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Hope Through Scars

By December 22, 2012August 11th, 201432 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbAll of us have scars from being wounded; some you can see and some you can’t.  God can use those scars as a reminder of His grace.  In this week’s podcast, Don shares a touching story of hope about an abandoned orphan.

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  • Rocky says:

    Great podcast Merry Christmas and God Bless!!

  • Henry says:

    Thanks for this piece. It is yet a reminder of God’s goodness even in my pains

  • mike says:

    Christ is the reason for this season.God bless u Don.

  • Diana says:

    I Am always blessed by your music.what is your secret sir.

    • rey padilla says:

      hi maam. my secret. is psalm 91. trust in GOD alone prayer with humility in the heart, self decipline in life. and with self denail daily in consistence basis. and be carefull to much in decision making in life through GOD words alway. and proper inquiry to GOd perfect will and to loved his ways and procedure in life also. prov.3.=1=5. one of my favorite prov. maam. my prayer life is one of most help to me maam in life. i knowledge ptr. john piper is the man of GOd used by GOD that my prayer life was opan maam. in his preach about through fasting that acceptable in GOD. i need help in prayer maan to all your contragation their in the in the areas of praying for chruches for worldwide revival maan. GOD given ministry in my life in the fullfillment of rev.cap.1=5. asian minor chruches is symbolized to all chruches in the world which are true. i ask your help bec. i believe all of has part to this to ministry. to GOD to the GLory alone. im REY PADilla. here in aklan, bangan. i considered myself one of the weak christian in history. St. pual said when weak, im strong. our is my one LIFE and STRENGTH and my inmost JOY. hoping maam even i little bit. GOD will bless you throuhg me. thanK GOD for his loved to us. merry christmas. BRO. REY padilla po. philippines. im praying for revival for about 5years. my solid ground is christ alone. gal.2.20. nehemiah life in old testatent. and in chronicle.7.14. im my people will humble themselve and pray then i help them to your their wicked ways. then healing is the next results. theirs a procedure to this maam. and at the time not in hurry bec. in GOD time it will be done. in the JESUS name only.

    • Charles says:

      Dear sir. I want to know about you and how you made it to where the lord has brought and you knew God has called you and how you encountered the lord. GOD BLESS

  • Phoenix moen says:

    Thank God for the wonderful inspiration, sir thank you because your word indeed have touched MI CORAZON.

    • reypadilla says:

      thanks. when i read your reply maam. tear fall in my eyes bec. im completely not worthy to it maam. thank GOD maam to all of you also theirs in ur place. throughly maan i learn to loved most with my life and really maan willing to died for JESUS and for life eternal maam. i remenber in the bible the GREatest loved is to died for a friend and it JEsus our LOVING savior maam. this is all BY GOD GRACE maam. even i work hard for this maam but NOT I by but THE GRACE oF GOD that lived in me. im only a less steward of this. maan. i really learn the meaning and value of true and real humility in GOD. washing of desciples feet is my foundation to this maam. JESUS wash my feet also maan. merry christmas to all. pls. in me your prayer life. especial finding a partner in christ. to GOD BE THE GLORY ALONE. in the name JESUS. bro. REY PADILLA.

  • Upor Dan says:

    go0od one Don MOen. great thought

  • bharath says:

    Thankyou so much sir, for your podcasts. It refreshs me with fresh hope,courage and strength in jesus name.I Wish you and your family a very happy and special christmas from India.Eagerly waiting for your tour in India.

  • Emmanuel Eyimoga (Nigeria) says:

    Don! I bless God for you. You’ve changed and changing lives. I’m one of such.

  • Myra Liwanag says:

    Very timely for me … Good way to reflect and organize our thoughts .Thanks God for this wonderful message of Hope,faith and Gods love in this Christmas season… Have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year to each and every one of us

  • TESSY NJOKI says:


  • GRACE Ugege says:

    God bless you Don. this peice is so timeous. it strengthens my faith in God as it reminds me o Gods Grace. I bless God for your life. the best of the season is yours in Jesus Name. Amen

  • Ogunniyi Olusayo Timothy says:

    Honestly, ‘am blessed by each episode of the Podcast. God Almighty will continue to be with you, your family and your ministry. God bless you Sir.

  • Ebah Godspower says:

    Don is always an inspiration to me. When’re I listen to your songs I am left with no choice but to learn to seek and trust God in sincerity and in truth and that’s what I look forward to doing every day. God bless you Don.

  • Eugene says:

    Mr Don! Each time i hear your song or I remember anything relating to You, I pray in my heart that God will take me places doing great exploits for Him. I’m a singer with no vocal training or choir practice & so, i get worried at times. But there’s one thing i know! The Holy Spirit who placed those powerful songs in your mouth will also do the same to me.

  • martinia says:

    Jésus is all my life

  • sosthene says:

    Hello DON MOEN!You are blessing and you will be.i love to listern to your songs bcz they complettly changed my life.and i am asking you if you could send your newst ones to this e-mail and may our Lord Jesus Christ be with you for ever more

    A year of full of achievement in all

  • Abuo, Christian Regina says:

    I really enjoyed your presence in the EXPERIENCE program organized in Lagos Nigeria. I pray God to increase you from strength to strength in Jesus name. You are truly blessed.

  • Joy Ezemah says:

    I thank God for your life. Your praise and worship songs has won many lost souls to Christ. More grace Don. God bless you in Jesus name, Amen.

  • Donny David says:

    Bro Don,
    Your story is very touchy and I am totally emotional.
    May our loving God continue to Bless you with Protection and Grace as you touch many more souls. Gob bless you and your family and keep you safe for ever and ever.
    Your worship song brings healing to the broken heart and this gift grafted in you may it be a source of healing to millions of soul who thirst for HIS love.

  • suemaima says:

    thank god for being a blessing to me.amen!

  • Am bless by your music sir, may God continue to give you more wisdom

  • thank you don for the news and saving words byou send through your songs to many souls. I pray to God almighty to strengthen you and your family so that the work will grow bigger.

  • stephen says:

    it is indeed God grsces which is sufficient in you life thats heals many…………………………………… A call might not have a worldly price but surely an eternal rewared……….God bless you

  • isaac yusuf from Nigeria says:

    My hope has revived again.Thank you Jesus. I tap into your anointing sir may God
    bless you always.

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