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A Season of Change

By September 26, 2012August 11th, 201421 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbA few days ago we celebrated the first day of Fall; the end of one season and the beginning of another.  Maybe you’re going through a similar change of season in your life.  It’s not always easy to let go of the old season and embrace the new.  For most of us, change is difficult.  How do you embrace a new season?  In this week’s podcast, Don explains how to triumph over the difficulties that changing seasons may bring.

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  • Karen Behm says:

    I love your podcast! Thank you so much for doing this and sharing it with all of us.
    It was like a mini service. LOVED IT!!!

  • i am so happy to see this..

  • angela saeed says:

    Hi Don, Laura
    Thank you for your podcast and your wonderfull music which is a blessing to me. This podcast is so true how seasons change in our lives for the past 10 months I have had si ckness financil and loss of loved one and bad car accident but the main thing is to keep our faith and strength in our lord jesus. but God will always make a way and its so true we do go througth diffent things and diffrent times. praying for you always god bless you and keep you safe.
    best wishes Angela

  • It’s indeed ά Ğoº°˚°ºϑ and i like it

  • Richard Harper says:

    Thank You So Much for allowing The Lord to use you as his vessel. With Word and Song,It pucks my heartstrings. Many Blessings to you and yours. Richard

  • solape says:

    Vessel of God, u are blessed by God! And the God u devote ur life 2 sing his praises will not leave u amen. As u sing his praises here on earth, u will also sing his praises and glory in heaven leading the heavenly choir. This is my sincere prayers 4 u each time I listen 2 any of ur songs. Bcos heaven is the reward of a true christian. A christian dat lost heaven has lost evrything regardless of whatever he is known on earth. Sir don moen, let’s make heaven our priority and believe that his grace is sufficient 4 us in Jesus name. I love you and I love the spirit of God upon ur life.

  • Priscilla says:

    Thank you for a beautiful short sharing. It inspired and encouraged me.
    Season changes but not our God…. Amen! May you continue to be an inspiration
    to many.

  • LaVie says:

    Absolutely !
    Heaven must be like that, Blessed Man of God, for every time I hear a verse or a chorus of you songs let alone that majestic VOICE, I am literally transferred to the HEAVEN.
    AMEN !

  • AFUA says:

    it really good and i love it and my prayer is that GOD should always give you the strenght.
    stay blessed.

  • niyigena Emmanuel says:

    I love you so much

  • Ogunniyi Olusayo Timothy says:

    Season of Change! This is great. God will continue to bless you, your team and your household. Thank you and God bless you.

  • Safari Paul says:

    Dear Don,
    Thank you for sharing your heart. It a was a blessing sharing a stage with you at Love
    Tanzania festival. You have really touched my life. May the Lord bless you richly.
    Safari Paul

  • Paul sudarshan rao makana says:

    sir ..Praise the Lord . I am so happy to meet you through this . I blessed by your songs
    I would like to come to your church… please pray for me. You are in my prayers.

  • Nero christias mukoro says:

    It is my joy 2 c dis sight. May God bless u more in Jesus Name

    • joan a says:

      Hello sir, I have listened to your songs severally and have been blessed richly. In fact, u have always been my fan. My sincere desire 4 u is that God keeps u in the faith until u meet with Him in glory. Amen!

  • Hello Don and Friends,
    I can’t even express the love of God and his presence flowing from the depths of your heart and the expression of who you are through our wonderful savior. The comfort, peace, and encouragement. I can’t wait to listen over and over again. The Lord knows exactly what we need. I am so thankful for the time, the caring, and sharing so much.! Thank you Brother Moen and Friends.We thank you Lord for sharing Brother Moen and Friends travels with us. Thank you Lord Jesus, over and over again, thank you.♥
    Father we thank you for healing Beth, and restoring her back to your strength, Peace, Joy,Family and life. Thank you Father Son, and Holy Ghost

  • Oluwaseun Adegbohun says:


    I wish I could have time to talk to you and share my experiences with you. Ever since I started listening to your podcast my life has never been the same. After listening to ‘Someone is praying for me’ I started praying for my friends on daily basis. I would pick one of my friends on daily basis and pray for them and after I do, my heart would grow wings of their own and soar. It makes me feel real good that I am able to pray for someone knowing with faith that my prayers for them are answered. God bless you Don.
    I look forward to seeing you on Friday in Ibadan.

  • Gérard says:

    All the encouraging podcasts are not readable now.
    Could you please make them available?

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