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Your friend,


  • Kalai says:

    Blessed by your worship songs, they teach, they preach, they reach to the depths of my heart to understand who God really is & how great is his love & mercy for me. Your songs comforts me in darkest times & brings me closer to our God – The light of our salvation.
    A big thanks for you from my bottom of my heart.

    • Sisilia says:

      be such as rice, the higher the down.
      I pray for your ministry, Always blessed by God.
      Your songs be a blessing to others. I really enjoyed.
      Thank you so much.
      God bless you…….

  • manny monarca says:

    I am so blessed with your ministry. Your music is like a spirit that spoke to my heart and touch me as I meditate in every words that I heard. It is indeed a communication between my spirit and God spirit, there is an act of worship and communion between the line. And indeed it moves me and compelled me to do more in the well and for the glory of God.
    Thank you Don, God truly used you as an instrument of his righteousness and mercy to those who heard your song and meditate it night and day.
    God bless.

  • Renate Vetter says:

    Shalom !
    Dearest Br. Don Moen !
    your friend , has you writhing to me and other, thes is a big privileg, and we are brother and sister in the family of our Lord Jesus Christus , thes is the truth !
    I’m so very greatful I heard your song and your music and I feel the power from the Holy Ghost in all Word’s and in al adoration .
    I went to India in the year 2008 for 6 months, and I was so thanksful you are to Bangalore thes year, you has blesst thes people to India. please pray with me for Jacob my brother and friend in Bangalore and hes Convent from the catholick Church , all how there in all the world.
    Now I’m 80 years and my heart it is with our Lord , thes people need all from our Lord Jeshua . I self have 3 Son and 2 daughter born , our Lord was very good.
    Please give greetings and blssings to your loving wife and your team !
    I’m so blessing when I heard your adoration and worship ! Thanks my dearest Br. Don !
    God bless you in all the time. your Renate

  • Njoku Ekele C says:

    You are indeed the greatest worship leader of our era.Your God-inspired songs cannot get out of my mouth even when I sleep,I see myself singing any of your songs.
    God will give you the strenght and grace to win more souls to him through your second-to-none songs.They are absolutely Terrific.

  • Twagirayezu jean_marie says:

    Thank you so much!!! I’m always blessed by your songs and by the way you worship God…may the Lord our God bless you, your familly and all your team!!!! I wish icould have enough money then i can bring you here in BURUNDI!!! anyway God knows…thank you…thank you and thank you!!!!

  • Paul Rukwaro says:

    Bro Don,
    The LORD be with you.
    Your song – God Will Make A Way, has always rang in my soul when other more elaborate works have lost their impact. It makes me recall the Israelite Reed Sea crossing……
    No doubt God will make a way for all of us who wish to reach Him.

    Be blessed.

  • hellen akurut says:

    your songs touch me so deep!they have given me the confidence about God’s mercy upon me and am sure to the others who listen to them.May GOD continue to BLESS you and empower you with many more worship songs so that MANY may be touched and BLESSED too.

  • Fernand says:

    Your songs have been my source of inspiration. They give comfort and reassures me of Gods faithfulness. When i learned that there is nothing i can do to make God love me more or less, for ‘He loves me just because He loves me’, i tried to imagine how much God loves me. You are doing a great job. God bless you and your crew especially Lenny LeBlanc (i like his songs very much)
    The new website is just simple…….It reflects what you have inside of you….its good

  • Karin says:

    Don Moen…
    With your words, with your pic, with your smile…
    Make my day brighter…
    Make my heart warm …
    Make my life full with Joy and love…
    Yes, i can see God in you…

    To love and to be loved by Jesus, it’s my only desire…
    To feel the God through Bro Don Moen…. It’s just awesome…

    I’m sorry that my English is so bad…. as bad as my sins…
    But I know that a lot of people feel the same…
    My pray always be with you, and fam, and friends…

  • Peter Mutale says:

    Thanks Pastor Don you may not how broken hearts have returned to the Jesus through you music.In worship of the KING OF KINGS there is no black,white,coloured or slave.We are all free in HIM,Please continue to bless us especially here in AFRICA,ZAMBIA in particular the CHRISTIAN NATION

  • The new look is great! Thanks Bro Don for inspiring us with music, like the Biblical David’s harp, your music drives out the evil spirits of depression from heart .” I am the God that healeth thee”. is my all time favorite May God bless you abundantly..

  • ODJO Rodrigue says:

    hi Pastor Don Moen really thank the Lord Jesus source of your inspiration aide.Je we would like to ask your program Evangelism by singing for Africa Benin precisely my contry.Que the Lord Almighty grant you all his grâce.A soon

  • Chinda Happiness says:

    Don your songs have been a miracle. touched me and gives me hope that there is God who cares and ready to protect me. thanks for your songs sir. and I pray that the Holy Spirit gives u more inspirational

  • Ubong Benson says:

    Don Moen, i cant wait to set my eyes on you when are coming to the city of Port Harcourt in Nigeria again?
    God bless you and your family real good.

  • Ratna DeJoodt says:

    GOD’S very best blessing to Don for his beautiful scripture songs
    That reaches to the very depth of the soul and spirit of the listener.
    Love to worship the LORD with Don’s songs. Bless and bless Don and his family and friends.

  • ianissse says:

    bonjour et merci beaucoup pour vos chanson car elles me remplissent de joie et je sens la presence de Dieu dans ma vie.Que Dieu vous bénisse

  • Ezeuko Chukwuka says:

    Hello Pastor Don, this is my first time of visiting your website because I’m moved by your songs. I want you to be my mentor! +2348036469249 is my telephone number. Thanks!

  • vimal says:

    PRAISE THE lORD, dear don moen
    every thing done with keeping God as first and foremost is the Blessed thing
    we thank you and your ministry for the beautiful music and Preaching Gods verses.
    may God keep you going always for HIS GLORIOUS WORKS to shine among us


  • sandranna says:

    i love ur music because when i pay it he touch my soul make me a clean person

  • Olusayo says:

    This is a good site. God will continue to bless you.

  • Yahaya Tijjani Arsenal says:

    to God be the glory, we thank you and the ministry for the good work and may the good Lord keep you and the team.

  • Pastor Christopher says:

    hello my frienda thank you for come to Tanzani i was blees to see you

  • Ben Chisendo says:

    Hi pastor hope u ar ok. Thanx for the word of God you ar preaching through music.Your music touch the inner part of my heart & soul tell me that the only hope for our future is in the lord jesus christ.He is our light & Guide,your music lead us to the cross.Thanx once more & God add many more days to your life. Chisendo in Africa (Zambia ) 00260964790610 & 00260950559635

  • GPJ says:

    LrR-i: So indebted to you for standing by me in my moment of trial & hardship. Your confidence in me has made me outstanding & am one of the people that the world reckons with today. Thank you so much, i promise to give you de best of ENTERTAINMENT, MOTIVATIONAL, INSPIRATIONAL, & LIFE-TRANSFORMING messages in de Christian Gospel Music Industry [CGMI]… GPJ …

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