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Learning to Trust

By July 7, 2012August 11th, 201430 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbIn this week’s podcast, Don shares about the importance of learning to trust God through every circumstance, featuring the hymn “‘Tis So Sweet to Trust In Jesus”.

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  • angela saeed says:

    Hi Don,Laura
    podcast this week is a big help to me as I am waiting for tests to come back from Europe its is important to trust in jesus I spend a lot of time hearing your songs this song is one of my favorite hymes on your new cd. I always give thanks for God being in my life and thank him for everything and then leave it all to jesus.
    Thanks Don and Laura for being a big part of my life hope you come back to Dubai your always welcome.
    Love Angela

    • becky says:

      i thank god for using people like you to motivate us.because some of us have really been through a lot of difficulties like loosing both parents, two brothers and the only sister, it was very terrible but you always encourage us to move on . god richly bless you and your handy works in Jesus name amen

  • I want a CD of ur latest album Hymn book by Don Moen

  • ofon says:

    Enter your comments here…congrats sir for touching lives through this medium

  • I love all your music and thank you for sharing and inspiring with us..God is good all the time.

  • Ajayi Taye says:

    Your life should advertise God’s glory here on earth, in his end time there is going to be lot of despectionn
    By the devil, every morning when you are awake ask God to help you leave your life.
    Also ask God alway for more Grace to live an upright life alway.
    And don’t be selfish preach the gospel where ever Ɣ☺u go.
    There is a war between two camp, God and satan. This is Third world War.
    Win soul for chirst now!!!

  • Joel Enriquez says:

    You are my favorite Gospel Singer all the lyrics that you put in your songs came
    from the Bible. Every time i listen to your CD touch my heart . I always trust in Jesus
    he never commit a mistake. Jesus is the great Physician , a problem solver , a decision maker
    to me . He always walk with me and take the wheel where ever i am going . Good to
    hear that you have a new CD . Where can i get it ?
    I wish you good health and your family .

  • John says:

    Thanks a million Sir. your music has been of immense blessing

  • Ernie Raz says:

    Your songs are joy and healing to our soul and body. God is truly glorified in you. May God continue to bless you with all you need in your ministries.

  • folu says:

    Don ur music has changed my situation. God is really using u

  • WISDOM ADUSU says:

    Enter your comments here…you always bless me with words of mortivation and good insight you are my mentor. and forever be amen.

  • Tigist says:

    It’s always great to lessen your song and encouraging word may Lord bless your

  • He that trust in jesus he is like a mount zion that can not be shake, by any stronge wind, power or by any spirit of darkness of the world. For the power is given ONLY to those who TRUST and belived in him. I trust in you jesus

  • God inhabits the praises of his people. Any time i listen to any of Don’s songs, i feel the
    awesome presence of God. May God continue to use him to Bless the heart’s of men.

  • Nana Ama says:


    God bless you for what you are doing in my life. Your podcasts are like food for me. I am always filled to the brim when I listen to it. God bless you, you a making a great impact in my life…

  • Ogunniyi Olusayo Timothy says:

    Lord we thank you for your faithfulness and for always meet the needs of your people. Thank you Don Moen for this great work you are doing. This track “‘Tis So Sweet to Trust In Jesus”is one of my favorite of your new CD. God bless you and He will continue to guide you.

  • Gejere Andrew says:

    Without any doubt, your life and ministration through songs and praise worship has
    brought a great relief to millions of souls. Please keep it up. We also pray to God to
    spare your life and give more grace in championing the course of God’s name and His
    glory. Amen!

  • Gatesi emerance says:

    Don!i thank u 4great work u r doing.realy yr testimony touchd my heart.ooh!thank God.
    but here im,in Rwanda,i dont know how i can get yr cds,

    May our savior stay with u and yr family!

  • Mcolisi Vice Gwebu says:

    Your music is so enjoyable. We are blessed to have you in this career. May God bless you and keep you. Ma He continue to anoint you and the music you render. I am so move by your old album which is entitled” I Will Sing” – the kind of worship touched my heart.

    God bless you Sir.

  • Esperanza Parcon-Cruz says:

    Dear Don and Laura,

    Its really an answered prayer,because I will attend the inspirational concert here in London,England on August 18,2012.And I already ordered the Hymnbook with the T-shirt and you know what im gonna wear that T-shirt on the said concern.My favorite is “Tis so sweet to trust JESUS”.God’s grace to you and your family.

  • Adebowale Adebisi says:

    God bless you Don.I pray you will be part of innumerable company of angels (Hebrews 12v22b) that will sing and worship our God on the resurrection day IJN.
    Adebowale Adebisi.

  • Austec says:

    I love you and God bless you for torching my life everyday with you music.

  • lanjo fopa alex says:

    My soul glorifies the Lord each time i listen to ur music Don. It fills me with joy and hope being a citizen the glorious Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. See u there Moen. May the blessings of the Lord never 4sake and keep flourishing 2 the sky limit.

  • Dison says:

    Thaxx for the good work you doing for the Kingdom. We love yo music. Always inspired by you. May God bless u. Pretoria, South africa

  • Kerwin says:

    Hi Don,

    I’m Kerwin from the Cebu, Philippines…I just want say that I am so inspired by your music.
    More Power & God bless!

  • zakaria says:

    i really love and enjoy your songs because they are spirit move song fill in with annointing
    from above. more grace to your live and i pray that God will take you to another level of grace
    in Jesus name Amen.

  • My brother in god/Artist in God!!!
    I’m from Davao City Philippines.
    Over all I thank God because he give you a truly amazing gift &
    Every time I hear your worship song I’m so blessed and my family.
    I really love all your Music even the podcast & thank you for sharing
    and inspiring with Us.
    I pray for you god is always continue to blessed you and your ministries
    & god always Safe your family,,,God Blessed Us.
    Thank’s Lord!!!
    Amen & Amen.

  • Sir, am so glad to GOD for using you and your songs as a source of inspiration to my life and as a stepping stone to my work with the Lord. The best song i will sing till i am taken away from this word is”I WANT TO NOW YOU MORE”. My prayer is that GOD should despise you not in this days of your old age but continue to uphold you daily as your physical strength is falling(psalm 71) in JESUS name. AMEN.

  • I am from Gboko, Benue state. in Nigeria. remain bless.

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