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Turning Fear Into Faith

By March 13, 2012August 11th, 201447 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbMany of us battle fear of some kind in our lives. In this week’s podcast, join Don Moen and his guest, Max Lucado, as they share practical ways to turn your fear into faith.

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  • James Brian says:

    First time visitor of this page. Am really so expectant to share and learn from you. Thank you for the wonderful ministry.

    • Miriam Marcelino says:

      Please pray for me to be healed with my heart disease..Praise to you Lord, help me to release from this depression I have now..

    • Miriam Marcelino says:

      Please pray for me to be healed with my heart disease..Please pray for my children help me to overcome this depression I am having now.

  • Isaac kobby asampana says:

    Woow.i love this.may the Lord God bless u and ur friends always.

  • Vuyo Mdoda says:

    I love it,thank u MOG!

  • jasper says:

    I like to be blessed… Awesome gospel music

  • Samuel richie says:

    Ur my role model..u inspire a lot wth de word of God..u heal my soul..with music..i love best musician..i love don moen

  • Robert KR says:

    God bless You…..

  • Uneze Brutus says:

    It’s very inspiring and encouraging, i am blessed by it God bless you.

  • augustine says:

    Really Inspirational…
    God bless you

  • Divine says:

    Its really inspiring, I always love your music, keep d gud work ΰя doing.

  • Hydee says:

    God bless.

  • Queen Esther says:

    God bless & keep u for us. May His presence continually be ur essence. U will not up like Gideon.

  • Mária Szirmai says:

    God bless you!
    Thank you for the fantastic services!Please pray for financial problems. I am real estate advisor, please pray that I can sell homes! THANK YOU!

  • Janet says:

    Wow this just lift my spirit up thank you so murch

  • Fozia nasir says:

    don your all songs are so good and i always heard and got comfort please must pray forme me.I needed your prayer so much

  • Duwa_fozia says:

    please must pray for me

  • Ireoluwa Emmanuel says:

    JESUS I thank YOU for the excellent spirit you’ve deposited in the life of Don moen.

  • Grace Daniel says:

    U are my mentor,I want to be like u. I want to impact my generation. Jesus is the best thing that has ever happen 2 me.

  • sk says:

    I’m going to apply this in my life. thank you . god bless.

  • aliyu haruna says:

    The only way to live a peaceful life is to overcome fear. Thanks Don, you are a mirror of God

  • Tripti Gosain says:

    I really like dis very much…d bst part z turning into fear conversation…actually i hav seen
    most of d time fear spirit actually moving in dis days…there z no specific age group. dis
    fear spirit works in r all age group whether it z teenage young age middle age or old age..
    if really we are serious about dat den definitely victory z ours..i hav hard dis conver-
    sation and song as well about fear its really amazin and impactive others… God Bless

  • Infact you are my MAN cos anytyme i listen 2 ur song it brings me a new strenght,faith,encourgmnt,power nd new relationshp with God. I really love u, God bless u 4 blessng us.

  • Eunice Dada says:

    Iam blessed. God bless you



  • Noni says:

    Am lifted, God bless you

  • Angèle-Lucie KEMAYOU says:

    You are a blessing for me coz i always listen ur song it brings me a new strenght, encourgmnt, fortify my relationshp with God. I really love u, God bless u for blessng us.
    I loV U in Jésus name.

  • nkosie says:

    thanks Mr Moen for your music, its comforting, strengthening & reviving…be blessed in Jesus name…

  • Kalpita says:

    Hey Uncle Don, thank you so much for inspiring words!!! I really thank God for u n your
    team for such beautiful worship songs… Truly Lord bless U all n your ministries!!!
    Numbers 6:24-26
    “The Lord bless you and keep you;
    the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
    the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Amen!!!

  • mary kings says:

    i couldnt believe my eyes when i saw you in kings Revival church in Dubai honestly i wanted u to sing so much but i guess God has given me a second chance to worship together with again in Dubai,i thank God so much for ur ministry you are touching peoples lives in a mighty way, your song unachattered territory makes me think how we need to thank God even in the middle of storms remembering all he has done for us..we should never forget where he has brought us from Don Moen may the lord bless you in your going out and your coming in may he protect you and your families no weapon formed against you shall prosper i love your ministry so much God bless you see you soon in Dubai..!!!!!

  • Eric mpofo says:

    Am blessed to be part of your prayer team. Your music has inspired me so much and i thank you so much…..

  • Eric Aku says:

    You increases my faith everyday, may God’s blessings be permanent in your life. amen

  • elia says:

    Thank you very much Don Moen! I’m so happy that I can listen your music here.God ble
    ss you

  • mary luke says:

    Thanks for the Podcast and sharing about turning fear into faith along with Max Lucado, also thanks for your new song. I listen to your songs very often but this is the first time I listened to one of your Podcasts.

    Your songs are very encouraging and uplifting. It has helped me in my daily life to keep moving forward in faith, knowing I can trust God in all things for strength, grace and joy in what we do daily.

    Hv been hearing that you come to Dubai so very often. Hope you would come to Kuwait and bless the people of this nation with your inspiring messages and songs. All in God’s time.

    God Bless you and may you be used mightily in your ministry.

  • angie saeed says:

    Hi Don
    Thank you for your encouraging words about fear in my life I have had a lot of fear from a child and hurt and pain and your songs have helped me alot with my faith and understanding how God loves us your song fear on your new album his a great son I wish you well and Hope you will take me up on the invite to come and visit me and my family in Dubai I met you in Abu Dhabi Hamed officers hotel the English lady I hope you remember me
    well I am praying for you and your family coming out to Dubai and for your trip to be safe and peaceful I will be going to the concert God bless you Don moen and your family and ministry and the hope faith and strengh you show to the world
    yours in christ Angela

  • Janice Renee says:

    Hi Brother Don.

    Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful and encouraging message! 🙂 In these last days, the devil is working hard to paralyse us with fear so that we cannot do much for Christ. Thank you for these words of reminder! 🙂

    P/S: Just to highlight…I think
    there is a little error near the “Audio MP3” icon. The words written there is “turning faith into fear” instead of the same main title “turning fear into faith”. The part where is shows “Turning Faith Into Fear [ 16:49 ] Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download (3311)”

  • Janice Renee says:

    Thank you for changing the little error 🙂 That was fast! 😀

  • Oma says:

    Enter your comments here…Thanks be to God Almighty for the ‘Open Doors’ to your ministry this year, will keep praying for you. God bless. ..we love you.


    you are just too wonderful for this generation…

  • victor olaluwoye says:

    other songs may crash out but Don Moen songs will continue 2 stand out. U’re my mentor.

  • losing my 2 sons aged 21 & 22 of car accident in 1998 is quite a lot of pain to me, as a mom.listening to ur songs of worship brings a lot of healing spritually and emotionally and strengthening my faith.thank GOD for bringing u to my family…

  • Dr. Agyemang Dwomog says:

    Thanks Big brother Don, you are a blessing to our generation. I thank God for given you to us

  • Samuel Ndak says:

    I’m really touched by your song. I’m glad to knw that you’re coming to Nigeria. Though
    I might not make it there but I hope you will come to my city, Kaduna in Nigeria soon.
    May God take to to greater heights in ministry and spiritually. God Bless you.

  • daniel cisuaka says:

    i’m so happy to see this, to god be glory

  • GATETE E. says:

    we love u and thanks for this am blessed

  • Oladimeji says:

    The more i think of geting closer to God the more i think of Don’s inspiring songs. Moen, your songs takes me completely off the shores of this earth into an unexplainable realm of the spirit. When it’s all been said and done, in particular, renews my conciousness about heaven on a daily basis.
    I just wish i could have a personal contact with u to feel the passion as you feel for God. Remain firm and steadfast in God. I am sure your crown is full of stars already. God is your strength.

    • Ijale James says:

      God be praised, I look forward to the day I’ll have a personal contact with you. Till then, remain uplifted Sir…