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The Edge: Part 1

By April 18, 2013August 11th, 201437 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbPsalm 27:4 says: “One thing I have desired of the Lord, that will I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple.”  As a young boy, this was Don’s first scripture to underline in his Bible.  How do we make this our one desire?  In this week’s podcast, Don shares how to be on the cutting edge of what God is doing.  You don’t want to miss it!

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  • James bunya says:

    May the good LORD send his holy spirit for guidance., amen.

  • Muloongo Mooya says:

    Am always uplifted with Don’s musick,looking foward to have in zambia.

  • elejogun paul oluwatobi says:

    Pastor Don, u’ve always been a great source of inspiration to my spiritual life… Love you..!

  • RUTH KOMU says:

    Ur music is wooh!

  • Agboola Paul says:

    Staying in God’s presence wil keep one goin

  • vnancy says:

    Pastor dom u are simply the best,may the lord continue to strengthen u more and more.

  • Tosin Okegbola says:

    Thank God for this privilege He’s given me in making a comment on this. Sir, it’s also my desire as king David put it to dwell in God’s house forever, beholding His beauty and enquiring of Him… The problem, however, is that we have so many issues to settle in our hearts and we have to work to earn a living and so on. All these matters occupy one’s heart that when one fellowships with the Holy Spirit one tends to do more of asking for his needs than seeking to know More of Him. Sir, how can one overcome this challenge?

    • BroRogers says:

      Fellowship with the Holy Spirit involves His Presence. Knowing that He is omnipresent will help you relate with Him in the office, car, market and where ever you are. Also knowing that He will never leave you, even when you disappoint Him (Jn 14:16, Heb 13:5) makes you assured that He is always with you. His fellowship also involves sharing. Share your thoughts with Him, your decisions, questions, time, company, everything. Let Him take part in every aspect of your life. Talk to Him. Tell Him to walk with you. Invite Him to participate. Shower Him with love. Ask Him to teach you, especially what the scripture means because He is the author. Trust Him. Carry His Presence with you. Your life will never remain the same

    • james mathew says:

      david the man after gods own heart was one who brooded over god given thoughts and loved to look towards the worship place from his heart whether from his palace bed lookin out over ther tabernacle services in the distance or when in exile or fleeing from absalom his prayers were desperate passionate cries to god for help in time of need always concious of the need and purpose god had upon his life to be a living tabernacle…

      • James Onyegesi says:

        I am really want one particular track of your in my phone i have tried getting it but i
        could not. the tract name is Hiding place and another one em’ Lead me through the
        night. i love those songs.

  • temola mojisola says:

    gud source of inspiration

  • Ganiyu Ogunleye says:

    Sir,u r such a source of divine inspiration God as given d world!

  • Harriet katonkola says:

    I always get move by your praise and worship songs..I realy like ur music.i cant wait to see you in zambia.May God continue blessing you…

  • kouakou therese says:

    j’aimerais passer mes journées a ecouter rien que don moen

  • Abiodun Sunday Emmanuel says:

    I love U sooooo much Don Moen, word of inspiration, songs of praise & ur motivational word was whaooooo. Its splendid. Thanks so much for nourished my soul, God bless you.

  • Ken Mckenzie says:

    When I am low, weak, worn or tired and ministry isn’t easy it is often Don’s ministry that brings back the light and the sunshine warmth of God into the dark and cold

  • Adeniyi Adebanjo says:

    Pastor Don,you are a blessing to our generation.God bless you in Jesus name.You are welcome to Nigeria again and to house on the rock church dedication service on Sunday.

  • yulia isskylabiana angelita says:

    I love all the songs of Don Moen, all songs have inspired all those who listen to it, GOD bless Don Moen family

  • martin d basilua says:

    thank you man of God for your gospel more Almighty God inspire you more and more to poursuit in the same way.”i want to be were u are dwelling in your presence….”in your presence.God bless you.

  • Boluwaji says:

    God bless you sir

  • Caroline Nduku says:

    Don your are a blessing from above and we truly thank God for you. Looking forward to see you in Kenya soon.

  • Dare Simeon Adedayo says:

    Pastor Don, u’ve always been a great source of inspiration to my spiritual life… Love you..!

  • pelagia says:

    i love your music.God bless u.

  • OMOJESU1 says:


  • KOIKI says:

    You have remained ever fresh because your lyrics are divine and Bible rooted.
    Its my prayer that you will finish very strong.
    Love you Sir!

  • angela saeed says:

    Hi Don,Laura
    Thank you so much for your music your Lovely pod casts they are very incourageing to me and I always share them with people I know or meet and its good to share the word with others. When I play your songs I feel the presents of the Lord close to me its a great feeling I also Love I just want to be with you some times when I am realy down I will play this song and many of your other songs. I will be praying for you and Laura plus your team as you travel God bless you Pastor Don moen
    Love Angela Saeed

  • Prosper says:

    All l ask for is that God Almighty wil continue to renew your anointing and grant His grace to finish well in Jesus name, Amen

  • joel mbano says:

    be prospered in the name of our lord bJESUS christ.

  • Isaiah Gbenga says:

    thanks to God Almighty

  • Brother Denys says:

    Keep it up bi brother.We the children of the kingdom are so proud of you as we undoubted know our Master too is.God Bless you.

  • Shagbaor Gafah says:

    Sir, you’ve received something from above. Our Joy would be that you, by the help of God, will raise another Don Moen who will light and bless the next generation. God bless you Pst. Don. Thanks for you’re visits to our country Nigeria. you’re like the moon: even though single, it shines and it’s shared by the whole world. There’re many Christian singers, but you’re a Christian singer, not bcos of style or sound of voice, but I believe, bcos of the presence of God that you carry, and the desire to learn and become like Him in all things. And I think and believe that this is not limited to the singing ministry alone, but to every aspect of a Christian’s life and ministry. God Bless you for letting down your life to be a blessing to this generation.

  • innocent says:

    sir am really touched with ur words. GOD GRANT U GRACE

  • Zheng li ying says:

    I like obey REV Don Moen praise only for HI’M song, GOD will bless and greatly to make use you! Amen.

  • Michael says:

    MAN OF GOD! I love u along the side of Papa God.for this God made u,u me alot to me.we shall shake our hands heavens,bcose there i will have a perfect gift that i can real give u and say yes hav gave u a gift.”
    to me life now is like “when it all been said and done”.ur a u much

  • Valestine N Mbwambo says:

    Your heart of worship always brings me close to God.I have downloaded all the messages starting from the oldest to the new ones and I listen to them every morning on my bed when I wake up and every evening on my bed till I fall asleep and what amazing is that everyday I get a new message from the very same message I read everyday.
    God Bless you Reverent.I have known and loved you ever since I was young,very young till now am 29 approaching 30 years of age and since then I have been blessed by your songs and teachings. May knowing this motivates you to reach more people than ever.
    I love you,
    Always in my prayers
    Bless you

  • Shyam says:

    If God can create a lovely person like Don moen and his team to lead us and proceed in faith.. How beautiful God himself will be.. – Simply we cannot understand him but rest in his loves love the faith and built the faith as how he had placed in a smallest mustrad seed..

    Thank you lord..

    We give you glory

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