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The Goodness Of God

By December 13, 2012August 11th, 201456 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbHave you ever taken time to look back at people that have influenced what we are doing today?  It could be a family member, a friend or maybe a teacher.  In this week’s podcast, Don talks about a friend who had a great influence on him and also shares a personal story about his son’s marriage.

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  • Edomwonyi Emmanuel Osarumwense says:

    Would love to read this story

  • bouba says:

    pray to God for my situation too


  • ajibola adeyemo says:

    I just want to more closer to GOD

  • esther says:

    God will bless you sir, you will continue to be a blessing to this generation. Once again thank you

  • obinna says:

    Very inspiring message I love It

  • Anthony Snow says:

    God bless you the more man of God I am so bless by your songs

  • Caroline says:

    Enter your comments here…thank so much i want to hear the story

  • Chidiebere says:

    You are an inspiration to a great many people myself inclusive. You make me always want to say God I bless your name. Would love to read the story. Thank you and may God continue to empower and bless you.

  • johnjim says:

    God bless u sir! U’re a blessing to your world

  • collins ita says:

    I never forgot when u came to calabar stadium last december,seing u in person;change my persons also entirely.may u live forever.

  • Rebecca says:

    U’re really and indeed a blessing a blessing to dis generation,every time I listen to ur songs,I feel a
    more refreshing f d holyspirit…Lord I’m lost without u.I pray in the name f Jesus dt d anointing and oil f God
    F God ova u won’t run dry.amen

  • Renbecca says:

    Sir.I would like to read the story….

  • lily says:

    I just wanted to say how much of a blessing you have been to me, being a part time mother I carry my iPad from room to room with you singing on you tube. The songs are so powerful, my favourite one is “God will make a way”, I have seen it time and time again and whenproblems arise I purposefully choose that song. My prayer for you is that you will continue to be anointed to sing and play and always put God first no matter what. May your life may impact people more now than ever before and may God give you all the wisdom that you will need.

  • Janet says:

    God bless you sir. I’m so excited seen you ministering at our congress (RCCG) yesterday
    in Nigeria. The Lord will continue to bless and anoint you richly in Jesus name. I will
    also like to read about the story. Thanks.

  • ChESTERMAN says:

    Thats was good God bless.

  • CHESTERMAN says:


  • adetunjioluwatoyinprecious says:

    rily tnk GOD 4 ur life..u’v bn a salt 2 d world …pray u & ur family all of us will surely make JESUS NAME,AMEN.

  • remi says:

    You have really been a blessingg to me.nice seeing u during the rccg congress.d lord will honour u sir

  • fredrick juma odhiambo says:

    wow iam blessed and greatfull for you don may live blow more than 100 candles be blessed



  • Elias mwambila says:

    ooh! Don I love you and your songs very much especially “Give thanks” l have been tried play your songs chords in piano,l feel peace.God bless you and your ministry.

  • angela saeeda says:

    Hi Don,Laura ,and Family
    Thank you once again for your music and pod cast . I would like to wish you and your family a merry christmas and a Happy new year may God bless you Don Moen and keep you safe I am off to the united Kingdom for christmas so I bought some of your DVDS with me as gifts which is a great gift for some one lonely or hurting as your music speaks to my heart when Im in need of help I carnt say which my best ever Don Moen song is because they are all great but there are 2 of your songs that have saved my life this year, God will make a way and I am the God that healeth thee. A big Thank you I will be praying for you and asking God to bless you with good health and prospure you through 2013 when it begins.
    God bless you a true man of worship
    Angela Saeed Dubai

  • eyitayo says:

    its always nice to listen to you.i’m a nigerian but i avn’t had the oppertunity of meeting you,i hope i do soon…u’r a blessing to ds generation


    Hello DON MOEN am some one who has loved each and every song you have sang, your songs are so inspiring and you give me hope in you music. i pray that GOD WILL KEEP you safe for the universe needs you more than GOD does coz you are doing his work and may you have a sweet, blessed merry x-mass and a happy new 2013. you and you family. GOD bless you and you family.

  • Priscille says:

    i like your inspired songs may God bless you!

  • Geisa says:

    Hi Don,
    Thank you for sharing about your son Jon wedding and how you claim his wife as a daughter in law. Well I do have two sons Jonathan 16 years old,he is a Christian and a lovely boy with outstanding gift of music ha plays Trumpet grade 8 and piano grade 7.

  • Geisa says:

    Hi Don,
    As I was sharing I am praying the right girls for my sons Jonathan and Philip..Philip is 13 almost 14 years old and musician too plays the Trombone,saxophone and guitar but he hasn’t decided to baptise yet as we are waiting for him to decide in his time. He has accept the Lord as a Savoir but hasn’t taken the step to want to baptise yet,so we are praying for that too.
    Jonathan loves to listen to your music and has a dream to play with you one day maybe when you come to England .We are in the South of England / Hampshire . So if you come this way give us a message on my email and we will take him to play with you or if you down this way why not come and visit us! Would be a honour to have you with us at our home.
    God Bless you this Christmas and Happy New Year! I will be working Christmas and New Year Nursing people at the Nursing Home near home.

  • Olamilekan says:

    Hi Don, you are indeed a blessing to this generation of ours. I always get inspired whenever i listen to your musics especially ‘I will be Still’ and ‘Give thanks’. I pray that the Lord uses you more and more for the harvest of souls into His kingdom through your music. Stay Blessed!

  • sosthene says:

    I Sosthene love are a blessing and i hope i will see you face by face!God be with you for ever more

  • sosthene says:

    i am a Rwandan.for i my self i have been imfluenced by your songs full of hope and mercy we recieved from our Lord Jesus and i believe eternal life.may God speak to you more……………………………………………………

  • i love don his music God bless though his music God for don god bless u don

  • Audry Clovis says:

    i am Burundian and i hope u will come to visit us as our brother in CHRIST

  • kennedy christopher says:

    For more than 10 years,ur songs has ministered to me immeasureably.l appreciate u and what God is doing through u worldwide.i pray that the good Lord crown u with grater inspiration and utterances,i love u

  • Leena says:


    Is there any way to read it other than hear..coz i dont see a link to download a PDF…

  • olivia from uganda says:

    Am speechless for Don his songs move me a lot

  • Adugyamfi samuel says:

    marry christmas and happy new year,thank you for given me what i want through your music may the lord bless you and your family thank you once again

  • Solomon Donkor says:

    Mr DonMoen i want to assure you that our God Elshadai is the answer of everything.

  • Juliet Abiagom says:

    I love you Don, your music inspires me to bask in God’s love. Thank you

  • Juliet Abiagom Nigeria says:

    God bless, guide and protect you and yours always. Thank you for answering the call to service

  • John Efenudu Omovere says:

    you are an inspiration world leading gospel artist, you ve really imparted to my life with your power songs

  • OYEBISI PAUL says:


  • christine says:

    If u are expecting a miracle from God wat r d proper sacrifices to offer

  • Tony Nicholas says:

    I really love your insprational songs Mr Don. I pray that may you be blessed by the power and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    I’ll love to receive your songs, new and old in my email

  • victor says:

    Eve sir, u re a legend to our generation nd ur offspring yet to come, sir time will nt parmet me to explain my gratitude to u bt may d good LORD dat started it in ur life finish it wht so ever ur desire is GOD will met u at ur point of need, u made my day sweet by listing to ur collections u re BLESS.

  • Adajesus says:

    U ve always been a blessing 2 many including me. I just wanna say thank u & may de ALMIGHTY GOD of PEACE & LOVE continue 2 fill ur spirit,mind & body wt all U deserve in JESUS Mighty Name, Amennnnnnnn. I love Sir God bless u real good.

  • suemaima says:

    thank you for being a blessing to me

  • suemaima says:

    Thank you for being a blessing to me,l pray and hope to see you one day in Papua new guinea

  • suemaima says:

    Thank god for being a blessing to me.amen

  • lola says:

    Don Moen,Sir!your music is really from heaven,it always flow with the anointing,thanks for giving yourself to God

  • Stephen says:

    Indeed our Lord is just too good that we cant quantify.
    It is even when we think He has forsaken us tha His love embrasses us deeply.
    Oh Lord i testify your goodness

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