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During our Israel trip last month, my friend Jim Maholic took beautiful pictures and videos of our journeys throughout the Holy Land.  He has compiled them into this 4 minute video montage and I wanted to share it with you all.  If you weren’t able to make it this time, I look forward to having you on the next trip!



  • Deanne Barber says:

    My friend Tina went on this tour and the JOY she experienced is still with her. I am praying that I will be able to join you on your next your. The video was awesome..

  • Rose Samwel says:

    Wow I real love this and I wish one day yes if i can rich there in Holy Land
    Pray for me to get money. God bless you and your family as well worship team I love your all worship songs.

  • Dr FE JOSEFA G. NAVA, PhD says:

    Must have been a very touching experience to visit a place and walk the land where the Lord once taught and performed miracles. What an awesome opportunity!

    • Thess Marquez says:

      Great!I Really feel the place where I joined the group last 2011 Pilgrimage entitled Accent to Mt. Carmel. I really feel the Holliness. God is Good!

  • Janet Yap says:

    I wish to join you in the next trip not only to visit but to sing and keep on singing praises unto the Lord in this Holy place and hometown of Jesus.

  • Pastor Bob Gill says:

    I had went on the tour to Israel with Don Moen and friends and for me it was a life changing experience. I was very blessed and healed while I was there. I am planning on going back again with Don.

  • Dr FE JOSEFA G. NAVA, PhD says:

    As you and your team tour different countries to sing praise and worship to our God and Father and His Son, please consider adding local culture to your presentation. Things like including local or native artists and singers, local or native costumes and dresses that are simple but elegant, indigenous instruments (you’ll be amazed at the exotic sounds they can make), translations of lyrics and sharings ws well as Bible passages read to local language. Please consider also holding your concerts in open air with moveable chairs so people are not restricted and tied down to fixed cushioned seats, they can stand, sway a bit, raise their hands, even kneel if they wished to, a carpeted or matted place (mats are cheap in Asia), and people take off their shoes at the entrance or put them in their bags. Please consider also streaming concerts live. Many want to go but tickets are limited. There are those who prefer being in the venue, so they need to pay for seats but put it on live streaming in selected public places sponsored by rich believers, places where the poor, the sick, the incarcerated, the elderly and those who need the Lord’s healing most, can view where they are (Plaza Miranda, MOA in the Phil’s.). The gospel was freely given to us, let us freely give it to them. Many unbelievers will be drawn to repentance and to the Lord as we freely give of ourselves to His work.

    I hope that having seen the poverty and the need in Asia and in Africa, Don and his team are leading holy, modest and simple lives back in Tennessee and not go down the path to perdition as the other “known” evangelists who used to draw large crowds but were blinded by the evil one, the world and money and what money can buy. I pray God will truly sanctify Don, his team and families that you and your ministry will be blessed and the world will be blessed through you.

  • Boniphace says:

    i’m interested for what is reality.May God lead a holy service to save the world with You in worshiping actions.

    by Ganese Boniphace

    • David Ukpoju Egwa says:

      I’ll like join Don Moen in his next tour to the holy land if i’m privilege. I like Don Moen’s praise and worship life style. GOD bless him!

  • Blessing says:

    May the almighty God continue to strengthed u. I and u will not miss is kingdom, love u.

  • It was awesome savouring the sound and the images,my prayer is that God blesses me finacially to make it during the future tours .I felt like I was there with you by imagination,was a great expedition.To God be all the GLORY

  • Rebecca says:

    Dear Brother and Sister,
    The first international trip i want to make is to the Holy land. pls pray for me and my family.


    I was on this tour of Israel with Don Moen & Friends. It was such a powerful and refreshing Spiritual experience.. I still remember all the worship evenings.. the Southern steps.. the wonderful sites.. the Sounds from Heaven.. the long walks.. the boat ride.. the Holy moments.. the Divine Encounters.. I had a great time.. Made lots of good friends.. Great food too!!! Hope to join you again on future tours. God bless you!

  • Judith Raymond says:

    It is Magnificent! God bless!

  • Donna Green says:

    The video was awesome when is your next Israel tour

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