the place of forgiveness.  It is so freeing! His promises are true!  He was always there for us.  It was a tough journey for sure but I serve a God that is faithful and I praise Him and worship Him for saving my life through Jesus!  I serve a risen Savior!  Thank you Jesus!”[/quote]


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  • Helena says:

    Keep it up Cristy. We save a Mighty God and He has promised we won’t suffer shame nor disgrace. May you stay protected under God’s Mighty wings. Let’s pray for our lovely Father and Dear Friend Don Moen, his labour in the LORD is not in vain. Amen!

  • peter waliaula says:

    Yes cristy God is good He will never leave us

  • CorrieMarquez Alimario says:

    GOD is good! Yes , Cristy keep ur faith! Never give up! GOD says, I will never leave you nor forsake you! HIS words and promises are true ,so believe in JESUS name! May GODs comfort and strength be wth u , Cristy and wth ur family! GOD bless!

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