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The Power of Prayer

By March 6, 2012August 11th, 201491 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumb“What a difference a prayer can make, when it’s offered up in faith.” In this week’s podcast, Don speaks on prayer and shares a story of just how powerful it really is. God is able to do exceeding and abundantly all that we could ever ask and think. What a mighty God we serve!

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  • king kennedy says:

    don pls i lyk u very i need a prayerz in ma inbox pls!

  • Destiny says:

    You are really affecting lives. God bless you

  • Francis Ken says:


  • Shah mitei says:

    It’s true because the bible teaches us that a prayer made with a little Faith can move mountains.Remember me in your prayers that God may make a way in my life.God bless.

  • Emma says:

    God have used u in so many nation, remain blessed

  • Fari says:

    U are absolutely right!plz email me Don,luv your music + i also want tips…

  • Jelasy says:

    Prayer changes, thank u.

  • alfred ibrahim says:

    Pls help me wit my prayer request that God should me a breakthrough in my business.Thanks for all your prayers

  • Emmanuel Kiegaing says:

    Hi Brother Don,
    I have loved your new album “uncharted territory” may the lord bless it and make it an
    incredible succes. please will you ever come in cameroon ? cameroon is close to nigeria where you have been last year.
    May our migthy savior blesses you.
    Emmanuel (Douala, Cameroun).

  • sharon says:

    you are a blessing to my life.may God keep granting you wisdom to connect with us in spirit as you do now

  • Enter your comments here…prayer is the key 2 get close 2 God it is a way of communicating with God it strenthen nd improve christian in spirit bringing christian close 2 God nd help us overcome in every situation we may find ourselves

  • adetunji o adenike says:

    Enter your comments here…Thank God for your life Don. pls remember me in your prayer, am looking to God for healings. He is the Lord that Healeth me!!!!! pls inbox me tips n prayer. 10qs a lot.

  • Laura says:

    Thank you for accepting God to us you, I like the song. We will be glad to see you face to face in Rwanda. Thanks

  • victoria egbuzie says:

    dearest witout listernin to ur new song, but hope to do so soon. I tank u 4 touchin my life, prayer is d key to success. Pls pray 4 breaktru in my life. God shld give me a man who fears and aknowledge Him.

  • Adepoju titilayo says:

    Brother don I luv ur music cos it changed my life anytime i heard it it always touch my heart may God continue 2strenthen you 2 touch many lives more

  • Isaiah says:

    Your words nd songs brings life,they are filled wit inspiration.prayer is really the ultimate key,pls remember me in your prayers sir.thanx

  • olumide says:

    Hi Don, please do reply. I’ve got this issue on restitution. Heard of your ‘new’ album UNCHARTED TERRITORY and had been looking for it in stores to no avail. Then i saw it on the internet to download for free. I downloaded it free without any issues, and now know all the songs.
    But then, i read a conversation on piracy and it pricked me. So i felt to tell you. Please, forgive me, i’m so sorry sir. Sorry i used your blog medium, didn’t know how else to find you.

  • beatrice banney says:

    Daddy,we d nigerian’s loves u so much.may God almighty give u more strength

    • Carol Banjo says:

      Almighty God I am asking for your Kingdom purposes for Nigeria to come quickly,arise Oh Lord move by your Spirit upon them as a people,country,where ever they be at help and let salvation come to our families,government,and relationships. Almighty God,In Jesus healing and deliver. Thanks Almighty God,for hearing and answering our prayer.

  • ohume odion simon says:

    well, prayer is d master key. I strongly believe in prayer it has been 4 right 4rm my secondary school til now dat I’m a corper(NYSC). Tank u Jesus. I Don and every dat commented.

  • faith says:

    Thank you for this brother Don. I am struggling now and this helps me a lot. Lord, I know you are listening to my/our prayers and you have reason for everything. I will keep the faith Lord that one day you will going to heal my husband. I will continue praying for his healing for nothing is impossible with You Lord. Thank you Father.

  • princess says:

    Wow thanks don for reminding me on what prayer can do cos I almost fogot,this remind me of a problem I got last year between sept oct dat almost took my life,I was in police detetion for a crime I knw nothing abt,I lost my job and ve nt forgoting another till nw,iwas In cell for six days and then they ddesirded to take me to court then I started prayer asking God to come from his thorn and velindecate me bro don God came came down and prove dat he’s still God,bt till nw am yet to get another job,pls sir is there a way I can talk to u?

  • Highbeekay rebecca says:

    Prayer is the key to every problems in life n don u are blessing life,GOD wil strenghten u d more.

  • olugbenga Dacosta says:

    Prayer makes you one with God,it causes you to be in charge of situation tha sorround your life

  • zadok says:

    pls keep up the good work.and kindly pray for the youths of these generation to avoid fornication. and married couple to abstain from adultery.
    i need marital connection.pls vpray for me. thk u may GOD enlarge y the more. i love you.+234

  • mandhlenkosi says:

    prayer of a righteous man availeth much.may God continue to enlarge u in all territories.please brother Don can u tour zimbabwe and refresh us by your annointed u bro

  • jumoke akinola says:

    Enter your comments here…May the Lord continue to strengthen u Don.Amen

  • kon says:

    pls don, i thank you for the inspiration GOD has depisited in u, and in your songs,i enjoy them alot.pls i will be happy if i can get incontact with u.PLS DON. pray for me am verysick, i really need healing and intervention in my life, please send me a reply, thanks.

  • Sarah J says:

    Hi Don,

    Its really awesome. Amen, prayer is the only way that we could speak with our god. Also prayer is the boaster when we are weak. The Bible tells us several times how Jesus is renewing His strength through his prayer.

    Thanks to don to share this wonderful message with us.

    Take care. God bless u more. Love u lot brother. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hi Don, love your Podcasts. Prayed hard for you, Laura and the team during your last
    trip to India. Still cherish the week I spent with you and Laura at Glen’s house on St. Johns Island. Hope we can do that again very soon!

  • noah says:

    Hi Don,
    really glad anytime i listen to you. You are an inspiration to some of us. May God expand Don moen and Friends ministry. amen.

  • Falonne says:

    Thanks a lot Don for your songs and prayers it’s really helping me and building my life.may God bless you more

  • Modupe says:

    God bless you for the great work you are doing. I pray that God will continue to answer our prayers and continue to make more room for you all over the world. Prayer does indeed make a difference in our lives. The bible says” the effect fervent prayer of the righteous avails much.Shalom

  • DARBY GLORIA says:

    i rili thank GOD for u bro DON u’re rili GOD’S sent to us pls pray for GOD’s mercy n favour in my life n to odas thru me

  • Evelyne KOUASSI says:

    God bless you Don, the first time I had listened your Song on you tube, i just loved it and look foward to have one of your Album. May God continue to guide you in your ministries

  • Marcellin Yao says:

    Dear Brother,
    May the God of Abraham, always bless your ministries.
    Your song : BE GLORIFIED brings joy in heart everytime i listen it.
    My our Savior JESUS CHRIST always inspire you.

  • mika says:

    the power of prayer is very powerful, prayer can stop the hand of the lord

  • Neil Yourey says:

    Dear Don,
    I am so grateful to God for brining me close to Him and also for you being there with your worship. You make a Great difference in my life and above all the life of my 4 year old son Joel. He loves the hear and sing your song SOMEBODY’S PRAYIN FOR ME. He’s so crazy over you and loves to just hear your voice and even see the DVD of I WILL SING and THANK YOU LORD. Thank you Don and assure you of our prayers as a family for all your new ventures. God Bless you.

  • Philip says:

    Prayer is my power. Sir your words and songs is always influence my faithful life. God Bless you and your ministries…. Please pray for my family.

  • Admire says:

    May God continue to strengthen your ministry. You know praying for others builds up the body of Christ. thanking others for praying for you raises or encourages their faith that they will continue to grow spiritually. God bless you abundantly.

    • Admire says:

      Man of God can you please pray to God that he sends you to Zimbabwe to refresh us with worship music. You know what, you are my family’s and friends’ favourite international gospel musician. to me you are the only international gospel musician whose whole music i embrace fully.why? , simple- it is spiritually inspired by the Holy Spirit. God bless you.

  • angie saeed says:

    Hi Don
    I love that song some one is praying for me its very true if you have lots of people pray for you the power of prayer is the most powerful thing on earth Gods power is great I am praying for you as you get ready to come to Dubai were I live and i will be going to your concert as your songs just keep me filled with Gods love for us may god bless you and keep you safe Amen God will make a way were they seems to be no way.
    yours in christ Angie

  • sunday says:

    Daddy pls add me in ur prayer i need God direction.

  • Reya says:

    Somebodys’s praying for me is a very meaningful song, really loved dat song and it made me realise about how many ppl had prayed for me. And i really wanna thank evry1 who prayed for me.. God bless ur ministry, Don. I pray dat God will bless ur ministry abundantly.. God bless you

  • jemimah says:

    As the the Bible says, we should ‘pray without ceasing’ and i am very happy with the encouragement that Don is giving us. I say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who’s been praying for me. God bless you all.

  • Okpane stephen says:

    Prayer is an act of communication, sending requests and reconciling with God. Sir i may not be with u but i know u’re praying 4 me nd i believe it is done in Jesus name Amen.

  • BENON says:

    I really thank God for you gift of worship and praising God.
    God bless you.

  • kennedy says:

    Don I really thank God for
    your talent to worship & praise God.

  • Santhosh says:

    Hi Don, God has been using you mightly for HIS Name… music ministry is a great ministry and throu’ this ministry, lot of people hav given their lifes to Christ… which the devil does not like at all… so dear friends, we need to hold Don Moen and his team in our daily prayers to keep them safe so they could bring more people to Christ and keep them from all harm of the evil….

  • Niganze Bruce says:

    prayer is like painting, make sure without it you will consequently die.
    never forget to pray

  • Jikku Mary Kurian says:

    Thank you so much for this encouraging testimony!! God bless you, Don!

  • esuzor kester says:

    prayer is truely indispensible for a believer and the story you just shared have given me more reason to believe in the effectiveness of prayer.
    thank you so much for using your God given talent to bless humanity.

  • Rev.jegil says:

    May the Lord use you mightily. I love your songs. I need the same gift.

  • Terfa Akpoyibo says:

    I listened to the pod cast on the 10/3/12 around 1am in Benue State Nigeria.By 8am same day my mum called that Dad is hospitalized in Delta state about 3000km away on complications form high BP and Diabetics asked my friends on facebook to pray for him.Praise God my Dad is Healed and well.The power of prayer has no distance.

  • Carol Lawrence says:

    God bless you Don for continuously for helping us to stay on the path leading to our Father.
    I praise my loving Father for all He has done for me and continues to do.
    Your songs accompany me and touch me as I pray to my Father.
    God is so very good all the time !
    Thank you and God bless you.

  • Gbadura Ayomide says:

    I love jesus

  • victoria amadi says:

    Enter your comments here…hello don, u have really touch my life wit your music. I need ur prayers fr my husband ‘s job and my family. I believe prayer is the key to every problems and I put my trust in GOD. GOD bless u.

  • Odire felix says:

    Enter your comments here…fantastic gvn 2 the soul’

  • Oyeinkuro Stanley Gabriel says:

    GOD more than most definitely answers prayers. Prayer indeed changes things. Probably not at once like d snap of a finger, but always @ d most appropriate time, one regrets not @ all for praying sometime ago. Believe me. I’m a living witness. 🙂

  • hendrick says:

    thanks Mr Don Moen…god bless u all the time…serios..i love jesus..amien

  • Constance says:

    How lovely is our father in heaven who daily answers our prayers. I have been totally down over the weekend but i got gingered up by your word concerning prayer. God richly bless u.

  • abenankhensy says:

    hi Don thank you for the song God is alowing u to minister to change our life,,i listen to your song mostly in the morning when i do my quiet time,,,God has really change my prayer life because of your the almighty God bless and enlarge your cost that many more will hear and get blessed.your a blessing.pls continue doing the great work for our Father in Heaven.showers on blessings

  • Lord Moses says:

    Prayer is the potent tool or checklist for measuring man’s spirituality or closeness to his creator. Show me a prayerful christian then I will show you a committed christian.

  • Folorunso Titilayo says:

    Prayer is the master key. The Lord will continue to strengthen you.

  • Victor onwusa says:

    Yes prayer!!!! I have just experienced the working force of specific prayers. The Lord is so faithful. Am so grateful.

  • Kazungu says:

    I’ve learnt to touch God through your God bless u.

  • kehinde says:

    just luv everytin about u. I luv 2 meet u. I want 2go into music. I want to praise GOD D way u do. I pray 2meet u and sing with u. Bless u dad.

  • Emmanuel says:

    Indeed prayer does all things,GOD BLESS YOU DON

  • kingsley ihebuzoaju says:

    Don me and my family we love u we want God mack way for us

  • patrick says:

    Our God is wondaful and is mercy edure forever.

  • may says:

    hi don im may from abudhabi i do really like ur song and the time i knew that ur coming here in abudhabi i never think twice to come on ur concert and everyday while im walking going to work i listened to ur song i feel glad. Thank u for ur song its was great! i love worshiping God hope u can give me in advice about what i feel right now…

  • Judith says:

    Thanks for coming to Abu Dhabi and we’re glad to hear you’re coming to Dubai on 23rd of MArch and looking forward to hear your music where GOD’s words are alive 🙂 GOD bless 🙂

  • Ibe Kalu says:

    Hi Don am happy the Lord is using you to touch lives all over the globe . May God Almighty bless you richly .

  • Joshua thomas chilufya says:

    Thank u 4bn a blessn to me thru yo music .sir wud u help me by sending bible dictnary n study bible kjv.

  • pius g says:

    I’m so greatful and thankful to whom he give u the wisdom and u’r participated in different channel,we. Thank God for that . Mr Don moen, pls pray for our country Nigeria bcos christian are killing without reaSon thank u.

  • Elizabeth Oluwafunmilayo Sotuminu says:

    Thank you for this inspirational message and music,please can you send it to my mail box?

  • lorena says:

    Thanks for the gift of you! A gift from above to share all the nations

  • pat rodriguez says:

    so thankful to God for using you touch our lives and reach people all over the earth i need your prayers for my son benj to be a permanent resident in canada praise God thank you Lord

  • Indira Ghale says:

    You are blessing my life to walk in Jesus even though there is so much struggle

  • grace ruedas says:

    God is good .
    Thank You Lord for everything you’ve done, because of this ministry many people held
    and touched, Let Your Holy blood cover this Group so that they can continue to spread
    out Your Love through music.

  • HAGAN DUAH says:


  • Webedimbom John Tinshu says:

    I am really bless to have you in my generation Don. As I write this note, I have tears in my eyes in a cyber cafe , imagine that. but just allow me to cry out my joy, for you are a blessing to me. Thank you Lord for Don Moen. May God continue to crown you with All anointing to bless the faithfuls of this earth.Amen. Don. Thank you for praying for me. Hope to see you one day. John, From South Africa

  • Ayanniyi Motilayo says:

    Thank God that somebody is really lifting me up in prayer. Halleluyah. God bless your ministry sir. Amen

  • cecilia ntsiful says:

    wow, you are really touching lives. God richly bless you and the family. please kindly remember me in prayers because I have to go for an operation and I really don’t want this operation b’cos the first one was not easy for me it is just by the Grace of God I survived and i have to go again.
    Thanks for remembering me in your prayers.
    bye for now.

  • gospel jeremiah says:

    I enjoy ur atmosphere of worship

  • tet says:

    i am in a moment of hopelessness today and i’m really happy that i found a link on this site. i really need to pray. thank you for this don. Great message. Continue sharing God’s love. It helps desperate people like me. God is greater than anything! AMEN.

  • awo says:

    God bless you. this is indeed an inspiring message.

  • Vilma says:

    Thank you Lord for you have given us Don to inspire us by his singing and praying. God gave you a talent… are a blessing to us. God bless you more and more….

  • Linda Landry says:

    All Glory to our Sovereign Lord our God. I and my 7 year old daughter love worshipping on Don Moens music. One day as i worship i ask the Lord that i would love to meet Don Moen personally one day. I forgot about my request. My ex husband( his name is Don too) is from the U.S.A and visit us in Cape Town ones a year in order to celebrate our little daughters birthday. God placed it in his heart to take us to Mauritius for a holiday this year. As we drove from the airport in Mauritius my eldest daughter noticed that Don Moen was in Mauritius. immediately my dearest blessed ex husband said that he will book the best available ticket for me and 7 year old to go to concert. Don Moen, it was such an awesome blessing to meet you personnally. i had my 7 year old daughter on my shoulder and you still ask her what song must you sing for her. apology as she was dumbstruck at that moment. you are a lovely humbled person. i realised that Jesus answered my pr
    ayer. Special thanks to you Jesus. I truly enjoy your concert in Mauritius Don and my seven year old must had been the youngest singing along with every song( except you new on
    es) A very sincere thanks Don Moen and family for your love and faithfullness towards our Saviour. May his favour and mercy always rest upon your descendance for ever.

    lots of pure holy love

  • kaviarasan john peter says:

    praise the lord
    Dear brother,
    please pray for my 2 months old niece miraclin she is fighting with disease called chylothorus…