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Creating A Dwelling Place For God

By July 17, 2012August 11th, 201487 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbIn this week’s podcast, Don shares how God desires fellowship with His people and the inspiration for one of his favorite songs, “I Want To Be Where You Are”.

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  • A ANAND says:

    praise the lord dear man of GOD………god bless u


    • Amiela says:

      I love this song. it leads me to God’s presence. Thank You for so beautiful song. God bless you Don Moen!

    • Honore A. WINTONA CODJO says:

      Dear Don, to me u’re a source of my adoration to our almighty God, from the deeper of my heart i just wanna see u in my country (Benin west africa) between Nigeria and Togo one day singing and praising God with my people. thanks for all God bless u and ur ministry.

  • mugaza jules says:

    God has never forget the human people

  • sam sakuwaha says:

    I am blessed by you sir

  • treesa says:

    praise the lord….. all your songs inspire me….. thanks a lot my dr frnd

  • george Bankole says:

    Heaven will bless you

  • ibu cletus a. says:

    You are God sent. i feel the presence of God each time i listen to ur songs. u’re a blessing to to our generation, may our good lord continue to keep and protect u.. God bless u.

  • esther shiren says:

    rev.pastor don moen,prasie the lord,i praying for u&team.iam blessed with ur songs.all the songs inspire me.god bless day god’s will i meet u &take my blessings pastor.

  • obasi ifeanyi jnr says:

    thank……….. u lord
    i just wanna thank…………. u lord.thank u lord?
    Am seriously in love with dis song.
    am so bless with d song, God wil bless u sir.

  • Meg says:

    Am a fun of all your trucks i have ever come across in my life God Bless you.

  • Sayo says:

    You are a blessing to this generation. God will uphold you to the end. Amen

    • God'spower ojo says:

      Amen to that, the man is sent by GOD to us each time i listens to his songs whether am in sorow or in distress GOD will through the song calm and comfort me each time i listens to his song my soul will be filled with joy, may GOD continue to bless him AMEN

  • Ejiro says:

    God bless U̶̲̥̅̊ man of God. This was really a blessing. And the statement that hit ♏e most is that God wants to be where ℓ̊ am as much as ℓ̊ want to be where he is. That’s so powerful. God bless U̶̲̥̅̊ .

  • daradaniel says:

    It is elevating and overwhelming. Spirit-filled. God bless you sir!

  • oladele s b says:

    As an instrument of Lord, He will take you higher in his service to the glory of the almighty. U are blessed.

  • gertrude smart says:

    Just listened to the podcast and its great. I advice that those who love don moen should pget a copy.

  • Dismas says:

    listening to your songs helps me feeling the presence of God, i couldn’t explain how i appreciate them, May the Lord bless you indeed

  • Simka sabe. May God bless u sir. says:

    May God bless u sir

    • Ur lovely and filled with spirit of God song got me born again,cos I love worship and ur song hlp me to worship God more never forgget river of joy.u re a man sent frm God pastor sir God bls u.

  • Pastor Ezekiel Akande says:

    Am always happy just to hear d name of this great man of God,more grace sir,we all love u in Nigeria

  • I am so blessed by your music, every song that is written is truly a annointed blessing.
    I pray that you and your friends continue to write and sing praises unto our Lord and
    Savior Jesus Christ. I receive such uplifting from your podcasts also. May God Bless
    You All.

  • Miracle says:

    Thank you Don Moen, may God bless you really good, amen


    Thanks for keeping us inspired.God bless you

  • Ogunniyi Olusayo Timothy says:

    In the presence of God there is fulness of Joy and at His right hand there are Pleasures forever more. Thank God for this episode, ‘am blessed. God bless you Don Moen.

  • Tessy says:

    You are a blessing to this generation. Keep the fire burning but I long to see your successor(s)

  • Shippi Lafuente says:

    oh!!! praise the Lord, I know that God glorifies with your songs… AMEN!!! hallelujah…..

  • Beauty says:

    I love u sir ur bless indeed.ride on am wth u.hw are wish u no wht ur doing 2 my heart wth u wl nver end.

  • angela saeed says:

    Angela Saeed Dubai

    Hi Don ,Laura and family

    i just love your songs and I just want to be were you are is one of my best songs it make me feel like jesus is with me and all is fine every time when I am going through something thats one of the songs I will sing.
    Thank you for your pod cast it keeps me in high spirits and people can easy give up on life and things. God bless you Don moen may god keep you safe and protect you as you travel and your wonderful wife and family. Hope you come back to Dubai soon
    Love Angele

  • anrei says:

    God is Faithfull,In His Presence there is Fullnes of JOY,,,God is Wonder…

  • oloruntoba paul says:

    this song really draw my heart to God anytime i listen to it

  • Takwa says:

    This sharing has really been a blessing to me. May the second phase of your ministry be a blessing to nations in a new and more splendid way.

  • Goodluck says:

    Amen! God your word is inspiring.God is wonderful indeed.

  • emmanuel sarah temitope says:

    ur ministry to us the saints has been a blessing,God bless u sir and increase u on every side.

  • uncle. love says:

    Your song carries the presence of great it is to be touched with the power of God through worship may God bless you

  • lorna says:

    thank you for your anointed encouragement your a great man of God…God bless you.

  • richard says:

    I just want to be where the Lord is, God bless you Don

  • Omotoso Adeola says:

    Dis is lovely,may d LORD grant u more STRENGHT to sing more nd more

  • Tayo says:

    I listen to a lot of worship songs but each time I listen to Don Moen, the air around me is unusually different and I feel God around me, most times with tears streaming down my face.its the Presence of God. Thank you Don Moen for being an instrument God uses for this. Your blessings are limitless. (Nigeria)

  • ellen says:

    Thank you for touching lives positively, for bringing us closer to Him. Praise and glory to God forever!

  • Adriel says:

    Thank You Lord for hearing this inspiring message this morning through this podcast.

  • Francine says:

    Don Moen has been a blessing in my life more than he could ever imagine and every time I listen to him, I can feel and hear the Holy Spirit through the words he speaks and the songs he sings. God certainly touches my heart through this Godly man. Thank you Don Moen for being such a faithful servant of the Lord. Through your ministry, God has given me hope in my most difficult times and I will never forget that God makes a way where there seems to be no way.

  • Akeke kehinde says:

    Amazing!!!!!!!!God bless you

  • Rimamskep joel says:

    U no doubt inspire me with ur songs.I‘m blessed n easily translated to the realm of the spirit each time i listen to ur worship songs.U are indeed God-sent to ur generation.

  • Leandro says:

    “Continue to shine more and more through the anointed music ministry where God had planted you to bloom for the praise of His glory! Keep enjoying more and more of His great and abundant blessing all throughout, as you continue to shine for Him! Our Awesome and Excellent God deserves the excellent from us! He is so good and ever faithful all the time!”

  • Darlin becky says:

    God is Alive faithful love n kind. He is d source of my life, dat is d reason why i can not do without him. Don moen God use ur voice 2 reach out 2 D world through it will feel God presense in our life n turn our ways. 4 what u are doing God will continus is work upon ur life, u would’t run dry all d days of ur life remain bless.

  • Becky darlin says:

    With God all thing are possible, God is so wonderful faithful love and kind. I love God so much dat i can’t do without him. Don moen God bless u

  • Shadrac says:

    Its very nice the song my God bless you!!!!!

  • roland aibangbee says:

    only God could have done this: singing songs that cause sinners to forsake their ways and bring the presence of God closer to every heart. God bless u Don. (Nigeria)

  • marshall tseke says:

    Thanks for soul uplifting songs God bless you

  • Ann says:

    You have always been a blessing ever since I knew your name many years back up until now..I thank you for making yourself available to do what God called you to do in this life. Remain blessed brother Don Moen

  • Jolina Paiva says:

    Sir, I can’t thank you enough for all the inspiration,the encouragement,the love,the hope and above all, telling me more about Jesus through your life and the life of others. I can stand up and testify for myself where Jesus was so faithful to me. I got married a few days ago, and He sent me a loving person in my life after being rejected so many times, and choosing the wrong people numerously.God saved me many times. At 33,now, I found my husband and am so blessed that Jesus even though am 33, He knows best whats needed for me.I praise Him and thank Him for this most beautiful gift He gave me and want to continue to lean on Jesus for everything.

  • i’m so blessed everytime i listened to your song sir. God bless you always.

    • Okeke Joy Chinwe says:

      Almighty God wil bless u and ur family. You have taught me how to worship God through ur album ‘HERE WE ARE,LIFTING OUR HANDS TO YOU’. Thanks so much.

  • Idowu Temitope Joseph says:

    As one of your song “God is the strength of my hearth” truly God is the strength of your hearth and I pray that God will continue to be the strength of your Hearth in Jesus. You shall be like mount Zion which cannot not be remove but abide forever. May God prolong your life for this generation and the fourth coming one.
    always enjoy your song is full of inspiration


    am wordless,every other time i listen to your songs .am more than blessed,sincerely thank GOD for you ,may you live to bless the souls of many

  • Chijioke Roselyn Eziakor says:

    How can i have a personal relationship with God?

  • gluche says:

    i love de way you play and pray 4 me so i will be like you too…..

  • Simeon says:

    Hope you come to Vietnam soon again sir…your hymn book is just the best….it makes my day especially on sunday mornings


  • Andy Perez says:

    am always touched whenever i listen to your songs

  • materu says:

    Ilove the song
    gog will meke Away

  • Lilian says:

    God Bless you Don Moen and Friends. From Singapore

  • materu. tanzania says:

    Ilike song god will make away
    then go is good

  • I pray that Almighty God will give you more wisdom upon wisdom. i love all your word
    of God you sharing with us. May God continue protect you and your family from the
    hand of enemy in Jesus name Amen. Shoola.

  • Edwin Nina says:

    Thank u Lord, I luv this
    I just wana be wr u r in ur presence forever

  • Bertaud says:

    For real you have changed my life.Believe me

  • Sharon says:

    Amazing song!! God wants to be with us where ever we are… wow..!!!
    Whenever I listen to the songs which are composed by you….I feel that you are lyricist/musician like David. Praise be to the Lord!!!


    My favorite worship leader of all time. Have been inspired and deeply encouraged the true and divine worship of our almighty God with your songs. I have collected almost all your albums which I purchase from the nearest Salvation Book Centre. I will forever feel grateful for what God has done and that you are such a faithful and loving man of God. My prayer is that your worship will continue to touch lives around the globe and that one day you will impact many lives wherever you may go, bringing God’s glory everywhere. AMEN.

  • jobi james says:

    dear brother don moen,

    you are my all time favourite worship leader.God bless you dear brother don.when i listen to your songs tears starts falling down because of the love of god.the prescence of holy spirit is soooooo strong when i listen to your muich ever i listen its not are really sent by god to this earth i feel…listening to your songs it is such a blessing.I AM NOT GETTING WORDS TO WRITE.I THANK MY SAVIOUR FOR BLESSED PEOPLE LIKE YOU BROTHER DON.GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY .AMEN

  • Fkorence mukundwa says:

    I really value Don Moen’s song they show how Almighty God inspires
    him. Every thing get end but fellowship & worship will always exist.

  • emmanuel says:

    GOD richly bless you for making yourself available for HIM. using you impacting our generation with the Gospel of CHRIST and transforming ,restoring ,liberating into the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN .

  • peter says:

    Inspiring others in the things of God is a rare gift from above.

  • jacksonifeko says:

    always my meditation, thanks God for my life.

  • tonny says:

    I always feel God’s Presence whenever i listen to your songs. You do much more than singing God Bless you.

  • Alex Wachira says:

    God bless you Don:you really make me feel so close to God and his Love..

  • donatus says:

    dear don, i love this album ,pls i need a spirit of God in me, how will are seek d face of God?

  • oluwafemi Lawal says:

    Enter your comments here..I want to bless the name of the Lord for your life and the ministry that God given has given unto u. All glory be to our God for using u mightily to reach out unto souls n touch lives through inspiring songs. I pray that God would bless u Pastor .I love your songs so much n sometimes when I listen to your songs,I get inspire n uplifted. Keep it up Sir! God bless u always

  • Edith says:

    Im a fun of your music.I have been so blessed and it has made me to always be in the
    mode of i wish i can sing like you. GOD BLESS YOU MAN OF GOD.

  • Cyril Amaechi says:

    4rom Nigeria, we thank GOD 4 giving us his inspiring son Don Moen, God is healing, blessing,uplifting and showing his people directions through ur heavenly songs, keep up with the good work of his heavens, u r bless by his grace Amen.

  • victor says:

    hello don,
    i know for sure u are God sent to make a change in this generation and end time,
    my prayer is that my His praise and the inspiration for song never stop coming because your your songs has change a lot in my life. i will be still knowing that him alone is God.

  • albertha says:

    truly God works in ways we cannot see.

  • reward samboko says:

    best worship leader of all time. my favorite is God will make a way. your music uplifts my faith. thank you.

  • justin says:


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