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Moving Forward in Faith

By November 6, 2012August 11th, 201437 Comments

DMaF_Podcast-thumbHow do you we know when God is speaking to us?  In this week’s podcast, Don is joined by friend Bruce Wilkinson to talk about how God can use each of us to be part of a miracle mission; truly being the hands and feet of Christ for someone in need.  Bruce gives us practical tips on when God is speaking to us and how to overcome our fear of moving forward in faith to be part of God’s plan on a miracle mission.

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  • BLANDINE says:

    i just want to share some brothers experiences with GOD and also share mines.thank you and may God bless us all!

  • Gemma says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words you are truly
    a Blessing to many.. GOD BLESS YOU MORE

  • am always inspired with all your albums,i want to do that someday!!

  • david murage says:

    truly i think you must have paid the price for who you are…. your purpose i believe is divine from God. how i long to reach your level one day. am willing to pay the price no matter what it may cost me. pliz agree with me in prayer and faith . amen . God bless you like never before,in JESUS NAME.

  • Amara. says:

    I thank GOD for what He is using you to do in the life of His Children, and I pray He increases your
    Wisdom of Him, and give us all His genuine Children eternal rest with Him when He comes again for

  • Anil says:


    I specially like to thank you so much for the blessing may God bless you more.

    Pastor anil

  • angela saeed says:

    Hi Don,
    May God truly bless you and keep you safe were ever you go and your family and team.
    Thank you for your music and your pod casts they are so heart felt and i love your christmas season of hope cd for me they are all so wonderfully done may god bless you and continue to take you places and touch peoples heart.
    Thank you Don praying for you
    Angela Saeed Dubai

  • Adeyanju says:


  • Sharon says:

    Thank You Don for the ministry God has put you in.
    Less than a week ago, I felt that “nudge” from God. I had been asking Him to open my
    heart and eyes to see the need around me. I was at a gas station, there was a man in the
    parking lot. God “nudged’ me to ask the guy if I could help him with anything. I was
    nervous(I’ve been a Christian only 7 months). I pulled up next to the guy, rolled down
    my window and asked if I could help him. Long story short, we loaded his bicycle into
    my car and I gave him a ride. While in the car, I felt that “nudge” again, to talk to the guy about Jesus. I asked Jesse(the guy) if he ever talked to God. Then the conversation went
    a different direction. I finally got him to his destination. We unloaded his bicycle, he
    said “You’re an angel sent from heaven.” I told him naw not really, but Jesus lives in me.
    We talked a little more, I gave him a hug, looked right at him and with conviction told
    him Jesus loves him, and God loves him, shared a little of my testimony with him. Told
    him I would pray for him. Then another “nudge”! God was telling me to pray for him now!
    I thought Lord, I’ve never done anything like that before, I’ll pray for him when I get home.
    Immediately part of a sermon I heard the previous Sunday came to mind….’jump in the
    river, and don’t fight the current, let the river carry you.” So I asked Jesse would he mind
    if I prayed for him now. He said okay. I placed my hand on Jesse’s shoulder and prayed
    for him. When I had finished praying, tears were streaming down his face and he said
    “Man I could feel the power when you prayed, I could feel the power!” I told him what he
    felt was Jesus in me. I was SO nervous through all of this. I could not have done it unless
    He did it through me. One thing I believe the Lord has been showing me about whether
    a “nudge” is from Him or not…if I’m not sure, do it anyway, and if I read the nudge
    wrong, God is big enough to take care of that too! Please pray for Jesse.
    Always in my prayers!

  • Winnie says:

    When will Don Meon come to Toronto?

  • Ogunniyi Olusayo Timothy says:

    God will continue to bless you Sir.

  • Kehinde Ayokunle says:

    May God Bless You Sir, when you still a 120years…i still want to hear you sing and bless Lives…as you have blessed mine

  • Nevers Kaluba says:

    its a mirrecal for me just charting with you DON i have been believing that one i will
    attend your ablum lounch are a blessing in my life

  • Apina joy says:

    God bless you sir,thank you for tonching my life throungh your songs(i will sing) i will bless by it. Thanks and God bless

  • sangana geetha says:

    May God Bless You more and more and use you for His Service…
    In The Name of Jesus i pray….Amen!!!!!!

  • dickson says:

    that was great. I love u don i wish to see u someday

  • Unuigbe Sunday says:

    God,grant me †ђǝ grace 2 b wit U̶̲̥̅̊ here on Earth,& HEAVEN

  • I thank God for using u to touch and changes lives through ur ministry is awesome when it come to praise and worship together we will celebrate Gods love and xpress it through praise and worship am grateful Enter your comments here…

  • Obademi Joel says:

    Enter your comments here…Don my spirit is always high whenever I listing to your music. Don your body soul aand spirit shall not die .(Amen)

  • Keep the fire burning Sir! My prayer is that we all will be preserved for the heavenly kingdom. Wish to meet you in Heaven someday…
    Your fellow pilgrim,

  • Keep the fire burning Sir! My prayer is that we all will be preserved for the heavenly kingdom. Wish to meet you in Heaven someday even if we might not meet on earth because of the proximity…
    Your fellow pilgrim,

  • Kaneza Eddy says:

    What I can say,God is great may God blessed u so munch,for what u than give u more for millions people u change their life thank’s.

  • Where and whom i can get strenght to strugle life. If no 1 and nobody believes in me?
    How can i continue my life with nothing on me?

  • carmen says:

    GOD IS GREAT thank u for the msg.GOD BLESS U MORE

  • Silvia says:

    Wow, Don! THIS is really, REALLY GOOOOD! Thank you soooo much
    for sharing your call with Bruce Wilkinson! WHAT A BLESSING!
    Thanks a lot!!!
    Your Heart of Worship is AMAZING! I really, really, so REALLY
    Do Love Your Worship Songs! Keep On GOING AND GROOVING!
    Be deeply and with Overflow BLESSED!
    Greatings To You and Your Team from Switzerland! Silvia

  • gutarmee says:

    I love worship to God every day. Thank you
    and your worship song.

  • meena says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am happy to be your friend on face book. Firstly when i heard your song GOD WILL
    MAKE A WAY i was strengthened in my soul. May GOD use you mightily and bless you
    with good health.

    With Regards

  • COLLINS says:


  • Vhie bantigue says:

    Hi sir I’m ur avid listener n was really bless by your songs pls help me to pray to be healed n overcome my fear n trials right now I really bless w ur life Godbless n tnx so much

  • Queensley Rena says:

    You’re truly divine from above. i am so happy to discover in face book today. i just believe this day mark a turning point in my life. i believe in ur praise & worship so much. cs in them i find
    find strength & hopes.
    I thank God for using u to touch and changes lives through ur ministry is awesome when it come to praise and worship together we will celebrate Gods love and xpress it through praise and worship am grateful to be ur facebookfriend

  • Afolabi Kolajo says:

    Your songs and preaches has encouraged me and inspire me to be to devoted Christian, I was born and raised in a muslim background in Nigeria but I gave my life to Christ after I realized something and ever since then your songs testimonies has been the center of my inspiration. I’ve nearly all your songs track on my laptop and I meditate on as I listing to them everyday of my life. You are a blessing to my life and I anxiously await the day I will have the opportunity to worship our lord along with you in the great multitude. Thank you and God bless U

  • Janet Valerie says:

    wow your songs inspired me , i like to leasten to u face to face !
    bless u don, Love u!

  • orakwelu N says:

    i feel so proud each time i watch u worshiping and praising God like you do and i will be like “wow” and I long for the day I will see you and possibly shake hands with you but if not then it will be I pray at the great marriage feast of the Lamb where we will all be in white, in an endless praise and worship before the Saviour of the world. God bless you as you keep blessing the souls of men with your divine dignified kingdom Business and the Lord I’m sure will keep blessing you and us all…amen.

  • Hi Don, I just discovered your music and podcast thanks to, since your
    Christmas: A Season of Hope [Noisetrade Edition] album is featured on the Top Downloads: what’s New section on their homepage. I look forward to checking out your music and podcast.

    Prayers and Blessings,

  • Stephen says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes though just little temptation i fall to…………..i pray it helps build mine subsequenly.
    thankyou Don

  • Enofe Faith says:

    I want to thank you for the great job that you have done for everyone worldwide.I pray that God will continue to empower you more and God bless

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