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The Edge: Part 2

By April 30, 2013August 11th, 201443 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbPsalm 63:1 says “O God, you are my God; I earnestly search for you. My soul thirsts for you; my whole body longs for you in this parched and weary land where there is no water.” In Part 1, we talked about the fact that worship is more than the songs we sing.  Worship does not necessarily equal music, and music does not necessarily equal worship.  God has more for each of us, but we must be willing to step out in faith and trust him.  In this week’s podcast, Don finishes his 2-part series titled “The Edge” and shares what it means to live on the edge of what God is doing.  This is a must-listen for worship leaders!

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  • jenniffer wamboi says:

    i really like your songs,expecially i will sing.i really feel holy in my heart and start praying to God.thenx alot,cos you are blessed to us

  • ijeoma cynthia ifeanyi says:

    It just wonderful I’m ‎​A̶̲̥̅♏ fully inspired!

  • Lwin May Thein says:

    really like your songs and touched my heart.And closer to God.

  • Tankwah Miriam Joy says:

    I love Don Moen, His songs!!!!!!!wow God bless u

    • Madlene.igo-naime says:

      Thank you for the for the beautiful songs, truly you are blessed by god. All your songs are very touching..keep up the good work of god… Jesus lives forever!! Amen..

  • Kani says:

    I do enjoy listening to your music ans songs. It gets me near to God and makes me feel the sweetness of the Holy Spirit. May God richly bless you so you touch the reality of the real Holy Spirit.

  • irene m mumbi says:

    I really love your songs.You have been a blessing in my christian life.May God continue blessing you and your family

  • silva kokong says:

    so awesome… i’m blessed

  • Ogunniyi Olusayo says:

    Thank God for this understanding! We bless your name Lord. God bless you Don for releasing yourself to be an instrument that the Lord is using for this generation. God bless you.

  • Luganda J B. says:

    Brother. May almight GOD Bless you in JESUS NAME. I love this song, YOU SAID LORD continue.

  • Lucid says:

    thank you Don for allowing God to use you in a mighty way ”keep on loving GOD” and he will reveal to you the secrets of heaven -God bless you

  • Daniel kairu says:

    U r a blessing 2 many, may God bless u, wen will u visit kenya??

  • I so much love all your Songs, I believe there is MORE… Thanks U so Much

  • Stephen grace oladejo says:

    I always bless d name of God for a worship leader like u , d grace dat keeps u alive 4 us will lead us to eternity.

  • Opasola Iyanuoluwa says:

    God bless you Don Moen, May you continue to be a blessing to our World!

  • Thank you for your beautiful inspiring music…. Jesus lives forever!!

  • Tembo muroiwa says:

    So blessed and encouraged through your songs

  • sarah says:

    Don moen is an inspiring worshipper and I will always remain blessed by his songs. His songs makes me worship in spirit and in truth.

  • mary ejiofor says:

    Thank you,don moen,for what God has been doing through you I’m grateful God bless you

  • Christiana says:

    Each time listen to your song it brings me closer to God, thank you sir for been a blessing to many souls

  • Joanne says:

    I praise God for using you and your music to touch the hearts and souls of this hurting world. May His Name be glorified at all times through your worship

  • opheliakwaw says:

    God richly bless you Don for,your inspiring song

  • opheliakwaw says:

    God richly bless you Don,for your inspiring songs

  • Dalen Malek says:

    Honestly I love all your songs Don,You’re s great worshipper and the way u sing I feel the Holy Spirit lead me closer to the Lord, God Bless you and your family!!

  • winta says:

    Waw may the lord Jesus bless you brother i love your songs its really bless me and get start to pray us u say we believe there is more blessings hope one day as Gods will u will come to Uganda and warship with us God bless you love you in Jesus name

  • Prince Alan says:

    i love this song, thanked God !

  • Stanley says:

    this is mind blowing.Thanks for being a blessing to me

  • Leonard Mwasegile says:

    You are a blessing in my life and in my family. real love you so much DON. may GOD BLESS YOU SO MUCH

  • Excel Vincent Dumo says:

    don, u’re really a GOD sent this our generatn making us to closer to GOD through ur inspirational musics.. GOD bless u real good.

  • angela saeed says:

    Hi Don,Laura
    Thank you so much for your songs they have helped me so much to walk with God and to get close to him. What a interesting pod cast its so true we get stuck in the same life style with out taking chances I Love asking God to give me challenges in life and having the feeling of jesus with me leading me the way. great song Don God bless you and your team praying for you.
    God bless Love Angela

  • Solomon Donkor says:

    Mr DonMoen by God grace i am still alife, And i really know we shall meet one day. Thankyou.

  • Mr Don Moen,thankyou for coming to Lusaka,Zambia,i really enjoy your music and hope to meet you one day

    • enock phiri says:

      Don, thanks for the time of worship and communion with the Lord at Woodlands Stadium, in Lusaka, Zambia. It was wonderful time with the Lord and your team. May Gods showers of blessings shower you in all the days of your life as you reach to the world with the Gospel of the lord. Enock, Zambia.

  • may God bless you with more revelation to praise moved with every song of yours

  • Sallam says:

    Thank you,Don Moen,for what God has been doing through you I’m grateful God bless you

  • sosthene says:

    our God is able and loves us than any one else .if any one is thirsty let him come on in yeah
    if you drink the living water you will never thirsty again………………………
    we have been bought great price

  • DAVID ACQUAH says:

    I really like your songs may u contineou serving God .

  • bikom bi atangana clarisse says:


  • Shyam says:

    I reside in India.. Two weeks ago – The Styles of music was changed in my church.. But I Disliked it.. I went to an extent of stop playing for God.. Woww….. what can I say.. what message this is.. its a like god spoke to me thro this message and said.. that he needs me for every thing and any thing more than my thinking.. and What matters is Worship and his love and not the music itself..

    Thanks Don.. What a gift you and your team has from god..

    I Pray that you continue well..

  • Barbara says:

    I have always enjoyed playing Integrity music in our church. I loved your song and the story behind “God Will Make a Way.” My friend took us to an Integrity concert in Indianapolis one year. I drew out a number from the fish bowl and won a cruise with Princess cruise lines with you and Jack Hayford 1996?? and met you for the first time; You were so gracious. There was something so very sincere in the spirit behind your voice. As I’m writing my mind goes to the Prov 31 woman who is talked about “excelling them all” that is how I perceive your music. Not because you are necessarily the greatest singer, but you are gifted… but because you obviously uphold the Name of the Lord as higher in your life and in your work than any other name. I sense that everything you do is bathed in prayer and worship. It comes out in the spirit behind your voice. Every time I hear one of your concerts, I never fail to be moved in my spirit to be uplifted and encouraged by HIS spirit.

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