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The Right Place At The Right Time

By August 27, 2013August 11th, 201452 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbPsalm 16:11 says “…in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Location is everything. If the challenges of life are overwhelming you today, you may need to check your location. In this week’s podcast, we learn what it means to be in the right location and we’ll also hear two listeners’ encouraging stories.


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  • patrick rububi says:

    pray me i got an accident and my left leg was amputated.

    • paul Pius says:

      The lord God almighty he’s ur strength, he will protect u, he will provide u he will do all things to favor u believe in him, only him support u! Its for a reason he knows about he’s aware he knows when its happen! Stand on ur faith the devil has failed. Thanks and God bless

  • Im inspired by your ministration i love you guys hoping to get involve and punnish my mission and vision.

  • Im inspired by your ministration i love you guys hoping to get involve and punnish my mission and gods power and your support

  • Matildah says:

    I love this

  • desmond id ohenhen says:

    How inspirational! Shalom……halleluyah!

  • desmond id ohenhen says:

    It is well…..bcos lines ve fallen unto us in pleasant places
    We ve a godly heritage….psalm 16:6
    Hw inspirational….shalom!

  • chekie75 says:

    I am thirsty of your Word!!fill me of your outpouring love

  • Hawa Sanga says:

    Hello, be blessed

  • greg swiger says:

    I live in oakhill west Virginia and would love it if you came this way sometime if you do please let me know thanks

  • richard says:

    I need serious prayers am having a hard time with debts

  • Catherine Kitty Green says:

    Don, great message… thank you for sharing scripture verses…

  • violet says:

    i beleive it

  • Evita David says:

    God always touch my heart eveytime I am listening to your music. A very inspiring words and bible verses is always connected to your music it makes me feel God is always talking to me. I can feel anointing power that flow from you. I thank God for your life and I Glorify Jesus for saving me and using me as one of His worshiper. Glory to God alone!

  • I’m inspired by your ministration, I love Christ Jesus and His friend that involved on soul-winning. Please sir, when you’re weary feeling small and tear are in your eyes, remembered the word of God in the psalm 50:15.

  • Kingley O says:

    I have always prayed for success in my life,& I want you all to also help me pray for success in my life,academics & everywhere & in everything I do…Amen

  • Paul says:

    I thank God for your ministry Don wish u good life and i love you.

  • Amosa Michael says:

    Great are you Lord, greatly to be praise(2x),father you reign,I really appreciate God for Don Moen’s life because all over the world have heard and be set free from captivities through his ministration and I pray that you will never be a sign board that describes a way but never got there in Jesus name.

  • Amosa Michael says:

    Pls my friends,I really want to invite Don moen to my curch but what wIll it cost me to do that?

  • Lizia Gross says:

    Thank you, many blessings of God for your ministry.

  • sinta hutabarat says:

    I love your song….God Bless your ministry.

  • Neha says:

    Dear Don,
    I’m going through some struggles and woke up with a heavy heart today. I heard this message today of yours and it just overwhelmed me. God’s love is great.
    Thank you so much. God bless you.

  • wallamkupar kharpran says:

    i have my heart to play football and win every games but whenever i tried, i loose it and i know the reason why, becoz i never be near to God; but i see Don is the servant of God and i believe the miracle of God will make me our team and me if i come near to God. i have no words to say about but only one things Don is the messiah to God through music, i do pray for ministry to capture all innocent heart to christ. Do pray me also so that i can glorify more and more to christ through sports

  • Obehi Okojie says:

    Yes, ur location determines your very mood. I love don moen music n ministrations

  • justin bahati says:


  • theresa aspa says:

    Dear Don,
    I thank God everyday for given me an apportunity to live with His great graces despite of all
    all the circumstances happening in my life am so far distances for my children but with your
    message and Gods phrases it gives me strength..Please include me in your prayers that my
    prayer will be granted for am planning to get my daughter here abroad to be with me..thank
    you and Godbless us always..


  • sosthene says:

    It’s true but God is God who gives another chance. Recently I was reading about our
    ancestors it is Rwanda-Africa, and I saw that our ancestors believed the reincarnation
    and up to now it is a big issue among our elders. They may seem to be who believed
    in Jesus but still practicing such things but God is there, there is revival to day. And all the
    world we will discover who we really are. May God bless you abundantly

  • Lina says:

    To God be the glory!..:)

  • SolomondDonkor says:

    Now i live all what is left for God to have his own way.

  • John Charles says:

    May God have His way in our lives

  • Nzino says:

    I love you Don Moen!!!
    May God continue to use you to bless our lives!
    I was discussing with my colleague today at our jobsite about the impact your melodies and lyrics have made and are still having on our lives!!
    Please do not stop being a blessing.
    God bless. <3

    • samwel joseph kazimili says:

      My brethren God bless thou for encouraging a servant of God with his team and I’m among his friend and I’m real appreciating the gift he has given let us continue to pray for his ministries and our almighty God he will make him a good Preacher that many people in different location of this human race will accept JESUS through his songs.. be blessed

  • Daniel Madzivazhira says:

    Don Moen.God bless you for this powerful podcast. It has touched my life in a big way! May GOD ALMIGHTY continue to bless you and your team in your ministering of GOD’s word!!!

  • Bobi Abraham says:

    He is my man

  • sandranna says:

    dis is nice don moen may GOD bless u cos ur music touch my soul when i am paying it

  • Ogunniyi Olusayo Timothy says:

    This is good Don. God bless you. What happen, I can’t download the podcast anymore

  • moses says:

    i love more u sir but i believe Almighty God love u most,u have really changed many souls including mine! U are my best among all & i wish u eternal life… Worship songs draw us closer to God! Thank u Jesus christ!!!

  • Tom ganagana says:

    I’m indeed overwhelmd being here. God bless u my brother.

  • Tom ganagana says:

    I’v alws been ur gr8t fan since i was a kid. Ur songs have inspired me 2 rili worship God in songs nd prayer. May God keep u longer.

  • Clement Busiku says:

    Always inspiring. Don, your projects are always living. The Mercy sit song is ever fresh to me. Keep up the good works as 1 Cor. 15:58


    Sir you are a great man among great men. All your words are living, what you say in your
    songs. I’m very happy to know the quantity of joyes that we have in God. May God Almighty
    bless you and always inspire you so that you could teach us.

  • Williams Unesco says:

    Glory be to the Lord God Almighty

  • angela saeed says:

    Hi Don,Laura
    What a true pod cast some times we are so busy to spend time with the lord and thats when we should take a good luck at our selves and look were we are. I can not wait to hear your new cd and buy it your a inspuration too me I love the way your songs preach to me my family and friends. your new website is great and my best wishes to you and Laura and family hope you will be comeing back to Dubai soon praying for you and your team may God bless you and cover all your needs.

  • William Peter says:

    Amen bro be blessed

  • samwel joseph kazimili says:

    Man of living God be blessed for this podcast assuredly I have understand the sermon and start from today onward I’ll allow the HOLY GHOST to lead and direct me unto a right location and position in order for me to receive the blessing from God… GOD BE WITH YOU

  • Takwa says:

    This is the answer to all our problems and difficulties. This is really what I do need. Oh my God help me to understand this. May I be in the right place and in the right time for His purposes to triumph in my life. May I always keep me love for His presence, for His Temple. God have mercy.

  • Fernand says:

    Don Moen this podcast comes just when i needed it most.’Location’ absolutely something to work on. Can’t wait for the september podcast. Good work sir love to inspire people the way you do me.

  • Timmy says:

    It’s been a while we got a podcast. Can’t wait to hear Don’s voice. It’s been august. Please, a podcast!

  • Sheena May says:

    Thank you for this podcast. It reminds me again to focus on God more and more. God bless you.

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