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Unconditional Love

By February 24, 2012August 11th, 201493 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbThis week Don shares about God’s unconditional love.

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  • Charles Daniel says:

    Thanks Don..
    God Loves us truly there is nothing we got to do.
    May we continue to experience and Know He Loves us even in our uncertainty..
    Keep the Good work my Beloved Friend and Brother in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Alice says:

      i remember the first time i listen to Don Meon GOD WILL MAKE AWAY, such a healing songs
      to me, i been driving and my tears just rolling down, and I been heal, and i bought DVD and playing at home, my friend had trouble in life, she stay with me, same thing once i play the song, she crying like a baby and my tenant saw it, and been touch , and I knew it God always put song to heal us., I thank you and i praise JESUS always use people to touch other life.
      I know how to depend on JESUS in my life.,and once again, today i get trouble in my heart
      i just come in and pray and ask for forgiveness, in life so much pain need to gone thru,
      I want JESUS come into my life heal me once more that I could stand up again with my
      new carrier struggling, Amen!!!

      • EMMANUEL EBUKA says:

        Its always thing of joy for me to listen to DON’s album. Through his songs he never hesitate to give hope to hopeles. Like where he said let the weak say am strong and poor say am rich. I cannot wait to grab UNCHATTERED TERITORY!

    • Mike Nelson Phiri says:

      Who can or what can be compared to Gods love? am sure the answer is nothing.
      Don u are preaching to me, am so much blessed. I love so much. May God give u more days to live so that u can preach to our generation of young men.



    • Joshua says:

      God richly bless you Don. More honorable thanksgiving to God Himself for continually inspiring you Don. I love this !

  • Ademuyiwa adegboye says:

    With glory of God we in Nigeria like U and Ur ministry

  • Relax Moyo says:

    Thanks Don,we thank the Lord for all He has been to us through your songs.May the Lord grant you a chance to come to Zimbabwe

  • AKINDELEoluwaseyi says:


  • Viktor Ogbe says:

    God,s love for us can‘t be measured. Don, GOD‘ll strengthen u.

  • amosun olujide says:

    ……may God allow his anointin to flow in your life the more. You’re 2 much


    ……may God allow his anointin to flow on your life the more. You’re 2 much. Keep it up & don’t backslide

  • victor ntim says:

    Indeed Gods love is the only unconditional love .let His glory Fall

    • Onyeka Onyenuforo says:

      I love Don Moen’s songs. May the anointing continue to be fresh in Jesus’ name Amen

  • Emem Peter says:

    God bless u really. Ur ministry will continue to flourish & touch lives across the globe.

  • nana kodua says:

    May the good lord continue to bless you don moen. I listen to songs and my faith is renewed, my
    Sorrows become happiness and most importantly my day is blessed.

  • Yvonne says:

    Thank You Jesus for purchasing me with Your Precious Blood from darkness into Your marvelous light and thank You for Your Unconditional love to me; There’s nothing I can do about it.
    I thank God for your lives( Don and your team), God bless you all for availing yourselves to be used by God to bring salvation and healing to people through Worship and Praise.
    Continue to be a blessing.

  • Akan Ekanem says:

    Don, truly you are indeed an uncommon worship leader. I want to tell you that God has used you in diverse ways to touch millions of soul inwhich iam a beneficiary. No single born again christian that will not see your songs a life changing one. I pray the God of all grace to keep you and your team, no death shall be recorded, you guys will suceed and have favour on every side in Jesus dear Name- Amen.

  • femmy mark says:

    Don ! may God bless your ministry more and more ‘cos you have been a blessing to this generation …… may God continue to bless you more.

  • My hiding place is a song that is comforting me and making me have hope for the future

  • esuzor kester says:

    Don it is always a blessing listening to your songs and i pray that i or anyones else that have been blessed by your ministry will have every reason to be together when we this world.

  • anthonia dosunmu says:

    Thanks so much for this! It lifed up my soul from depression. The Lord keep strengthen you. Enter your comments here…

  • Kekeli says:

    Don.thank u for your words and thank God for using u to comfort our souls.

  • rindu ms says:

    May Gods voices will bless the world with your music

  • Ajayi Oluwaseun says:

    May God in His abundant grace be with you & your band group in Jesus name(Amen)

  • Ps. S.O. Taiwo says:

    What an inspiration song 4rm Don moen. God will continue to uphold u in Jesus name (Amen)

  • Elisabeth De Campos says:

    I always experience the vivid presence of GOD when I listen to Don Moen. May the presence of the Almighty God continue to abide with him every moment of his life and may his ministry grow from one level of glory to another until he reaches the Highest Level of Glory God has purposed for his life in Jesus Name.

  • judith says:

    Wow! God loves me, just because he loves me. There is nothing I can do to change that. I am so glad. Thank God for his love.

  • sunday says:

    Enter your comments here..
    Lord is awsemome

  • Amos Tijani says:

    Don we in Nigeria love you. God will continue to increase you in Jesus name

  • Odunayo Olushola Omolaye says:

    Pls God give us more people that have the same spirit like ur son Don Moen, whom u’re using mightily to bless our lives IJN(Amen).

  • samuel michael says:

    i believe God is in the praise of his people through d worship leader like don meon.

  • Ayodeji David says:

    I am always deeply touched by DON MOEN’S SONGS. It is a lifting to my soul and a shinning light to my path.

    Through the power of the Holy Spirit which the songs carry, miracles have so many times being done in my life.

    DON MOEN, thank you for being such a wonderful man of God.

    DON, I have always called you DON ‘Baba’. Baba means, Father. Thanks for being a father in Praise and Worship.

  • Oladiti says:

    God will continue to bless you…

  • lordsonwhyte says:

    I really appreciate the unction of our heavenly father on your life, Don Moen, you’ve been a channel of inspiration to every one believer and follower of our Lord Jesus Christ.. thank you sir, for accepting the call of God…

  • Kevin Abel says:

    Wow!this is so remarkable.GOD loves me”..there’s nothing i can do to make GOD love me more or less,cos GOD’S love is unconditional.GOD loves me just because He loves me and there’s nothing i can do or say about it.thank you Lord for lavishing your unconditional love on me.thank you,Minister,Don Moen for answering GOD’S call and walking in accordance with it. GOD blessing continue to rest upon you and all you you!

  • Patrick says:

    There is nothing that can separate us from the love of God. he loved us even before we where born. out of love, he gave up is beloved son to die for the world. when i remember that even a sinner like me can still share of his love, it only tells me that he has decided to love me and nothing can take me out of his love and all i can say THANK YOU FATHER FOR LOVING ME.

  • Mildred says:

    Thanks Don, God bless you the wonderful words and beautiful song that has uplifted my spirit.

  • arlene says:

    I really love to hear praise songs it’s like lifting my spirit,now that you have this new album,I love to have it.

  • 0nuigbo tochukwu says:

    Thank u very much for the music given to u by d holy spirit,my life has never remained d same ever since i started listening to ur music.and your new song(somebody’s praying for me) is giving me goose bumps.may God continue to bless you and when it is all said and done u would be singing praises to God in heaven in jesus name Amen.

  • Justice Isha says:

    Sir, your music is realy d kind dt touches lives

  • Joshua says:

    wow! this is worship on the next level………………….thank God for you, I’m praying for you ,thank you for the hug and the snap shot I and my fiance had with you at Eko hotels after the Experience in Lagos…..we love you

  • lee says:

    hey Don you are just a blessing to my life…every one of yo songs brings joy to my Life…May Our great Lord increase yo ministry and continue to show up whenever you minister to lives….WE LOVE YOU IN ZIMBABWE

  • Sanjiv says:

    Thank u Lord. You giving inspiration by Don.songs are simple to understand and to sing.



  • Louie says:

    Thank you Lord for all of this…please bless us of your righteousness…
    In Jesus name…amen

  • brenda romero says:

    thanks don your always in my mind with your gospel song 2004 when i started to know our GOD….even im here in Saudi Arabia, until now im still study about the words of GOD …..i love your song I WILL SING. thank you DOn

    its me

  • Iwegbu Adenike says:

    Don’s music always inspires me a lot, when listen to his song i always fill with joy, he is doing a great job, i prayed for God to continue giving him more strenght and increase his anointing on him. I love him

  • Lanre Faye says:

    The reality is that your inspiration is divine, directly from Jesus. You’ve touched millions of soul with the word of God worlwiide through your songs and May the Almighty God continue to bless you with more wisdom and inspirations. Humanly, no one can fathom the depth of of your song but spiritually it’s evergreen. Back in 2003 in London, UK, my friend and I was jobless and the odd of getting one was EXTREMELY DIFFICULT because of our circumstances and every morning after our morning prayers, we alays played one of your song which happened to be our favourite ‘I WILL SING, GOD WILL MAKE A WAY and THANK YOU LORD and we did the same when going to bed in the night and today, to God be all the glory we got a job that same month and a very good one . We are both settled permanently and I still remain one of your ardent fans and I will always be and nothing can separate me and my family from the LOVE OF CHRIST. Thank you Don, make the good Lord continue to bless u and uphold u to the end Amen. God bless

  • esiaba sylverrine says:

    u inspire me with ur songs when it comes to praising God…i just want to praise God like u do.

  • obia lnnocent says:

    i just want to say thank you for taking the devine presence of the holy spirit to every nations of the world through your inspiring songs that that brings the devine presence of God right in our home’s. more grace to ur elbows i pray. Amen.

  • Emmanuel says:

    Luv u Don.all tnx 2 God 4 ur lif.kindly inbox me ur contact number.tnx

  • Marcellin Yao says:

    I want to think God for your life. God is able to do many goods thinks in your life again.This This year the god of Abraham will inspire you news songs which will bless the whole
    world again.
    More grace and blessings on you and your family in Jesus name.

  • princess says:

    don and friends,what an inspiration song It is,truely their is nothing we can do to mak him lov us less he lov us just because him lov us,which beings me to Gods unconditional lov for me’sometime ago I was leaving in deep sin doing everything as I like nt minding who and who was involved,until one day I went to camp and pastor W F kumuyi talked about hw Jesus loves us,he asked me to come to him just as iam and dat he loves me cos he loves me’so nw am enjoying Gods unconditional lov towards me.

  • Ben Alawode says:

    Hello Don,
    Thanks for the message of God’s unchanging unconditional love. It’s a great one.
    Keep flowing in His anointing all by grace.

  • Kiran Pio says:

    I like your songs Don and they have really been motivating when things weren’t going too well. God Bless you and your ministry.

    I also wanted to add that I’m not quite sure if I agree to the lyrics of this song. I’m not sure if there is nothing I can do to make God love me more or less.

    I believe God loves everyone but I also believe that he loves some people more than others simply because the Bible says that Jesus had a favourite disciple. The fact that he had a favourite disciple makes me assume that one disciple was more loved or had more favour than the rest. I wonder why??

    It is quite possible that I have got this wrong. If I have, please do let me know, my mail id is

    Thanks and God Bless. 🙂


  • Jasiaba says:

    I thought I would bribe God by working had to stay away from sin so that he can love me
    more I was wrong, you know. He loves me just because he love me and that is his nature.
    You inspire a lot of faith in me all the time God richly bless you Don.

  • Alami Charity Egbita says:

    Your songs are of the “old time” religion stuff – clear inspirational messages. May the Lord
    continue to inspire you as you remain a blessing to His people. Love you.

  • Favour says:

    It’s amazing how God loves us. Even when were still sinners, He sent HIs son to die for us. God i’m thankful!
    God continue to increase ur anointing sir.

  • Samuel Stephen says:

    Yes He is Love is greater than our imagination

  • marie-france says:

    i love all ur songs, worship and praise, it makes u thing that jesus is really king of king and love us . . praise the Lord. i have the bible in ur song. and u have been inspired by the holy spirit. some people can healed while listening to ur song. it IS REALLY MARVELLOUS DON. CONTINUE TO SING FOR US. AS U ARE GOD’S INSTRUMENT.. MARIE-FRANCE KOHLSCHMITT.

  • Baruwa B. Israel says:

    Have been richly bless by this week podcast, God bless you Don. More anointing in Jesus Name

  • Brighton says:


  • Emeghare virginia chinyere says:

    God will surely make a way even in the hidden place , he is always there to fight our battlle
    i love your music Don Moen i pray that God will inspire you the more Amen and Amen.

  • Thank Don,
    I really lovetohearpraise songs from you because it’s make me a goog field and upplifted my spirit.May GOD in is abundantgrace bless you, you and your ministry.Amen

  • EVANS MUTUA says:

    U bet uve bin such a blesin 2 me.May GOD xtend ur boundaries n increase u spiritualy 4 bin a blesin 2 many.

  • angie saeed says:

    Thank you Don,
    Your songs speak to my heart and the way you explane Gods words and how much he Loves us and jesus loves us for me its difficult as I am surounded by people that dont know gods love and I didnt have much Love in life I learnt it through some of your songs.this song uncoditional Love is excellent song I realy enjoy your new album God bless you Don moen in all that you do and may God keep you safe and your lovely wife Laura and family and minestry Amen



  • nkechi says:

    Thank Don,God bless you richly .Thanks for remaining us of God’s unconditional Love that is express through His Son

  • sunday samuel says:

    God dwell in the praise of his own people,for His love is indispensable.Thank you Don.

  • edojah philip collins says:

    Hi don,u’re a life changer. I can feel d presence of .God in u and u’re highly inspiratio nal. Keep it up.

  • Neema Tido says:

    I am so blessed with Don’s songs. May God keep you safe Brother in Christ.

  • selvapraba christopher says:

    I feel God’s presence very closer to me when i hear to ur songs Don. I feel as though Jesus hugs me and comforts me when i listen to ur songs. Let The Lord bless u more and more Don. So that our hearts will be filled with love and support and prayers for u.,

    Praise The Lord

    Thanks Don

  • samuel ominyi says:

    Don you have blessed my life with your worship songs. May God bless you, your family and ministry.

  • nittin says:

    i first saw you in coimbatore i liked you very much

  • jemimah says:

    don, i really like your music which inspire me anytime i hear them especially ‘I am the Lord that healeth thee and Mighty to save’. its rather unfortunate that i have never been to your shows anytime you come to my country which is Ghana. my whole family loves your songs and even have your latest album. when are you coming back to Ghana? God bless you and keep up the wonderful work.

  • Ugoma says:

    Don moen God we continus 2 bless u 4 d soul u hav win through ur songs

  • Olawuyi O. Sunday says:

    We want to appreciate God annointing upon your life for that inspirational songs, it has always gives strenght to me when am down and motivate my spirit when overwhelmed. More of God grace and may His love never seaze in our lives.

  • JJoshua says:

    Hi everyone, I am a Living testimony of these Lyrics that are produced by the Holy Spirit and
    written down by Don and His Musicians. They are rellyled by the spirit of God and they are all
    Obeying the Leading of The HolySpirit, God Give All in the music Ministry grace to remain at His feet to Hear what God IS Saying. Sometimes when I don’t Know the words to speak in Prayer as long as a Don moen album is playing, I get what to say. TO ALL INVOLVED IN THIS MINISTRY-HEAVEN AWAITS YOUR PRESENCE TO SHARE IN THE WORSHIP YOU HAVE SO MUCH WORKED ON HERE ON EARTH. SOULS ARE WAITING TO TELL YOU STORIES OF HOW YOUR MUSIC PROJECTS HAVE IMPACTED THEM… GOD Hold Your Goings In His Path That Your Footsteps Slip NOT…AMEN

  • margaret says:

    your songs are truly inspirational. It really sends a message to the body and soul

  • ABEDNEGO says:

    Don, i just admire you, your just so amazing. You are so so inspirational you touch so many lives. May God enlarge your coast bro. God bless u.

  • Anapradd says:

    Nice of your songs. Your songs paved me way for me to live the life. I know you are a busy man and great. Is it possible to have your mail ID? If so please do mail me.

  • Steve says:

    God richly bless you Don. I respect and cherish the annointing on your life. Keep the fire burning

  • Aanuoliwapo says:

    He loves me just because He loves me……there’s nothing I can do to earn it. What joy! God bless you Don.

  • okoro helen says:

    Your ministry provides a strong base inspiration to me.

  • oluwafunmilayo sonuga says:

    Prayer has worked for ♍ƺ always and I also Believe in the working power of God thru worshiping God through songs,n ,

  • anna says:

    i love your song and more than me my mom like it.

  • kate says:

    am really in love with ur songs,they really inspire me when am down,i pray for more grace upon ur life,that ur songs will continue to inspire millions of people out there
    God bless you sir

  • CHIDI says:

    I admire your songs GOD BLESS U

  • Leena says:

    yes,GOD loves me always…
    Thanks uncle, for this msg..

  • In the US many people have heard of Don Moen’s worship and music.
    But In the developing world it is remarkable how many people know Don Moen.
    In the Philippiines you cannot find someone who doesn’t know Don Moen.
    India maybe only 1 or 2 % Christian, but within that Christian community it seems
    like everyone knows Don Moen. The other Christian artists have CD’s waiting to be
    purchased in Christian bookstores, but Don Moen CD’s fly off the shelves. I play
    the Jesus Film In the Philippines and I want to end that DVD with A Don Moen CD
    in Filipino. I am just trying to figure out how to do that.

  • ansy says:

    I admire ur songs. They really inspire me when i am down and weak. May God almighty continue to use you for his glory !

  • Solomon Abaki says:

    Always blessed by God’s love not because of what we do but because He has unconditional love towards us

  • Ruth mulumba says:

    You are more than a blessing! i thank God for you!