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Dear Friends,

It gives me great joy to announce we are giving Don Moen and Friends a brand new name. DMaF will now be called Worship In Action. Worship is more than the songs we sing. Worship is not only lifting our hands up to God, but also reaching out to those in need, touching people with God’s presence in practical and tangible ways. The name Worship In Action more clearly describes what we have always done through Don Moen and Friends…putting our worship to God into action.

Traveling around the world leading worship, I’ve seen tremendous need first-hand. On one of my trips to Accra, Ghana I visited a beautiful home for orphans called Royal Seed Home. One little girl, Gifty, touched my heart so profoundly that I knew God wanted me to do something long-term to help. Local people found Gifty abandoned in a garbage bag, and took her to Royal Seed Home where she lived until an American family adopted her. Gifty’s story stays with me every day, as does the burden to provide food for the 190+ children who continue to live at Royal Seed.

We have spent many months in prayer and preparation to launch Worship In Action. Our goal for this 501C-3 non-profit charity is simply to bring the love of God and his presence in practical and tangible ways to people in need. I sincerely appreciate how you have stood with me through the years and ask you to continue to do so through Worship In Action. To learn more about how you can get involved, please visit our new website:
Thanks for joining me!

Blessings Always,


  • Marie says:

    I’am very happy for this new name I know that God will do more and more in people life trough your ministry.
    I wish that you can go aswell to my country which is Ghana neighbours Ivory Coast .
    I’m in England but really want to help worship in action, I am studend so haven’t got much money but I have many skills and love children.
    May God bless you all
    Marie reine

  • Armand says:

    Que Dieu tout puissant benisse lui même cette initiative et pourvois a tous vos besoins pour la gloire de son Saint Nom. Amen

    • Ebenezer says:

      It is so great and amazing as you touch lives of people with your songs and your giving. it is a blessing that stays in the heart of those who see their needs met as the touch of God in their lives. in these hard times when people think goodness is extinct, the power of worship and service to God will pour out love that the uncountable will see the love of Christ. God bless you

  • Ebenezer says:

    Worship in Action

  • fah E. says:

    hello Don…worship is one of the …can i say catalyst that invokes or invites the Holy Spirit into our presence. I will really wish yoou come to Cameroon and make a change in our worship and improve where necessary.Its a blessed country and has alot of potentials…i would really like to stand as an ambassador here.

  • Marivic Sauers says:

    Hello Don and Laura,
    I’m trying to send my donation for August and found that DMaF no longer exist and was replaced b a new name, Worship in Action.
    I can’t seem to find any link in WIF for on line donation.
    Can someone tell me how to proceed with my Aug donation?
    Marivic (Victoria) Sauers
    Alexandria VA
    Originally from the Philippines (We’ve met at Alaska Cruise years ago with Max Lucado and Friends)

  • Chizo says:

    Dear Don,
    What a great name that is. It helps us remember that we should always worship God in through all things. I want to appreciate you for your podcast messages which have been such a blessing to me. God has been faithful to me but instead of looking at all He’s done for me I chose to look at the one thing He hasn’t done but which He promised to do in His word. This made me lose sight of my faith and I was in a wilderness for a while, struggling to find my way home. I stumbled upon your podcast messages during that time and what a blessing they were Don. They helped me find my way and in my constant battles, I listen to them for strength. Thank you for loving God and teaching us to love Him too.

  • Morie Bertha Mkondya says:

    Dear Don, May God continue to bless you and the work you do. Your songs of Praise and Worship always uplift me and bring me back to God whenever I stray. Again, God bless you/.

  • Olive says:

    Oh really, i’m very happy that i discoved this website.
    I don’t know but, if Don Moen can read, answer and help me solve the problem,
    then i’ll be the one of the happiest girls in this universe.
    My problem is that, my parents are not united a 100% because,
    they have instant disputes almost every month.
    You can’t stay in the house without being sure of what is going to happen the next few minutes.
    And all of this is because, of an evildoer that wants to chase my biological mum away.
    Her name is Prudence Mandem.
    Please I hope you will pray for the Ndikum Family and install peace, harmony, justice and mostly Love.
    Blessings always.

  • Olive says:

    At each time I am in trouble or I see someone in trouble, I sing this song;
    God Will Make A Way.
    I sing it so as to feel better and to make people feel better with themselves.
    I sing it because, first its my favorite song and second because it makes me feel good.
    All of your songs make me melt like ice just because of the message, rhythm and title.
    The Lord is good,
    All the time.
    Blessings always.
    Peace To All.

  • Akenda Aggrey says:

    Hello Don, I was watching your concert on TV, i was touched by the worship.

    Thank you for Worship In Action, and changing lives of the orphans.

    May God bless you.

    My name is Aggrey, from Uganda.

    God bless you!

    • Akenda Aggrey says:

      God blessed me with a son, I’m naming him after you, “Moen”!

      I want him to be a great Worship Leader just like you, please pray for him.

  • Ilaisa W says:

    Thank you for blessing the world team Don .

  • pr Buyinza yasin says:

    Loved the worship tonight.

  • Conchita Oglimen says:

    I’m watching Don MOEN on YouTube, I Feel At Peace and Enlightend while listening, My Favorite one is The Concert AN EVENING OF HOPE, The Three of them werre so AMAZING ALL THE SONGS THEY SING WERE SOOO BEAUTIFUL AND INSPIRING ALSO THE PRAYERS AND SHARING I hope one day I Can Watch Them In Concert, GOD BLESS THEM MORE

  • Emmanuel Rosemary says:

    I am watching your testimony about your 12 years of trusting on God for the fruit of the wormb. And God did it. The three of you are amazing.

    Also thank you for obaying the voice of God in building the school for these children. God bless you sir.

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