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 Are you a pastor, choir director or worship leader who would like to invite Don to come to your church?
Don has reserved a few select dates for invitations from those in a leadership positions at their church.  Click HERE to let us know more about your church, possible dates that work for your congregation, and some of the expectations for hosting Don in your city.




  • Biruk Bogale says:

    God bless Don Moen for his emotional as well as inspiring songs. I want him send me most of his live worship videos

    • Nankya Eron says:

      Thank u Lord for Don,Let him get whatever his heart yearns forthk u lord.send me most of his live worship videos

      • Luleka says:

        I’m also a fan of Don .. HIs music touch me everytime I listen it I Cry ..Gob bless him n bring us more music in the world ..I’m from S A .

  • Tammy Lefave says:

    Hi my name is Tammy Lefave l am believing god to make a way in situations in my life .He has used the song God will make a way as a sign, confirmation in my life that he is in control. Every time I listen to it it gives me inspiration and reaffirms that God knows my situations and will make a way . I don’t belong to any church per say but I have beeb a Christian for over 30 years. In recent years God has allowed situations in my life to occure and as a result I have drawn yso close to God. My husband left me 5 years ago in may and God has confirmed one time with this song about his return. He has also showed me many other sign as well. I know God is refining me and my husband as well . When I tell people that they always look at me funny. But that’s okay .He spoke the word to me and not them.But when he returns and I pray the timing is soon I will give God all the glory and praise. I would really like it if you could come to regina. I am one of your biggest fans. I am always telling people about you. I have an older lady friend who is a Christian and I have learned alot from her, I guess you could say she is like a pastor to me she is do anoited with power it’s amazing you just have to meet her. But in reality I bet we sre the farthest from your agena with all you do. I am on a sick leave right know pending back surgery. I am a nurse .While I was waiting for the right assistsnce to come into play I applied to welfare who give you the lesst amount of money to survive. Then it was El then my disability coverage came into play But through all of this my older friend Victoria felt God wanted her to count all the churches in Regina saskatchewan. . There are over a 190 different denominations. I reached out to many of the Christian churches for help with groceries,money for rent and or utilities. Very few responed In fact they didn’t even have the decency to call me back and after all these are Christians churches. You know I tell people it takes alot more then mouth service to be a Christian. Some even have slogens like to win the cost at any cost. So how far are they willing to go. I even had a couple of churches while talking to the pastor hang up on me. Well l pray for them. They have to be held accountable for there actions. Recently I watched this video on God vine , it is a Christian web site that shows inspirationals
    Videos about God. One couple wanted to be able to help thrrhomeless and give back. So they nought used back packs and filled them with stuff from the dollar store for them. From toiletries to some none perishable food to mitts Scrafs, socks etc. I felt God tugging at my spirit to do the same.Today I went out and started to buy some things at the Dollar Store
    I felt excited and it seems like fun to be able to do this. I don’t have alot of money in fact I am declaring bankruptcy. But you know what I felt God wants me to do this so he will bless me for this. I told a couple of people today what I was doing and they seemed so surprise. I really don’t know why I am telling you this , I guess it was the lord. Anyhow take care I love your music and your ministry and if you are ever in this neck of the woofs I would love to meet you, take care and God Bless, Tammy

  • Charlotte Kabaseke says:

    Don Moen is and will always be my best musician. I fell in love with his music when i was a little girl from the first time i heard his songs. I can listen to any of his songs any time any where. My biggest desire to meet him face to face one day. Above all God has used him in a mighty to touch souls. i love the fact that most of his music is based of Bible verses. I just love him and his music.

  • Eze Ifeanyi says:

    I would like to bless the name of the Lord for His using of Don Moen to bless my soul in songs. He (Don Moen) is my best musician in the world.

    I believe there is more

    uncharted territory

    and now…..

    Hymns of Hope.

    God bless you.

  • Nathan Laaka says:

    Don, I bless the Lord for your ministry, your songs restores hope in.

    Nathan Laaka- Uganda

  • Angela saeed says:

    Hi don,Laura
    I would like to say god bless you both. For all the hard work you do and the great examples you set in this life. Thank you for all your songs they speak to my heart and soul but the song that I sing every day is god will make a way were they seems to be no way he works in ways we can not see he will make a way for me. I believe that he does and don’t doubt him, and the other song that really touches me is I just want to be we’re you are. God bless you and keep you safe and cover all your needs in life looking forward to hearing your new cd hymns of hope.
    Yours in Christ Angela praying for you always

  • dorcas maxwell says:

    Is it tru that Don Moen will be coming to uganda.

  • Martin Carver says:

    I, am a young music lover and player of musical instruments….

    In the love of music, I want to teach my friends how to play the keyboard,saxophone, flute and the clarinet but due financial restriction, I am unable to buy any of them and to make case worse my Yamaha Piano recently developed and electrical fault.. please I really need help…

    If in anyway you can help me out as I am also looking forward to startup a music school here in my country…

    please I NEED YOUR HELP

  • Ositadimma Onyemaobi says:

    It has always been wonderful listening to your inspirational music anytime any day.
    God has really used you to touch lives all over the world.
    We are currently organizing a praise program in Nigeria and it is scheduled for 6th April 2014 featuring Dr Panam Percy Paul and a host of other Artists.
    We are also looking at another by Nov 2014 and would like to have your presence.
    Kindly avail us with your schedule to enable us fix a date.
    Remain blessed

  • Rennie Allen says:

    Don Moen, you are an amazing musician and composer. The voice of the Lord is heard loud through your music. God bless you and your ministry!

  • Emeka Eluwa says:

    Please I have a leading by the Spirit of God to organise a concert in Owerri, Imo State Nigeria. God is about to bring healing to the land through a tremendous revival that will bring about total transformation. Don Moen is first on the list of Gospel Music Ministers I know God will use to accomplish this. His ministry has been a blessing to countless lives in Nigeria. Kindly let me know all I need to do to bring him to Imo State, Nigeria for this great and memorable move of God. It is expected to be the greates thing that has ever happened in this land. God bless you. I earnestly await your urgent response.

  • joshua says:


  • stephen kirui says:

    Iam in Kenya and live to worship JESUS CHRIST with your songs.Don,welcome to Kenya please.Iam currently financially down but saving little every month so as I join a music school some years to come,but in the name of JESUS I would like to join one if possible.I love to play the keyboard and worhipping JESUS.Pray for me Don.Be blessed.

  • Rattasak says:

    Hello Don .I,m please to invite you come to our Church We very impressive in your song .We love to worship with your song . Thanks God For your Song and your life so amazing . I can play Guitar and singing your Song for many songs .. and I desire to see you and your team in my country or our church Yookprakoon Church in Thai name and Grace ERA Church in English . please come to our Church to teach our worships like you . and teach our to write a Worships song please think of Thailand pray for Thailand please come to Thailand to Joy with our to Praise God in this Land Bless for Thailand . to Wake a Christian Thai Please Come when your have a free time I pray to God . sent you come to Thailand again in soon to Our Church .. Thank you very much …….. Rattasak Konrat Bangkok Thailand
    this is email my Arts Pastor .. her name is Siriporn

  • Lucky says:

    I love you Don and I bless God for using you this way to affect this generation! You’re my role model….

  • Joseph Mbuya says:

    Dear Don, We’re blessed by your inspiring work, may the almighty God continue using you powerfully. I was sick for a longtime and couldn’t be able to help myself, I saw several doctors and they couldn’t help to my sickness. One day (in 2007) I discovered one of your titles ”Jesus you are my healer” and start playing and singing it every time, my sickness tops. I was so surprised and started praising God. till now I’m totally healed. Glory to God. Yes there is power in the name of Jesus-Christ.
    God bless you.
    Joseph Mbuya from DR of the Congo living in RSA.

  • Joseph Mbuya says:

    Dear Don, We’re blessed by your inspiring work, may the almighty God continue using you powerfully. I was sick for a longtime, my body was very weak, with pain in my bones and in my muscles. I couldn’t be able to help myself, I saw several doctors and they couldn’t help to my sickness. The medical reports were showing that my body was fine. I was troubled minded. One day (in 2007) I discovered one of your titles ”Jesus you are my healer” from your album : “Thank you Lord”. I start playing and singing it every time, while singing to the song I started feeling something coming out my body and that was happening every time when singing this song until my sickness completely stops. I was so surprised and started praising God. Till now I’m totally healed. Glory to God. Yes there is power in the name of Jesus-Christ.
    God bless you so much.
    Joseph Mbuya from DR of the Congo living in RSA.

  • Halima Grace Kamara says:

    I want to see and talk to Don live. How much does it cost to host him? May God bless you Don

  • Tabs Juuko says:

    God bless Don. I personally can’t feel a complete worship until I listen to Don Moen’s songs. They(songs) get me closer and make me feel a true worship
    waiting to meet you in Uganda.

  • It’s also important to listen to as many writing styles as possible. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a rut, going to the same chords, the same musical form, the same lyric style again and again.

  • John Mmolelwa says:

    God will make a way have been a blessing song for me,. I listen to Don songs when I was still in a refugee camp in Kenya and now God really made a way for me. I’m in the USA I hear Don is here in Nashvile can some one please let me know his church so that I can really worship with him in the same church service please.

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