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I’m excited to announce that my first musical in over 20 years,

A Time for PRAYER, A Time for UNITY, A Time for HEALING

Is now available for you and your church, and I want you to know why I feel this project is so timely for my friends just like you. Click here to hear the story behind this project and why I felt so strongly about releasing it this year. 

Interested in hearing samples?
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Looking for resources for your church?
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I’d love to come to your church and join your choir and orchestra as well!
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Blessings always,



  • Sir, its my honor to listen all your songs since i was 7 years old.Thank you for inspiring me, i am also a Christian, a Foursquare Gospel Church. Until now i usd to listen your songs, God bless you beyond measures and your family, your career, and your health.Continue what the Lord wants you to do.Your labor is not in vain.

  • Gladys Sam says:

    My name is gladys Sam. I’m in love with your music I would like to know if you have them in accompaniments because I would like to sing them in my church

  • Olawumi Oluwatosin Olabode says:

    dear grand pa Don, May God bless you beyond measure, I started listen to your music when I was 13 years old and at 33 now, I have fallen in love with you, your music, and what the Lord is doing through your ministry, in fact I have your spanish albums (En tu presencia and trono de gracia) to my collections….God bless you real Good.
    Oluwatosin Olawumi from Nigeria.

  • Osifo Peter says:

    I greet you sir(Don moen),I loved the song you sang with frank edward. I pray God gives you direction to reach out to souls around the world. I am Peter by name, a Nigerian and also a christian, I worship God at The Anointed Ministry.God bless you sir. Thank you.

  • Geraldine Barde says:

    Thank you Sir Don Moen,
    We love and celebrate you. The LORD bless you more and more in Jesus name. Amen.
    Love from Nigeria.

  • akintayo says:

    Sir, you re a blessing to our generation. Continue to love the Lord and God would continue to make you a blessing.

  • Deepa says:

    Sir, you re such a comfort to me.. when i listen to ur songs I am encouraged… I become strong to face any situations at times of trouble.. God is always my Guide… Ur a Great blessing to me sir.

    Thank You sir…

  • Assey Regina says:

    sir i always love u.God bless u forever.when iwant to pray i have to listen ur music before.God blessing u.From Tanzania

  • Lilian says:

    Love you Pastor Don. Love your music. Keep shinning for Jesus.

  • FAVOUR says:


  • Tarbee Gwadue Godwin says:

    I love Don. and his ministry & appreciate the grace of God on ur life keep u

  • Alane Franck-V Messani says:

    Thank you so much for what God is doing in your life. Thank you Don MOEN

  • Joyce Wanjugu says:

    I have always loved Your songs which have truth and depth in the WORD. They remain relevant to every aspect in life and transcend generations! Easy to learn and play. Sadly I missed your concert last year in Kenya, plz do come again. God truly bless you.
    Joyce from Kenya.

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