Worship In Action


Dear Friends,

It gives me great joy to announce we are giving Don Moen and Friends a brand new name. DMaF will now be called Worship In Action. Worship is more than the songs we sing. Worship is not only lifting our hands up to God, but also reaching out to those in need, touching people with God’s presence in practical and tangible ways. The name Worship In Action more clearly describes what we have always done through Don Moen and Friends…putting our worship to God into action.

Traveling around the world leading worship, I’ve seen tremendous need first-hand. On one of my trips to Accra, Ghana I visited a beautiful home for orphans called Royal Seed Home. One little girl, Gifty, touched my heart so profoundly that I knew God wanted me to do something long-term to help. Local people found Gifty abandoned in a garbage bag, and took her to Royal Seed Home where she lived until an American family adopted her. Gifty’s story stays with me every day, as does the burden to provide food for the 190+ children who continue to live at Royal Seed.

We have spent many months in prayer and preparation to launch Worship In Action. Our goal for this 501C-3 non-profit charity is simply to bring the love of God and his presence in practical and tangible ways to people in need. I sincerely appreciate how you have stood with me through the years and ask you to continue to do so through Worship In Action. To learn more about how you can get involved, please visit our new website: www.worshipinaction.org.
Thanks for joining me!

Blessings Always,

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