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Mother’s Day Special

By May 11, 2013August 11th, 201441 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbMany of us would not be here today had someone not been praying on our behalf. Was it your father, mother, sister, brother or friend?  In this week’s podcast Don honors mothers, thanking them for praying without ceasing, and features the song, “Somebody’s Praying For Me.”  I encourage you to share this podcast with someone you know who’s been praying for you.

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  • Bornface luhanga says:

    Thank u don 4 dis message.thru dis message i hv relisy dat wit my mother wo alwyz pray 4 us i would nt b around ryt nw.

  • Salibel Basco says:

    thanks with the beautiful song somebody praying for me.

  • Bornface luhanga says:

    i thank u God,my mother wo alwys pray 4 me nd u don moen thank u 4 dis message

  • Pam Mayer says:

    Thanks from a Mom to two teenagers in Minnesota!

  • Prince Isaac says:

    there is always love wen u liv in a hapi home.
    I commend ur efort 2 bring me in remembrance of my mum.
    I can say 2 my mother,
    u are my lover in dis world.
    Thank u

  • Jean Michel Kakobe Honda says:

    Just confirme that God is good all the time really

  • I thank you God, my mother who alaways pray for me and you Don Moen…thanks from a Mom to two children in Brazil!

  • francisca okere says:

    Thanks for this message nd also thanks for dis wonderful remembrance of mothers I love u mum

  • Don, I have teary eyes as I listened to this song “Somebody’s Praying For Me.” I am touch, It really touches my heart I can feel the anointing and the power in this song. As I listened, I can see how my husband knocked heaven’s door for me and his children here on earth, for he passed away already last April 5, 2006.. Thank you so much….. I am praying that the Lord will give you long years to live and be used for Him to be glorified. I praise God and give HIM glory!

  • God bless you, your family and your ministry DON.

  • victor chawinga says:

    My young son asked me : Dad why when we pray we don’t mention that God be with our grandmothe
    r because on her life with us she never forgot to state your name in prayers, Since you left to south aff
    Rica up to january this year of 2013. Then I looked down and realise my mother never forget me .Ever
    My children knows.

  • Omotayo Badmus says:

    Thank you for ur healing song.


    Though my mum’s not alive, I thank God she left a good character I am sure to follow.Amen. Thanks Don Moen

  • Princess Favour Nkechi Peter says:

    I’m so much blessed Don for this wonderful music ministration and the dedication to Mothers, I’m blessed in deed. My mother have never ceased praying for me, even when she had stroke and it affected her speech yet she will still hold my hands and mutter some words of prayers for me (but now she’s completely healed by God). I thank all my sisters and brothers, friends and my heart throb for always praying for me, I love them all.

  • Mary Cristy Degay says:

    I realized it, now I knew it. Thank you so much Sir in this heart touching music of yours.
    I might have been lost a thousand times, but then here I end up knowing that there were always been somebody around who have been praying for me. Though silent, but deep inside this very heart, I can feel it now…
    I have been blinded, but the prayer of someone was just a perfect light…
    Happy mothers day to every mothers, who loved and cared so much.

  • Priscilla Evangeline says:

    My mum prays for me every day, that i still do not know sometimes.
    If i tell her i got this job she immediately says I’d been praying for you.
    Even when I’m away from her she prays for me without ceasing. And now
    i pray for her every day. And not only that i pray every day for her,
    i pray for you and the ministry that you do. I pray God to bless your ministry and
    your family. God bless you Don Moen.

  • David Akinbobola says:

    I thank God for my mum and for her prayers.. And I celebrate her
    I also thank God for Don Moen, you are wonderful with God’s word. Love you

  • Leke Adegbite says:

    I give thank to God for your life and ministry Don. May you forever be useful and relevant to His kingdom in Jesus name. Amen.

  • angela saeed says:

    Hi Don,Laura
    what a Lovely pod cast a good tribute to all of us mums out there I Love the way you respect people Don its hard to find these days. Yes you brought a tear to my eyes Loved the story of you and Laura too god bless you and your family and ministry plus that heart felt song some one is praying for me I can feel gods presents when I sing this song. May god bless you and keep you safe always Thank you for your music and prayers and encouragement in faith God is Good all the time
    praying for you always
    love Angela

  • Thank you Don for the inspiring worship songs.

  • Thank you Don Moen for your inspiring worship songs

  • June says:

    Wonderful song! as always…Happy Mother’s Day to all moms in the world!

  • Asishana jessica says:

    God bless the mothers with the heart of mother.

  • Harma says:

    Thanks for this podcast Don and for the prayer as well,
    i needed to have a prayer like that.. I pray that one day i may become a mother too!
    God Bless you!!

  • i THANKS GOD,,, some one is praying for me as a hard working mother widowed,sinced i meet JESUS He never leaved me nor forsake me,,

  • jabulisa ncube says:

    you are a fantastic singer. next time you come two zimbabwe please visit Bulawayo. this is the next largest city. God realy gave you a simple worship understood by any men on the street who want two worship.

  • Blessings says:

    Awesome music, im blessed every day.

  • Dear Moen,the doors of heaven are openned to you since you are born. The messages you give
    give thru your songs show you are truely born of god. Whenever i listen to them,the holy spirit
    fills my heart with an unexplicable joy. I STRONGLY believe we gonna meet one day,even if not on this earth but in the paradise. GOD BLESS U

  • Kibra says:

    God bless you more & more Don. And may God bless them those who pray for others

  • marilyn says:

    I am happy to hear this song . . . I am so lonely ryt now. . . nobody here i can talk. . . i am sinking . the loneliness sucks. . . But because of this song I feel a difference in my heart. . .
    THank you LORD.. . thank you DON moen. 🙂

  • meivie magretha mongdong says:

    Thx Lord and thx Mr.Don Moen…i love this song, from the first time i heard it. I knew that there’s somebody who always praying for me…she’s my mom…when she prayer with tears welled up her ceeks and quivering voices…i hear, in my mom prayer, my name’s always called.
    Thx mommy, our dear Jesus always be with you with His mercy and grace. Amen!

  • Kawusu Yusuf Kabba says:

    I really luv my God, she’s a prayer warrior over my life.

  • Lydiah says:

    Such a blessing Don..

  • Bongani Sandile Zikhali says:

    Thanks Don for reminding us about someone whose always prayed for us who still do’ i Love you mom.

  • i luv d spirit of d music so much !

  • sylvia daka says:

    a mother is imprtant in life no mater what,how. where and when mothers need to be appreciated for all they have done. may God bless mothers in this world.

  • Esther M Fransman says:

    so blessed to have my 82yrs old mother with me.I know that her prayers kept me going through the years.From her mentorship I’ve learned to pray for my 4kids 24/7.Thank you Ps Don.

  • sophia joshua says:

    Dear don moen

    Thanks for the message your message and worship songs encourage us in our life.

    God bleeesss

  • JOGI says:

    sir i have been listening to your mothers day special since it was posted daily till to date and was expecting a fathers day special too which would have been a blessing too god bless

  • WISDOM says:

    MAY the lord strenghten you the more Amen

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