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A Season of Hope

By October 11, 2012August 11th, 201440 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbJeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”  In this week’s podcast, Don interviews Sheila Walsh, popular author and speaker for Women of Faith Conferences about the power of hope.  Also, hear the world premier of “Season of Hope”, the title cut from Don’s new Christmas CD!  You don’t want to miss this!

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  • NEWEST ALBUM says:

    Please let me have your newest album

    • sherwin susa says:

      hi sir don moen hope your doing goo upon you reading this letter of mine. i wrote you cos i just want say that i am the one of your avid fan and listeners to all of album or song. And i wish i could a complete compilation of your album and to see you in person….thank you and more power..

      its me sherwin susa of Brgy. Imelda Marcos Ilocos Norte 2907 Philippines

  • Joyce Brandt says:

    What a brilliant pod cast Don. Sheila’s testimony was just another Amen of what God has been doing in my life too…finding the greatest peace i have ever known in the thirty years i have been a christian… realizing that i come to the table empty handed… and all the Love is Gods. I walked through a dessert of my own doing by turning my back in anger to the Lord, but he was never angry with me, and i can see looking back that He was always protecting me, til the day he knew my heart was ready, and he wooed me into the safe place of His heart again… there in His Grace, there is rest for the weary and healing for the broken- hearted… my heart rejoices. It is well with my soul. In His love he made me face the mountain of hurt and disappointments that could no longer be avoided… and He has walked with me into the mountain to tear it down. Two and a half years later it is but rubble at my feet! I am free, free to love and be loved in return!… God bless you Don!

  • jacob anthony says:

    We will love to see you coming to NIGERIAN

  • Lina Soetauno says:

    may God always be with you for ever,love in Christ Jesus.

  • Robin Kanipe says:

    Don your podcast was absolutely wonderful. Sheila Walsh’s testimony is similar to mine. I was diagnosed with mental illness in 1999, and am still coping with it day by day with
    God’s grace and mercy. I had a nervous breakdown in 1999 and was in a mental rehab
    center for 1 and a half months. It has taken years from then to be where I am now a fully
    reovered emotional wreck. God still heals and his grace is sufficient for all. I did pre-
    order your Season of Hope cd along with I Will Sing cd for my sister. She heard the video
    I will sing on youtube and absolutely fell into worship and love for the song. She also
    received Uncharted Territory cd from me for Christmas last year and she just loves you
    and your music as I do. I ordered another of your cds online, so a total of 3. I pray
    for you and your team as when I pray and I appreciate the annointing God has placed
    on you, your team, your family and others. Don you have touched so many lives
    through your ministry and I am one of those lives. May God Bless You All this
    Christmas, the season of hope and always. Robin Kanipe, Knoxville, TN

  • blessin Oyin says:

    Enter your comments here…You are indeed a blessing to my life.

  • Sanjay says:

    Thanks for sharing the word of life. Every word in every time teach us new thing and
    opens the secrets of Word of God.

  • lydia says:

    oh ! lord’s word what you sharing there is life .. that’s it.

  • Camilla says:

    thank you. Your songs are an inspiration to me

    god bless

  • angela saeed says:

    Hi Don,
    Thank you for your music it as gave me Hope Faith and a conection with God may God bless you and your family and team were ever you go. I am on your prayer team and every day pray for you and give thanks to God for watching over you, This weeks podcast was a great pod cast God is truly wunderfull.
    All the best with your new season of Hope cd which i will sure get. I enjoyed hearing some of the songs the bit I heard was great you are sure blessed Don by God make god bless you and keep you.
    Love Angela

  • bharath says:

    Hai Don,
    I am from india.I am a teenager and your songs help me to connect to god,to grow closer to him day by day.i loved the samples “its the most wonderful time of the year” and “a season of hope” and i am eagerly waiting for you to come back to india in February. i will keep you and your ministry covered in my prayers.Love your ministry don god bless.

  • bharath says:

    Hai Don,
    I am from india.I am a teenager and your songs help me to connect to god,to grow closer to him day by day.i loved the samples “its the most wonderful time of the year” and “a season of hope”,”joy” and i am eagerly waiting for you to come back to india in February. i will keep you and your ministry covered in my prayers.Our whole family listens to your songs and whenever we hear them, we could feel god’s assurance his love for us.Love your ministry don.God bless.

  • John Ogunjimi says:

    God bless Don Moen. I was really blessed when you came for IGNITE 2012 at Ibadan, Nigeria.
    May the Lord anoint you more and more.

    May this season be indeed for me, you and everyone of us, a season of HOPE.

  • toekie says:

    Hello Don,
    Iam from Namibia,and a fan of yours since 2000. I hv ur cd’s and dvd as they inspire and motivate me through praise. We are still waiting fo unchattered territoty to arrive in Namibia,it’s not here yet,and I can’t wait to have my copy. God bless you for all the work you and your team are are a blessing in many of us lives. God bless.copy.

  • Funmi Afolabi says:

    Hi don u are really a blessing to my life and ministry pls can u give me a call or text me ur quotes weekly or daily this is my. Phone no 08180995597 God bless u

  • Thess Glorioso says:

    Amen! all your songs are an inspiration to me. God bless you and may the Lord be glorified always in your life!

  • leko says:

    Enter your comments here…
    Hi Boss!
    thank you Don hope to see you 7th of December in Lagos Nigeria.
    Remind bless!

  • leko says:

    Enter your comments here…
    Hi Boss!
    Amen,Thank you Don hope to see you 7th of December in Lagos Nigeria.
    Remind bless!

  • Thank you so much DON we really feel hope from God.

  • Jackson says:

    Jesus name we pray amen

  • hazel says:

    hi don thank u for your songs it as gave m inspration n more faith to god…my d lord god bless u more..m from philippines….

  • Edna says:

    i love listening to your songs . it inspires me everyday and made me closer to God..thank you so much , god bless you always..

  • Ogunniyi Olusayo Timothy says:

    A Season of Hope. Hope is the confident expectation of the Goodness of God. This
    is great. God will continue to bless you. I like the video format of your prayer update,
    It is good. I bless God for the opportunity to attend Ignite programme in Ibadan,
    Nigeria on Friday. Thanks for coming Sir. God will continue to be with you, your family,
    your ministry and your team. God bless you.

  • Lydia says:

    Hello Don,

    You are an inspiration to everyone who worship God through your inspirational songs of hope ,praise and love..thank you so much and may you continue to compose songs as we worship and praise God ,… God bless you and looking forward on your visit to Cebu, Philippines

  • Akinnnifesi Adewale Adetoun M says:

    To God be the Glory

  • Opaleke Oluwatosin says:

    I was sincerely blessed through your ministration at Jogor Centre, Ibadan., More of God’s grace.

  • francis says:

    May the good Lord keep you and prosper you with his love and wisdom

  • Selvaraj M.S says:

    What a brilliant pod cast Don, I am heared all sample christmas songs, very nice . very touchable in my heart. “Thank for………” . God Bless you and your ministry work .

    “Be Busy like a Bee ” .
    By Selvaraj M.S
    Rehoboth Jesus withus church
    Tirupur. India.

  • shenny says:

    Enter your comments here…shalom, i am vey happy to see your new album gospel Unchanted Territor and hope of the season, very bleesed me because i feel the prsence of God when i am listenning your voice and song thank you Mr.Doen Moen

  • dapas says:

    greattttt… Merry christmas… 🙂

  • Kennedy says:

    God bless you Don Moen, your songs have blessed me so much over the years.
    Merry Christmas to you all from Papua New Guinea.

  • Hi Don,
    So much hope in your message for me.Will you come to Melbourne Australia?.If you give me a format as how to organise,I like to take up this challenge.God will provide .

    God bless dennis

  • joey says:

    God bless Don Moen for Season of hope!

  • sosthene says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love you Don why dont you come in Rwanda!we love you but we miss you

  • stephen says:

    God bless you Don and may the season broaden your smile and that of your family

  • Hi, just wanted to say, I liked this blog post. It was funny. Keep on posting!

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