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A Purpose and a Plan

By May 8, 2012August 11th, 201428 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbGod has a purpose and a plan for every situation that goes beyond our understanding and in spite of our questions, we choose to trust Him. In this week’s podcast, Don shares a very personal story and invites friend, Richard Exley, to help understand some of the questions we have when we lose someone we love.

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  • S.EBENEZER says:

    Really its helps a lot in spiritual lyf.thank u.,

  • theophilus ndubueze says:

    This is wonderful! God bless you SIR

  • timothy danjuma says:

    Dis wil con2nue 2 help us wit our spiritual lyf. Fink u sir.

  • kate says:

    Absolutely right. I ask for grace to trust him more each day

  • joshua renold says:

    wow its awesome brother ..god bless you 🙂

  • valerie duval says:

    definetely god make things in his time and on his way god bless u

  • Agustina says:

    Cool Don……thks

  • Sunday david. says:

    May God continue to increase his annointing upon you, iJN(amen).

  • angie saeed says:

    Hi Don,
    the lose of loved ones are hard but God does work in ways we can not see and he will make ways for us. God bless you Don and Laura moen you are truley a godly person and know how pepole feel. may god bless you your family and ministry and open doors for you and make a way for you in everything hope you come back to the u.a.e. soon praying for you

  • Aaron Keltuma says:

    Its a great one indeed. Thanks

  • Marshal says:

    Hi Don! It z nt easy 2 wkup 1 mrnin only 4u 2 realiz dat, dat 1 person who cares abt u lyk no other z gone nd gone 4eva. Tanks

  • Ogunniyi Olusayo Timothy says:

    This is great! May God continue to use you for His glory.

    • God bless you Don and Laura moen you are truley a godly person and know how pepole feel. may god bless you your family and ministry and open doors for you and make a way for you in everything hope you come back to the u.a.e. soon praying for you

  • Takwa says:

    Beloved Brother Don,
    Praise The LORD!
    I got an email from our leader from the CMFI headquarters last month with the subject “A Shout of Victory”. I was anxious to see what was in the message as he was just from a ten days retreat. To my surprise, it was the announcement of the death of one of our missionary brothers in Swaziland, Habram Signing. He, his daughter and another brother got into a deadly accident as they were on their way to plant a Church. Three of them died on the spot.
    The other day as I was praying for your protection during my Daily Dynamic encounter with God, I asked God to call Mickey from the coma. I heard a voice ask me, “What if you hear that she is dead”, I was shocked by the question and didn’t say anything. Since then I didn’t pray for her again.

    Who knows the ways of The LORD? God really did answer to my prayer, because He called Mickey not back to earth, as we wanted but back to Heaven according to His will. He indeed works in ways we cannot see. Mickey’s death is victory. There’s no defeat with God. She has made it back home. That was her hope, she hoped for this during her lifetime on earth. Romans 12:12.
    You do not know how much your podcast has been used by God to the body of Christ worldwide. Be encouraged and God bless you enormously in the second phase of your ministry. Hope to see you in Tanzania in August.
    With lots of love,

  • Susan Godwin says:

    Beautiful Don…and wonderful tribute to Mickey. I’m left undone & in tears, but rejoicing for Mickey and her place now walking streets of Gold with Jesus.

  • Guillaume says:

    Yes, that’s true because we know that all things work together for good to those who love God,to those who are called according to His purpose. For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that He might be the first born among many brethren.

  • veni says:

    I had a strange thought on hearing about Mickey and your message. We pray for
    our loved TO BE HEALED assuming that it will be here by and around us, but
    your song IF YOU COULD SEE Me Now……really says it all, all suffering ceased
    and sitting at HIS feet, what joy ! that also is healing
    is it not??? Don you are my connection to the electricity supply of God’s power
    please dont change or become ‘wordly’ your devotion and dedication is a constant
    help to many who had ‘ lost the way’ God love and keep you and your family and fellow
    workers safe and well, AMEN

  • Jane says:

    Wow Don, thanks I was encouraged by this purpose and plan podcast.
    This season God is teaching me to understand more about His purpose for me, and however much it is hard but i know and i am convinced that its always for the good.
    God bless you for those messages, many lives are not the same again.

  • Ntakiyimana Cyiza Lazare says:

    May God continue to increase his annointing upon you. Lazare

  • John says:

    Thank you dear brother Don. This message from you was very encouraging. Although I’ve never really
    questioned God about the passing away of my loved one’s in the past few years, I do believe that they
    are in a better place. your message, as your songs, was very encouraging. God bless you, your family &
    the work you do for Him.

  • Judith Trinidad Leonor says:

    Thank you for this wonderful podcast that reminds us all that GOD has a purpose and plan in our lives. Whether things happened in a bad way or good way, we still have to praise Him and put our trust in His hands. He will truly know what’s best for us and He do things in a perfect timing and you wouldn’t notice that blessings comes our way. May God continue to give you wisdom so you can share to us His words or encouragement. Thanks Don and more blessings always.

    God bless,

  • lorna says:

    dear don and laura i cant beleive this happened im so sorry i hurt to i have a prayer for you both dear jesus please be with don and laura be very close to them always when they get down help them to always pray to jesus and its good to cry out to him i am right now crying god loves you donmoen and laura he loves you to and yor family sometimes he does things we cant undstand always be strong that what micky wold want us to do jesus i pray with all my heart with all my soul and with all my love that you wold give don and his beautiful wife laura your peace your love and your strenth tonight and peae give them all your many blessings ill be prayng for you and laura and family always and also i pray when yo go on trips may god bless you all i love you all your good friend and prayer partner lorna inman ps how do i get the book when you lose someone you love i wold love to get a copy also your i pods are fantastic you do a great job

  • Jancy Aneesh Stephen says:

    Dear Don, I lost my beloved father all on a sudden 2 years back..He was perfectly healthy and young and energetic until he died of a silent cardiac arrest..When we were talking and watching TV, he had this silent heart attack and he died in a few seconds… Me, my sister, my mother were all left alone in this world..It was the shock of our entire life..tat time, I asked God many times, why this happened to us even though I prayed to him just give him back..we need him.. Even now it is hard for us to believe that he is not with us…But I realize now that God’s plan was different though it was very hard to understand, but HE is good all the time..God will never forsake us or never leave us all alone..Jesus has been caring me, my mother, n my sister till now in many different ways..HIS love is unconditional..Now I know how much my heavenly father loves me more than my earthly father,..Praise the Lord…

  • Shadrach Andrew says:

    God bless u don moen,listing to ur podcast it really inspires me to move close to the almighty l really appreciate God in using u to reach people like us in Nigeria. bless the lord.

  • Francine Low says:

    I wish to thank you sincerely for many of your worship works free on YouTube .
    From Sydney Australia, your lyrics praises and prayers guided me.
    I believe that you are the channel chosen by Christ to cast all my cares that us humans failed to handle. Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with terminal cancer followed
    by multiples major “life savings” surgeries and radical therapies. Through faith, I sailed thru teaching as a Learning Disabilities High School Teacher until I was badly injured in a Major Car Crash on the way back from school at age 67. Since then, I seek Heavenly Healing especially as I was unable to breath, walk and speak normally and my youngest daughter plan to marry in April 2012. I stumbled upon many of your miraculous lyrics and melodies that guided me in hoping for physical healing so I can walk her down the isle. I was granted myriad of graces from God. Hope to hear from you. God loves you.

  • Christina says:

    Just to share a voice i heard while listening to your podcast – some people are taken from this earth because they belong to the lower ground…some people are brought home as they have completed their duties on earth as angel, back home to Heaven with glory…God be with us, enlighten us, let us live the life of an angel on earth and return to your arms proud of your glory. Amen

  • May says:

    I listen to this podcast everytime i remember my mother and my sister who passed away… what’s the title of the song played at the last part? I appreciate your answer. thanks

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