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Dear Friends,

I would like to thank each of our partners who gave in response to Worship In Action’s Nepal Earthquake outreach. I am very happy to report that together we gave $5000 to the relief efforts. Our contribution provided immediate and critical supplies such as blankets, food, and safe water to those impacted by the earthquakes in Nepal.  We believe God received glory during this outreach and through us demonstrated his love to many people.

Friends have asked if we will continue our involvement in Nepal, and the answer is YES.  Worship In Action has an established disaster relief fund that actively receives and distributes donations from our partners to areas around the world impacted by natural disasters.  We invite our friends to continue to give to this disaster relief fund, and these funds will go to Nepal for the ongoing rebuilding efforts.  We know life will never be the same for the Nepalese who have lost family members, homes, jobs, and their earthly possessions.  We can’t return to them what was lost; however, we can support them in a way that is a testimony of God’s faithfulness and presence in the earth.

To give to Worship In Action Disaster Relief Fund, click the Donate Button below.

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As always, thank you very much for your generosity and for continually expressing your love for God through your giving.  When we share the resources God has put into our hands, he is faithful and will meet all of our needs according to his abundance.  He will remember your gifts given in his name and for his glory.

God bless you!

Don Moen

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