March Story of Hope

This month’s story comes from Alicia and is proof that God sees and cares and heals.

“It started in February 2013. I started having heavy headaches, it feels like my head was burning. My eyes felt like they were wide open then those horrible thoughts starts disturbing me. It was horrible. Everyday I asked myself why I am living? What is the purpose of my life? I did not have joy anymore, nothing made sense to me anymore. But I did not stop praying and asking my Jesus to heal me because I know He is the only doctor, the only psychologist that could help me. For one year I suffered from those horrible thoughts and tortures all by myself. I could not tell anyone not even my mum because no one could understand what I was feeling in my head. I took headache pills to calm the pain but it was just for a few hours. But my Jesus healed me and few weeks ago and all the pain disappeared and I don’t need the pill anymore. The name of our lord Jesus Christ is above all. Praise Him.”

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