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A Hope And A Future

By January 16, 2013August 11th, 201447 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbHeb 4:12  says “For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword…”  In this week’s podcast, Don talks about the importance of aligning yourself with God’s word, and saying what God says about your situation, rather than reacting in fear.  He also shares excerpts from Terry Law’s book, “The Hope Habit.”

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  • promise says:

    don’t give up no matter wat you feel, they is a God Mighty than all

  • Sanusi segun says:

    May the lord almight be, increase, motive…. You Sir. However I learnt we all need to put the word of God in to work if we rely wanna see it work in our life. Mattew 7:7. Shalom

  • MOLLY says:

    i have it the old hymens of the church i put on each night so i can sleep thank you may GOD bless you molly

  • Keba M. Fikir says:

    God Bless You!

  • Hadassah says:

    God bless u Sir, u are ano inspiration to this generation and we love you so much. May you continue to increase in wisdom, grace and fresh annointing everyday of your life in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

  • oyekan says:

    yes sir, ‘His Word is yea and amen’. May the Lord gives us the grace to understand better

  • S. Maigari says:

    The Lord b with u always.

  • Lorna S. Bat-og says:

    Dear Don,

    For me, everything is possible to a willing heart. My formula is G+F=P, God in everything + Faith within yourself = Possibility. All the best.

    Maria Lorna

  • oluwakemi orobiyi says:

    Am always glad each time i Listen to ur Song, its gives me instant peace and rest of mind. More Grease to ur elbow in Jesus name, amen.

  • Peter Kuria says:


  • kester esuzor says:

    listening to you is always inspiring and soul lifting. thank you for sharing your gift.

  • angela saeed says:

    Hi Don
    Happy 2013 may God bless you and protect you a ture follower of God.
    thank you for your podcast its so true we should think posotive insted of negative. For me God will make a way were there seems to be no way that song as seen me through life and death situations and the words are so true God does make a way for you plus Thanking God for all he does I thank him every day for all the help he gives me. May God bless you were ever you travel this year and God bless Laura and your family, I will be going to the concert in Dubai so hopefully see you then Thanks for your music and incouragement to keep going on in life
    Best wishes Angela Saeed

  • sosthene says:

    Hello!happy new year 2013,may God almight be with you for ever more.we are children of God and we are riquested to have hope and even sometime we loose.Through Jesus Christ we are children of God ,how can we live without hope instead we have given it,1cor:2,16 “we have received the mind of Christ: SOSTHENE NIYONSHUTI (national university of Rwanda ,Huye main campus)

  • blandine says:

    je la trouve très intéressant. que Dieu vous bénisse et vous utilise d’avantage pour l’édification des âmes,des coeurs et pour l’avancement de son oeuvre.

  • helencynthia says:

    Listening to your inspirational praises… Makes me feel am on an sowering EAGLE’s wings…

  • Ogunniyi Olusayo Timothy says:

    Happy New Year to you Sir! God Almighty will do a new thing in Our lives this year. Good lesson from this podcast! Stop confessing negatively, confess positively and it shall be established. God bless you Don. He will continue to make a way for you. I enjoy each episodes of the podcast. The anointing will never run dry in Jesus Name. God bless You

  • tenjoh lizette says:

    papa you are really bless

  • delia del rosario says:

    A blessed 2013 for you sir… are really GODs send for us….i got to know from a realative who sent me ur CD….fr.that time on… always blessed evrytime i play your song…there smthing on me that i cant explain…..the anointing feeling is there always…….today i discovered your podcast,,,,,thank you so much……for your inspiring so many people like me…..we are blessed listening to you,,,,,may god bless u always so u can continue what u have started………Trully GOd will make a way………really loves ds song…….thanx & gblss u…the way u bless US…….amen

    p.s. pray for my complete healing……amen

  • /od i thank you in all things i praise thy Name says:

    Wish to meet Don Moen someday

  • Solomon Donkor says:

    Everything has change. And now we need a season of success in our life.

  • Patrick Mensah says:

    Oh my God, another inspiring song from this Great Man of God. Indeed those who trust
    in the name of the Lord will never lack. Even if the situation seems impossible right now.
    If the poorest among the poor like me,a fatherless and a non resident mother living on
    benevolence of other people can go to University and currently a final year MBA student
    in Ghana,then Heb. 11:6 has been realized.
    Only God knows how your songs has blessed me in this journey of life.

  • John 11:25
    jesus said to her,i am the resurrection and the life,he who belives in me will live, even though he dies shall live again.amen

  • joey calzada says:

    all i can is, wata angelic voice

  • Hello,
    My name is Alfred and i will like take you as my friend

  • A hope and features is from God only

  • Emmanuel Oparah says:

    Don,you are my role model. without mincing words,you are the best worship leader the world has known. you are a household name in Nigeria,you could see how happy we in Nigeria were seeing you at Lagos experience. i hope to see u one on one because it has been my desire. keep being humble. when God blesses me i would be able to bring you to our church to bless us. pls do me this favour- remix the following songs and put them in one album- halleluia to the Lamb,Jesus we enthrone You,shout to the Lord,by His wound we are healed,trust in the Lord with all your heart, cast ur burden upon the Lord,my heart my desire is to see the nations worship,trade your heavy heart,You are the One that i love. God bless u

  • Emmanuel Oparah says:

    Don,you are indeed an inspiration. You are my role model and am proud of u. Without mincing words,you are the best worship leader the world has ever know.Your humilty is something to write home about. Your songs in Nigeria have encouraged so many and have brought many to Jesus. You are a household name in Nigeria,you can see how happy Nigerian were seeing you at the experience concert in Lagos. I wish i had what it takes presently to bring you to our church,but i believe when God has blessed me i would definately be able to bring uyou to bless us. I feel joy whenever i listen to your songs. Sir pls grant me this favour,see how you can put the following songs in one album- by His stripes we are healed, trust in the Lord with all your heart, halleluia to the Lamb,shout to the Lord,You are the one i love,God will make a way,You are the Lord that healeth me,The Lamb that was slain,My heart and my desire. God bless you sir and continue to bless your wife Laura and children.I wish you all the best.

  • Lourdes says:

    Enter your comments here…you are my role model,,best worship leader i never know,,,u inspiring me,,,i am bless to hear your songs…god be with us

  • jess says:

    Good day!

    Can i link this to a page below. ..

    Thank you and God bless us.


  • chang says:

    Praise God for your life! Your love and dedication to
    God’s work really inspired many. May God always bless
    you and keep you. More inspiring songs to come
    and thank God for all the messages and podcasts you
    shared. 🙂

  • JoChang says:

    My hope and my future only depends on you God!

  • Adajesus says:

    May God continue 2 bless u Don in Jesus name amen. Have a GLORIOUS YEAR AHEAD.

  • stephen says:

    The faith told us that He is with us till the end of time. “So shall it be”

  • akinola oluwafemi says:

    daddy u are more dan a million sir u re bles

  • It is a privilege and honour for me to write to you via this medium. You have been such a great blessing to me through your music. Listening to your podcast now shows that you are more than Just a musician. I bless the Lord for your life and I pray that the good Lord will continue to use you to bless us. You are indeed a role model and your songs are really inspirational. God bless. God bless your family. God bless your ministry.

  • Tessie Samuel says:

    I am bless by the word of God


    i bless u LORD for the gift of life,i also thank u for the beauty and favour of this new day

  • May rosy nang says:

    Hello,grandpa Don,I pray to God.Wish to see u.God bless u .Amen.

  • Eyituoyo Oboh says:

    I belive Gods word is sharper than any two edge sword and his wards concerning my life is yes and amen. my life is in Jehovah’s hand. He will bring to pass all his promises concerning my life Amen.

  • Nneli Cliff says:

    Sir,the totality of everything is hope Hope is the engine of every living thing.The moment hope fail,death will knock at the door.That we sleep and have the next day is hope.Keep hope alive.

  • Olabode Opeyemi Emmanuel says:

    Thank you sir for giving yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ for use. May God bless you.
    I live very close to the venue of your ministration here in the city of Ibadan(Nigeria).
    I listened to this work but I have problem downloading it. Thank you very much sir.

  • Philip Simon says:

    I thank God for his words he gave me..I was in a problem that I thought God has abandoned me,I thought God has taken his plans from me but when I heard his words I believe he still loves me nd still have good plans for me all I need to do is to believe nd have hope in him and do what pleases him always.

  • A person essentially assist to make critically posts I might state. This is the very first time I frequented your web page and up to now? I amazed with the research you made to make this particular post incredible. Excellent activity!

  • pastor joseph banza says:

    i blessed the for what he did in my life the last year 2012. so many thinks hapened to m4yy life i was desesperat in all , my family far from me , no possibility to feed them beaucau o of of the truth by the work of god , i was stil thinking for the future no ! hope because of what 4 hapen to my without any think rong but i stil living faith and one day , the mightspirit pushing me to listen christian music , i search for donmoen youtube : i mensions , i will sing specialy : lord it ‘s so had for me million of miles ! for sho this song stating work in my soul i soul bcause it was very hard for me even to pray , i expected the power of GOD in cleaning the the whole my body spiritualy and hope came to me the holyghost filling me till to day the lord restoring me by just listiningholy songs like this by hes servant don moen , brieffly : songs there is power for the presence of the lord jesus-christ. god bless u the whole world christian and still partener’s this power gift from god to witch is men of god minister don moen and god is not far from you in any situation , god bless you pastor joseph banza .

  • imbey raymond says:

    this verse prov 11:24

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