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A Mother’s Day Blessing

By May 15, 2012August 11th, 201415 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbIn this week’s podcast, Don honors mothers and shares a personal blessing that he and Laura spoke over the children while growing up.

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  • mike says:

    Enter your comments here…For the best mother in the world We LOVE YOU!!

    • Author Matthew J. Egbe says:

      Modas r d reasons 4 lif, unlik som, my muda is d best, d swetest, d finest, d bravest, most social dan wat i can eva tink of. Modas nids special treatment 4rm their children. So i urg u all gv d best kia 2 ur modas. Cheers.

  • Aanuoluwapo says:

    Somebody’s praying for me…….my mum’s knocking at Heaven’s door. God bless you Don!

  • rapheal says:

    I realy love ur songs and realy planing to be the Don Moen of my time

  • angie saeed says:

    Hi Don, Laura

    I Tank you for this heart felt message it filled my heart with so much joy I have never heard a man speak with so much respect. Laura is a wonderful person I am so glad God made a way for me to see you in Abu dhabi. I also have 6 children and I always pray for them. God bless you and Laura and your family always praying for you may god bless your songs and bless you and keep you safe were ever you travel hope you come back to Dubai.
    your friend Angela Dubai

  • Ogunniyi Olusayo Timothy says:

    May God bless My Mum even though she is late now and may her gentle soul rest in peace. God bless you Don for this. May you continue to experience the blessing of the in all you do. God bless you.

  • Harma says:

    So awesome to hear how much respect you have Don for Laura. Really wonderful!!! I respect my Mother also very much… always thankful for what she does and still do for us.. May God bless you both even more. Awesome prayer for your kids!! Huge blessing.. I loved to listen at this podcast.. pity that they are so short, wish i could listen a bit longer to it.. 🙂 God Bless you Don!!

  • Morgan Peter says:

    So glad and so lifted to hear you honoring mothers on MOTHERS, DAY. Your word of encouragement also help me to look up onto GOD for his Inspirations through his WORD Jesus Christ. More Blessings, as I am expecting the fulfillment of his promises which He have already started.
    His MESSAGES of peace,love and salvation through your ministry-Am really bless yes I am
    To GOD be all the GLORY and to you be the Wisdom and Power. THANKS Don !

  • Judith Trinidad Leonor says:

    Dear Don,

    I just heard your podcast today and so inspired of your words that honors all our Moms this month. Happy Mother’s Day to Laura too and to my Mom, Emma who was in the Philippines and I always prayed for her health and the guidance of GOD in her life. Thank you for sharing these thoughts to us all. I never get tired of listening to your music as it was all an inspiration to my life.

    GOD bless,

  • Jancy Aneesh Stephen says:

    Thank you Don for the wonderful Mother’s Day message. It was such an awesome prayer that every mother would love to pray for their children…I was really moved by the respect you have for Laura..God blessed you with such a wonderful spiritual loving and caring wife…May God bless you and your family..Your songs have always been an inevitable part of my life….Thanks a lot……….

  • Nana Ama says:

    Don, you are the reason why I check my mail everyday. Just to see if you have something for me. God bless you in every way.

  • Kaaigodwin says:

    Enter your comments here…I love u Don moen $ pray that should give u power $ strength to do more. $ mo

  • Kaaigodwin says:

    I love u Don moen $ pray that should give u power $ strength to do more. $ mo

  • Kaaigodwin says:

    I love u Don moen $ pray that should give u power $ strength to do more $ more of his work in Jesus name Amen.

  • justine says:

    thank u so much Don and friends,we are very annointed because of your am very sory because on my 16years old i lost my mum now am for those who have their mum please love them with your heart.

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