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My Jesus, I Love Thee

By May 22, 2012August 11th, 201484 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbIn this week’s podcast, Don shares a recent story of being overwhelmed by God’s love while in the studio recording his newest CD, Hymnbook.

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  • Debbie nwachukwu says:

    When ever i listen to Don’s songs, it uplifts my spirit…. Can’t wait for his new song!!!

  • escalin says:

    you are a blessing from god!love your songs,thank god for you!

  • chariz says:

    im really really bless listening to your songs…i’am under the music ministry of our church and i used to sing your songs leading the congregation in worshiping God….more blessings to you!

  • Eliufoo Simon says:

    I am eager to wait the new song God gave to our beloved brother, Don Moen. Surely, you may not know how you bless people, but a lot have been and are blessed by your ministry. Welcome and bless us here in Tanzania!!If u come, I will not miss.

  • Esty says:

    Enter your comments here…u are a blessing to us and God wil continue to enpower you to do more. Love you

  • David Hena says:

    God bless you Don Moen!

  • Christerbel says:

    You are indeed a true worship leader for this our generation, remain blessed.

  • Angela Raven says:

    Don, you are amazing! and your music are wonderful. I love them all, can’t think of any other artist like you!

  • precious says:

    thanx so much for your music m highly inspired and motivated,u sing so humbled.God bless you so much for HIS work you are doing

  • Jen Haugland says:

    Thank you, Don, for sharing your heart. God’s Spirit is sweet and gentle on our hearts. Brings tears to my eyes just hearing your testimony. In the quiet of a studio room… Blessings to you. Jen

  • angie saeed says:

    Hi Don, Laura
    I Just got back from the hospital were they told me I have gol stones and my blood pressure is very high and been holding on to the song God will make a way then i saw your new pod cast well another heart felt message i loved it plus this song he loves you it makes me feel jesus love when i hear this song and all your others honestly Don you know how people feel and you care I wish you and Laura every happines and god truly bless
    you and your family hope to see you back in the u.a.e soon
    best wishes Angela

    • Temitopeoluwa says:

      Whenever I hear ur songs, there’s a raging desire to luv God. I badly covet the grace you carry to draw down Godz Presence. I wanna luv God the way you do… Thank you for being a star in this crooked and perverse world.

  • surely i love the song .the way your sing

  • Abigail Sayila says:

    This is a very good inspiration.The song so touching.May the Lord Our GOD.. continue to use you mightly in the work you do for him.. To your daughter i say congratulations >To you and your wife Congrates may God himself be grant you many more happy years happy 39th Annivesary..God bless your whole family…To the rest of the team have a blessed to trip may God richly bless I will continue to pray for you.

  • sandra c.nery says:

    You are a gift from God to us, I am so blessed with your music. you have touched our lives by your wonderful music… thanks and God bless you,

  • Enter your comments here… IndeedGod is useing you to bless this generatoin.’I thank GoD for your and ministering.

  • johnson cacnio says:

    great wedsite , its inspirational , encouragement , edifying .to God be the Glory

  • joe deokoro says:

    Hi Don, you’ve always been a blessing and you are one of the persons God used to inspire my new album , ‘ONE HR WITH GOD’..Would you like to hear it?

  • Kay says:

    Hi, Don
    I’m inspired by your songs when I was still in young age around 10yrs old ma mum n dad divorced I lived with ma granparents but I miss something that was ma parents love I cry every ° • · ♥·♡Ñī†èé♥·♡ · • ° n day why ma life ev to endup this way, but one find day I heard you song, Give thanks,God will make a way,I will sing. I listen to this songs I fall in tear cos this songs of yours inspire me in ma life IV lived a poverty life but I cry to God n he heard me n now I’m happy, thanks Don for your music that inspire us

  • Gege bem says:

    may God continue 2 guide u amen

  • kelvin ngumbi says:

    Don, i believe that God had a purpose to create you for my sake.Your songs really touch the heart of worship in me,gives me to understand what worship is and how to worship.I really like worshiping through songs and may the Lord God almighty uplift me also to such standards.Be blessed Moen.

  • ian says:

    You’re ministry is a blessing. May God continue to supply all your needs so can be a blessing to others also.

  • AZUBUIKE says:



  • Temi Apara says:

    Don,i thank d Lord for using you as a blessing to your generation.your ministry is a source of nourishment to many souls.thanks! thanks!! & many thanks!!!

  • Blessing Chizobam-Dike says:

    Beloved Don, I celebrate d grace of God upon ur life. More strength 2 u in Jesus name. Amen!

  • Robin Kanipe says:

    I love your music and I thank God for using you in a positive way for generations of people who don’t know God or Jesus as their personal savior to receive Christ and deny Satan of stealing one more soul. Congadulations on your 39th aniversary to you and your wife. May God continue to use you in ways we haven’t even seen yet. May God Bless your ministry and you and your friends and family.

  • Duwa fozia says:

    don moen i wish to chat also with you although we pakistani not welcomeing you at pakistan please i prayed from God that He will give us this chance aslo. please you pray for this also we love so much

  • Samuel-Agi, Saturday says:

    You’ve being a tool in the hand of God lifting up the Spirit of God in our hearts in song. God bless your ministry.

  • sttephen oyedele says:

    I love you Don Moen,you are d don of gospel music.

  • Ogunniyi Olusayo Timothy says:

    Congratulations Don and Laura on your wedding anniversary. May God continue to be with you and your family and also continue to use you for His Glory. God bless you.

  • Stephen Nyoni says:

    l love your praise and worship songs they realy touch my heart God bless you

  • Sir all your songs are all divine inspiration from God and they all inspire me whenever I listen to them.God bless you.

  • Gbaa ruth says:

    Don i love your songs cos my spirit is moved when listening to then,you are just great God bless you.

  • Vera says:

    Hi Don, you have been a blessing to my life because each time i listen to any of your
    music i learn new thing. I was listening to you song titled “Hiden place” i was
    overwhelmed i thank God. Don, you are really what you are!! God bless you as
    you do more in His vine yard. Don and Laura congratulations on your wedding

  • Yolanda Caetano says:

    Don thanks so much for your podcasts – They are so uplifting. Your cds are an inspiration!

    Don and Laura congratulations on your wedding anniversary. All of the best with the
    new CD looking forward to hearing it!! God Bless you richly

  • kevin Kwizera says:

    Really you bless us Don and we pray for you for that you continue in God’s ways.Blessings always.

  • Ntobeko Masinga says:

    Man of God, you truly bless us with your music. We love you in South Africa and we wish to see you here one day. May God keep on blessing you with your family.

  • Phillip says:

    I’m at a point in my life when I feel I should be happy cos things seem to be moving pretty well for me yet deep down within me, I feel so lonely and far away from God.
    I’v longed for His presence in my life and really didnt know how to go about re-building my relationship with Him but listining to this podcast today (my first) and hearing the stories of others has given me a re-assurance that through this medium I can re-connect with God.
    Thanks for your songs. I feel refreshed and renewed by just listening.

  • Joyce says:

    You are a blessings to everyone Don Moen..lifting up every life and giving inspirations to every heart who listen your amazing songs..Philippines awaits you.GOD BLESS..

  • Joy Dela Rosa says:

    You are a blessings to everyone Don Moen..lifting up every life and giving inspirations to every heart who listens your amazing songs..Philippines awaits you.GOD BLESS..

  • Sylvia YAO says:

    hello MOEN,I’m very happy do you write.I’m ivoirian I don’t speak english very well.Just say that:I love yours songs and you are my fan. GOD bless you.

  • Blessing Famule says:

    Congrats!!! You are a bessing 2 this generation. God bless u and all yours real good and in heaven, you will not miss your rdward.

  • Eddie says:

    God bless you for being an inspiration to humanity and my prayer for you is that God should grant you Wisdom, Knowledge, understanding sensitive memory long life and prosperous years, i really enjoy your songs specially the old songs, they still console and inspires me, God bless you so much and your family.

  • Sannie Hammid says:

    Thanks very much my God continues to inspire you. But I to ask you if you are a Born again or Methodist or Jehova withness Christian.

  • Otu Grace says:

    Sir u re indeed a true worshiper, your songs chase away demons nd heals sicknesses nd u have become a blessing in many homes.

  • ALFRED KIMEU says:

    you are so blessing to the body of Christ ,i do like you devotion to Christ i believe one day ishall minister all over the world like you, (make trip to Kenya we are waiting for you)

  • Rida says:

    Sir,i really fond of with all your song and
    your album.Great!..Great!! just for JESUS

  • Nana Ama Brainoo says:

    Hi, i love your song so much. They truly push me into the spirit

  • Sir.I am always overwhelmed and spiritually minded whenever I listen to any of your music.Infact,God has created you into this planet ‘earth’ in order to manifest Himself through you and through the songs you sing…..May the inspiration you get from above never cease and May God uphold you to the end in Jesus name.(AMEN)…GOD IS YOUR STRENGTH.

  • Stella Ahaneku says:

    Don, God bless you. Your songs have lifted me from sorrow and misery into God’s abundant love for me. I’ll ever be grateful to God that gave me this experience through your songs. It’s insppirational, life-changing and soul-lifting. You have drawn men to God through your songs. May you dwell in God’s Presence all the days of your life, Amen.

  • Talatu Adamu says:

    when ever i listing 2 ur song it make me happy i love ur songs so much, may God be wit you d lord is your strent.

  • melynda keating says:

    Don, your songs is a blessings to everyone, GOD bless you

  • Emily V. Amolo says:

    Hi Don,God is really amazing in his works. I want to share my life as well to your listeners, please assist me how to go about writing my story to you. Thanks and hope to
    Hear from you soon. God Bless.

  • Barnabas Gikonyo says:

    Same as always. Uplifting. Don Songs will always be my number one.

  • omoboya kemi says:

    mr don, thank God for your life…………. you will always be my role model
    The Lord is your strenght.

  • Shaby says:

    Earlier in my music life, i tryd singing like you but later discovered that i had to be whom God created me to be. you’ve been a blessing to my life and a source of inspiration in my musical career. congratulations on your anniversary and more glorious years ahead. i love you.

  • Ranti says:

    Keep up the good work brother, you are a blessing to our generation, God Bless you and everyone in the ministry in Jesus name (Amen).


    Keep the fire burning brother,your song s are an inspiration to me.God bless you.

  • Sola OLuokun says:

    Pastor Don, you are a friend and a brother. You have shown and challenged me with your life that the testimony of Enoch in the Bible can still reoccur in our time; I mean in this perilous and corrupt world. Now I know it is possible to consistently walk with God, even in this part of the world and country, Nigeria, where I am located.
    Your music describes, without reservation, what your inner life looks like…I love you brother. And though I may or may not be chanced to meet you face-to-face in this part of eternity, I look forward to meet you in the kingdom of The Father, and Jesus Christ our Saviour. God bless you

  • jude williams says:


  • Oluwaseyi Edunjobi says:

    I’m always move in d spirit when listening & singing ur songs,truly u are d David of dis end time,more anointing in Jesus name.

  • Bammydee covenant says:

    GOD bless you more Anointing in JESUS name.

  • Ransome says:

    You are indeed Great Son of God, i so much appreciate your music. God bless you

  • Nana Quadjo De-bright says:

    You are indeed an inspiration to me. Can’t wait to hear that new song.

  • Linda says:

    Happy Wedding Anniversary Don and Laura! May God bless you and continue to be a blessing to many souls!

  • raphael says:

    I’m indeed touched by your words and songs. I pray for more oil from God on you and your ministry.

  • Stella Machado says:

    Thank you Don Moen for the beautiful songs inspiring and soul stiring… I have bought
    100s of cds and dvds of yours and gifted to friends and family… God bless you & Laura
    for the 39th Wedding Anniversary . My husband Gerard Machado is a musician plays the
    guitar and has a Jazz band & Jazz fusion band… Also has brought out a Gospel cd and
    my mother-in-law has written the lyrics… We love your songs… Stella, Bangalore …India

  • olasinde debbie says:

    U̶̲̥̅̊ ar a our.generation,more grace to U̶̲̥̅̊ sir.

  • Samuel Ajayi says:

    Sir, indid you are a man from God, love your songs, most especially our father who at in heaven and I have made you too small. I would have been in Houston Texas for a convention program this June 22 over 24, 2012 but was denied a visa to come. I only watch u sing at the Experience in Nigeria. Hope to see u face to face when I come over there. Am presently working on my musical album too. If jesus tarry I will feature u by faith in the subsequent album.God Bless and Keep u for his Glory.

  • Bethel says:

    Thank God for yOu Don ,am always inspirating to be like you,listening to your music has inflence many christain life in this evil world.I pray God will continue to use you as an instrument of hope and faith to those who don’t believe in his name.God bless you!

  • Margret says:

    Sir, God gave me hope through your music when I was hopless.

  • fanon says:

    indeed it is a blessing song it as touched me so much and my family.God bless
    brother Moen.

  • Eze chukwudi martins says:

    I love don’s worship songs , it lift’s my spirit and i can’t wait for june 5th to chat live with him. God speed

  • Adeniran Olumuyiwa says:

    I have been listening to gospel musics I have not seen any compare to u sir, not flattering, I pray d almighty keeps d anoiting flowing for more inspirations in Jesus name. Congratulations on ur wedding anniversary with ur darling wife, d Lord shall grant u d grace to celebrate many more years in happiness n good health IJN, amen. God bless u sir

  • Adeleke Tobi says:

    Wow. Thank God for you. I like the podcast and I’m sure my Mum liked it too. I and my Mum listened to it this morning. Sure She liked and enjoyed that part of your Daughter’s graduation and was like Hehen, kindof I now know this, and also the part of your 39th anniversary and SHe also like the Hymns and like Hymns. I also enjoyed it, Calebs story I’m sure should help others. Maybe I too would search myself for a story to share and encourage others and help our faith.
    Well done with your work for God, that is helping humanity and lifting God’s name high. God would continue to help you carry out His work and assignments, in Jesus name. He loves you with His unmeasurable and endless love and is always there for you, your family, band and All His children. We love you too and the songs He used you to sing and that we too can sing now. God would continually bless you.

  • says:

    I am rwandan I love Don moen with my all heart and I know God will make away for looking Don moen with my own eyes

  • Diana Samuel says:

    Sir, I thank God for keeping you a blessing to many. I love almost all of your songs that
    I’ve heard. Especially I love the song “God will make a way”. That song has encouraged
    me many a times. Thank you for your free album download.

  • I am so happy to share with you that there has been a great turn around in my life ever
    since i started listening to hillsongs my life has been greatly transformed because the
    songs rily talk to me.The impact that they have for me as young as i am is inexplainable
    because they have taught me to reach out for many people not forgetting my very on
    as well.May God continue to lift you higher and higher.One day i will sing in front of a
    congregation because am so much inspired when i listen to your songs.Am greatly



  • Jancy Aneesh Stephen says:

    Thank you Don for such a wonderful song..ur songs have always inspired me when i am so low in my spirit. I love all the songs of uncharted territory. I feel every song written for my life’s situation especially lord have mercy, your love never fails,he loves you, and you will be my song…God is alwys speaking to me how mch he loves me through you..thanks Don.Wishing you and Laura a happy married of life. congrats for a christ-centered family life for 39 years…Impatiently waiting for your new CD….

  • esaie yav says:

    As the lord made for his glory, may HIMSELF bless you for hearing HIS voice and chair the
    wonder of the paradise by your songs, hope i’ll see you in congo democratic.

  • Kennedy says:

    Hi Don you lift my spirit may the Lord continue blessing you and your family.where can I get your latest album unchatered territory

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