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This month, Carlos tells a beautiful story about how God restored his daughter’s health and his faith at the same time.

[quote]My youngest daughter, Camila, was born with a respiratory problem that caused her to be hospitalized for 15 days after she was born. Through those 15 days she also had other problems that kept her at risk to die. My prayer was like Jacob’s claim to be blessed by the Angel, only that my prayer was that God bless with healing Camila’s body. But God spoke to my heart to pray as Psalms 46:10: “Be still, and know that I am God.” That changed my claim to God, to recognize Him as the sovereign king He is, that He gives, and He takes, that it is His will, not ours. Since that moment, Camila began to respond to the medications and the respiratory machine and began to eat normally. Now she’s almost 2 years old and God has being showing us His faithfulness in her life. She’s now recovering of an ocular disease that could have made her blind. God is good all the time, His faithfulness endures forever, glory to our Lord God Almighty, my Lovely Healer, the great I AM!!!![/quote]




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